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HYDRIVE Energy Drinks

It never fails, everyday around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, my energy level severely declines.  My first instinct is usually to go get a huge coffee beverage of some sorts, but they only provide a short energy burst.  The crash afterwards makes it not even worth it.  I have tried some other energy drinks and never really found one that I love.  Either I don’t like the taste, or I don’t like how they make me feel.  Jittery and wired are not the results I am looking for.  I just like a slight pick-me-up to get me through the rest of my day.

HYDRIVE sent me some of their drinks to try out.  First of all, I love that the entire bottle is only 30 calories.  That definitely beats my typical frosty coffee drink!  Second, I love the flavors!  Each one is tasty without being too sweet and there is no artificial taste that I have come across with other drinks.  It’s just light and refreshing.  I find that it also satisfies the sweet tooth that I get around this time of the afternoon, too.  Like I said, it’s not too sweet, but just enough to really enjoy the flavor.  Another plus is that it’s non-carbonated, which I prefer.

As far as the feeling I get from it, I am very pleased.  Actually, just yesterday, I got so tired and just blah feeling.  I was trying to do reviews and could not even form sentences correctly.  I felt so sluggish in my brain.  So, I grabbed a HYDRIVE.  Probably about 20 minutes after drinking it, I definitely felt more alert.  Sure enough, I no longer wanted to go take a nap and was cranking away on my review!  There were no jitters or anxious feeling, thank goodness.

I am a person who is obviously is not afraid of caffeine, but HYDRIVE did just release a decaf version for those who would like to avoid it.  HYDRIVE Decaf is 100% caffeine free and taurine free and comes in a scrumptious Wild Peach flavor.  Another newbie is the Extra Strength!  That is the one that I am more excited about.  Extra Strength comes in a yummy Black Cherry flavor and contains 195mg caffeine, which is 20% more than the original drinks.

My only complaint is that they did not send me many of these drinks.  I would have really liked a few of each, or at least every flavor.  Thankfully, they are being much more generous with the giveaway prizes!

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  1. Fernando Middleton says:

    I would like to try this drink.

  2. Chuck Scott says:

    Hydrive is a low calorie drink containing only 30 calories per bottle with great taste and provides energy plus vitamins and electrolytes.

  3. Only 30 calories per bottle!

  4. crystle tellerday says:

    only 30 calories per bottle

  5. tracy davis says:

    I learned it is low calorie

  6. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I learned that HYDRIVE contains less sugar and taurine than typical energy drinks and doesn’t have some of those other scary ingredients that make your heart race.

  7. I learned that Hydrive only has 30 calories per bottle!

  8. Now available in caffiene free. I buy this at Giant Eagle and it is very good!

  9. Gaines Simmons says:

    The de-caffeinated blend is a refreshing change in comparison to other energy drink brands. I am following, liking, joining and subscribing.

  10. teressa oliver says:

    Hydrive has only 30 calories a bottle


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