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TheraBreath – America’s #1 Premium Oral Care Brand




I have been an obsessive gum chewer since my early childhood.  I love to chew gum.  Part of the reason is because it makes my mouth feel fresh.  Well, although I only purchase sugar free, I know it can’t be that great for me.  My jaws have been letting me know they aren’t pleased with this constant chomping for a while now.

I was eager to try the TheraBreath products to see if they would produce a lasting fresh feeling to maybe deter me from constantly shoving another piece of gum in my mouth.  Right after I brush my teeth I usually don’t want gum for a while.  But after the first piece, I am a chain-chewer.  Two-pack-a-day-er.  (Better than smoking!)

My first impression of the toothpaste was that it was kind of strange.  Not like ordinary toothpaste at all.  But, after using it, I had the best feeling in my mouth.  Completely clean, fresh and far from dry.  It lasted a long time, too.  I didn’t even think about gum for a good amount of time!

The Oral Rinse is very refreshing, too.  I was a little iffy at first because it is not minty, but it still does it’s job.  If I could learn how to gargle it would be an even better feeling!

The Lozenges are unlike anything I have tried.  Very strong, but they don’t burn or sting.  Just pop one in whenever you want to freshen up and these babies are sure to do the trick!  I think they would also make a great tool for dieting and quitting smoking.  Once your mouth feels this clean, you want to keep it that way!

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  7. i learned that the TheraBreath Toothpaste,
    used with their oral rinse, this stops bad breath instantly.


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