How to Prevent Smooshed Frosting

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Most of you probably already know that I’m pretty much a spaz.  But I know some of you out there will understand my annoyance with this topic…

frosting stuck to foil

Image Source:  Pamcakes and Eggs

You spend hours baking and meticulously decorating your favorite holiday deserts, only to have to pack them up to travel to a foreign kitchen.  This is fine, except getting them there in a presentable fashion is quite stressful, risky and gosh darn it–a pain in the arse.

cupcake carrier

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Maybe you have an enormous kitchen and have room for bulky pastry cases.  Well, I don’t. (Don’t get me wrong–these carriers are awesome, I just don’t have room to store them for the other 360 days of the year that they won’t be in use.)

So, at probably around midnight the night before Thanksgiving, I had a small stroke of brilliance.  (Or, delirium–you can decide for yourself.)

Here’s a wonderful case where my hoarding has come in handy!  :D  I have saved the rings from plastic milk jugs for a while now.  (Really, I’m not that nuts–these have several uses for crafts.)  I just wash them and stash them in my craft cabinet.

plastic milk rings

When I frosted my pumpkin squares and neatly arranged them on a platter, the last thing I wanted to do was cover them in foil or plastic wrap that would mess up the frosting.  I’ve tried sticking toothpicks in them to hold it up but they leave a bunch of holes in the desserts and end up puncturing the cover anyway.

So, I tucked a milk ring between each slice to hold up the plastic wrap.

milk rings

This created the perfect tented situation to protect the frosting!  Then, when I arrived at my destination, I removed the plastic wrap and rings and displayed my perfect dessert.  The only thing is, these do not allow for stacking multiple platters.  But it’s a great solution for single platters.  No smooshed frosting!  Plus you’re up-cycling!  :)

milk ring tent

milk ring dome


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