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Like most females, I adore purses, handbags, totes and just accessories of any kind!  I have my main purse, a big tote and a “bar” purse.  My main purse is for everyday use.  It’s always pretty large and comes with me everywhere.  My tote mainly just goes to work with me.  It’s enormous and I use it to transport all of my mail, paperwork, magazines and other miscellaneous stuff that needs to go to the office with me.  Then, it’s always nice to have a tiny purse for just the essentials.  Formally known as my “bar” purse, but since I rarely go to bars anymore the name doesn’t quite fit.  Nevertheless, there are always times where I do not want to lug around everything that I own.  For example, my 5lb coupon binder does not need to go to a baby shower with me! Product was received for review purposes and this post may contain affiliate links.

Okay, back to my main purse…I like them BIG!  Even if I have no need for half of the nonsense that I put into my purse, I WANT IT there!  For some reason I take comfort in having a huge purse.  So, when I was allowed to pick which Nicole Lee bag that I wanted, I went straight for The NINA.  It’s large and spacious while remaining extremely fashionable.  The feather and chain detail is so cute.  Feathers seem to be all the rage right now.  I have gotten a ton of compliments on this purse already.

As for the quality of the bag, it’s extremely sturdy and well-made.  The stitching is all secure and everything is in it’s place and looks like it will stay there for a long time.  This is important to me because I tend to be a little rough with my purses.  This one looks like it can take it.  Even the feathers have all hung on so far and it’s been over a week.  The signature animal print on the inside is flawless, too.  All zippers zip smoothly and pockets are intact.

I was able to fill this spacious purse up with everything I wanted.  There are just enough pockets for it to be organized, too.  I love that it completely zips closed on the top.  A big purse is no good if it tips over and everything falls out!  Like in the car at a quick stop…I have almost gotten into an accident from trying to prevent my purse from spilling.  How ridiculous!  Thank goodness I can just zip this one up and prevent that issue.

There is an optional shoulder strap which I was using at first.  I kind of think that it makes it look more like a travel bag, so now I just stick with the handles.  I am still able to put the handles on my shoulder, so I prefer this way now.  But, I am glad to have the other straps just in case.

Based on this bag, Nicole Lee has some hot, handy and hearty bags!  Consider me a big fan!

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  1. What a pretty handbag! My purse has gotta be big, too!

  2. Marisol says:

    Love this bag…I’m about to be a mommy need a nice big bag..

  3. I love these bags. I prefer shoulder bags and this one is a perfect size – I do wish it had a pocket on the outside.

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