Review ~ Electric Scalp Massager

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PRODUCT NAME: Electric Scalp Massager


  • Increases blood circulation
  • Relaxes stressed muscles
  • Relieves aches and pains

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I have a tendency to be really stressed out all the time.  Nothing really stressful even needs to be going on in my life – I am just naturally high strung.  My whole life I have tried to find different coping tools for this issue.  Being like this causes my body to tense up and can make my muscles end up feeling stiff and sore.  Massage is the ultimate treat for me.  Everyone loves massages, don’t they?

One of the best feelings in the world (for me, at least) is a scalp massage.  Actually, anything to do with the scalp feels great.  Like when someone brushes your hair or a really good shampoo at the salon.  Oh man, I wish I could hire someone do that full-time.  I find it so relaxing and just get chills thinking about it.

I have tried different scalp massagers in the past, but never one that is electric.  The other one I had you had to move up and down on your head yourself, or have someone else do it.  Being that this one is electric, you can pretty much just place it on your head and let it do it’s thing!

Honestly, when I first tried it, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it.  The pulses felt a little too fast, I think.  But, after about 30 seconds, I felt this relaxed, soothing feeling wash over me and then I started to like it – a lot!  It felt like all the tension just melted down from the top of my head and washed away.  It reminded me a little of when we were kids and someone would pretend to crack an egg on your head and  then run their fingers down to make it feel like it was dripping.  Kind of like that, but in a really good way!

There are just a couple of things that I would tweak in this product to make it perfect.  The first would be to make the prongs stay put a little better.  You can move them around, which is great, but sometimes they move a little too easily when you really want them to stay where they are.  Also, the tips of the prongs could use just a tad bit more cushioning.  They can be a little sharp if you hit your scalp directly with them.  These are extremely minor changes and I still highly suggest this product.  It is now right by my bed and I use it before I go to sleep.

So does someone else…

I might need to get another one!

Try this product on other body parts, too.  Not just for the scalp, but that was my favorite spot to use it by far!

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