Review ~ Twin Pomegranates Wine


100% Pomegranate Sparkling Wine

First and foremost, this Sparkling Wine makes a beautiful addition to any set table.  The deep red hue adds such a splash of spicy color to a bland, off-white table like mine!  It also puts the smell of pomegranates in the air!

As for the taste, I have to be honest, for me, it is a bit too dry on its own.  But when I used a suggested Drink Recipe, I was delighted with the results!  Ruby Kiss was my favorite and I can see making this for gatherings all the time!  Especially for fall, the color is perfect!

I only recently discovered that I like Pomegranates.  I was at a friends house and she had a bowl of them on her kitchen counter.  They were a beautiful centerpiece and I didn’t even know they were real (or what they were…how embarrassing!)  She giggled, and made me try one.  Ever since then, (probably 3 years ago,) I’ve been hooked!  Although, when I first purchased one, I had no idea how to deal with it and looked up a how-to video online!  They had all kinds of tips and tricks to avoid wasting the seeds and staining your clothes.  For best results, I place the fruit in a bowl of cool water.  I score the rind and then break it apart under water.  The membranes float and the seeds sink so it is easy to separate the two!

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