How to monetize your blog and make money using Twitter and Facebook

I can’t believe I started this blog almost a year ago.  Boy has it been a journey!  I had no clue what a blog even was when I started, but I became quickly obsessed with figuring it out!

Now that I have been working with these sites to monetize my blog for a while, I feel comfortable sharing them with others.  I can give you my honest opinions about each one of them.

Here are some sites that can earn you some cash on your blog, twitter and/or facebook:


Website:  Panthera Network

Description:  Find campaigns to run.  Choose the ones you would like to post according to your readership.

Payout minimum:  Receive payment once you earn $50.

My thoughts: They have a lot of offers to choose from.  It can almost be overwhelming to go through them all.  Thankfully, they send emails to you about the latest good ones.  If you need assistant, they are awesome to work with!

Website:  Logical Media

Description:  Find campaigns to run.  Choose the ones you would like to post according to your readership.

Payout minimum:  Receive payment once you earn $100.

My thoughts:  I pick campaigns from here based on what I think my readers will like.  It’s easy to navigate and I like that they send you emails with new campaigns.  I love that you get $25 just for signing up!


MySavings Media Super Affiliate Program

Website:  MySavings Media

Description:  Different campaigns you can choose from.  Lots of coupons and free samples.  Similar to above.

Payout minimum:  Must earn $100 before receiving a payout.

My thoughts:  I like this one because I can usually find campaigns that will interest my readers.  You can set up syndicated savings which is really neat.  Once you set it up it automatically updates all the offers.  I think the payout amount is way too high though.

escalate media

Website:  Escalate Media

Description:  A lot of similarities to the two above.  I notice sometimes they will all have the same campaigns running but this site will have the highest payout – sometimes.

Payout minimum:  $25.00

My thoughts:  For some reason I have made the most money with this one.  I think it’s because I receive more detailed emails from the administrator.  Not sure, but I love the lower payout minimum.  The money goes right to your paypal account around the 15th of the month.





Website:  Integrate

Description:  Has similar offers to the ones above, but very customizable dashboard.  You can even put in requests of types of campaigns you would like to run.

Payout minimum:  $100.00

My thoughts:  Extremely great to work with so far.  A member of the team calls you to personally go over all the important features with you.  I love all of the customizing that you can do.  It saves time so you don’t have to weed through a bunch of stuff you don’t want to get to the campaigns that want to run.  It’s also very interactive and you have the ability to request higher pay or increase your daily cap with the sponsor directly.  Very promising site!

Affiliate Banner

Website:  LinkWorth

Description:  There are several ways to earn on this site.  Paid ads, paid links, paid posts…honestly I still haven’t explored everything it has to offer.

Payout minimum:  $25.00 if you use paypal.

My thoughts:  This site took some time for me to figure out.  Now I am signed up and waiting for offers from companies.  I can earn by posting text links, banner ads, sponsored posts and more.  There is huge potential here.  I have seen positive results with many other bloggers.


Description:  Pay-per-click affiliate program.  Geared toward frugal blogs because it deals with mostly coupons.  Get $3.00 just for signing up.

Payout minimum:  $25.00

My thoughts:  I love pay-per-click programs because you earn every time someone clicks on your link.  They don’t need to make a purchase.  I also like the lower payout minimum and the $3.00 sign-up bonus.

Website:  Sponsored Tweets

Description:  Get paid per tweet.  Companies will offer you cash to tweet out their ads.  You can choose which ones to do and how much to charge.  The more followers, the more you can charge.

Payout minimum:  I think it’s $25, but they will deduct $2.00 for withdrawing under $50.00

My thoughts:  I was kicking butt with this one for a while and then things really slowed down.  My suggested pay-per-tweet amount is $9.60, but I wasn’t getting any offers once I raised it, so now I dropped it down some and we will see what happens.  I love this program, though.  Very easy way to score some cash.

Website:  MyLikes

Description:  Get paid to tweet ads or post them on facebook.  Another one where you choose which ones to promote and write your own tweets or posts.

Payout minimum:  $2.00 – anything over $2.00 is automatically deposited into your paypal account every Friday!

My thoughts:  MyLikes is quickly becoming my favorite.  I am not making a lot per click, but I love the once a week payout!  It’s so fun to get some cash in my paypal every week.  I get an email every day of the fun offers they have available and I just choose what I think is good for my followers.

You blog. You Profit. Sign up for SocialSpark!

Website:  Social Spark

Description:  Write sponsored blog posts.

Payout minimum:  $50.00

My thoughts:  LOVE this one.  Biggest money maker by far!



Website:  Blogvertise

Description:  A variety of different tasks like sponsored posts, text links, banners.  There is a grab bag that you can check out often to see what’s in there.  It’s usually text links and banners that you can add to your blog if you choose.  Pretty cool little feature.

Payout minimum:  No minimum – you get paid after 30 days after your task is approved.

My thoughts:  I did a sponsored post from them right when I first joined.  It was a pretty nice paying one, too.  Ever since then, there hasn’t been a lot of action.  I like to visit the grab bag, though.

Website:  Referred Media

Description:  Sweepstakes and deal opps to post.

My thoughts:  Just joined and still getting a feel for it.  Their site is not very well put together, but I have done well with a few of their opps.


Turn almost any link into an affiliate link with  This is a great tool!  Just submit the link to a product or site to turn it into your very own referral link.  You will earn each time someone makes a purchase.  Cash out at just $10 in earnings, or choose to donate them to a charity.  Love this one!!

Other affiliate programs:

These are some sites where you can apply to be an affiliate with bigger companies.  I will occasionally find offers to post from these.

Commission Junction

Amazon affiliate program

Google affiliate network


I know there are more sites, but these are the ones that I like and use regularly.  What are your favorites?


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  1. Tara Jobe says:

    Thanks for the information! This was an awesome and very helpful post!

  2. Thanks! Right now the only ones I use are Escalate and SocialSpark. I’ve made almost $30 right away with Social Spark, but haven’t received any new offers lately.

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  4. I found another blog about an approach to monetizing twitter — has anybody tried this? Does it work? I want feedback before I try it. It’s short and to the point:

  5. great comprehensive list. stumbled!

  6. I like the idea of monetizing your blog, but I don’t want to lose my site to advertising. Any thoughts?

  7. Thanks for sharing this wonderful info. There were one or two of the companies I started looking into but I wasn’t sure if it was on the up and up.

  8. Love to find all of this worthwhile info. Thanks!


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