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Goat Milk Stuff

With all the harmful chemicals you find in ingredients these days, I am always on the lookout for natural products.  Considering the Jonas family developed these soaps with their own children in mind, I definitely feel safe using it on myself!

Here are the items I received for review and my thoughts on each one:

tea tree Tea Tree bar soap:  I chose this soap because of the healing properties that tea tree oil has.  I tend to have breakouts, so I will use it to help heal them.  It is also great for my oily skin.  Has a medicinal smell that I love, but some may not.  To me it smells fresh and clean!

kool koala Kool Koala:  This one grabbed my attention because of the eucalyptus.  My grampa is always spraying eucalyptus oil all over to ward off germs.  For me, whenever I smell it I experience a very soothing, calm feeling.  I find it to be a very good stress reducer.  A great way to start the morning off by washing with Kool Koala in the shower!

luv spell Luv Spell:  Comparable to Victoria Secret Love spell.  I had to have this one!  Brings out the girly-girl in me and makes me smell pretty!

black raspberry Black Raspberry:  I have to remind myself not to bite into this one!  It smells good enough to eat.  A fruity, yet sweet smell with the hint of vanilla.  One of my favorites!

cool citrus basilCool Citrus Basil:  This one has such a clean scent.  Leaves your skin smelling fresh all day long.  Maybe my very favorite!

peppermint Peppermint:  Need help waking up in the morning?  The uplifting scent of this peppermint bar can do the trick!

chardonnay Chardonnay:  Smells like the wine, but is a very light scent.  I really like the subtle fruity smell.  Don’t worry, does not actually contain alcohol!

tea tree lotion Tea Tree lotion stick:  A great stick to carry around in the summer for bug bites, scrapes, burns and cuts.  Tea tree oil has natural anti-bacterial properties.  I also use it for breakouts and blemishes.

grape Grape lip balm:  Hands down, best smelling lip balm ever!  Just like grape bubble gum.  Another one I have to remind myself not to take a bite out of!

Each one of the soaps creates a rich lather that rinses away clean to leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and soft!

So, as you can tell, I really enjoyed these products.  Goat Milk Stuff has earned a customer in me.  Not only are they fantastic products, but they are made by a loving family that truly cares about using natural ingredients.

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