Sound+Sleep Sleep Therapy System Review

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I always thought that I slept best with complete silence.  Well, that is quite hard to find.  Especially living across the street from a busy expressway.  When my house is too quiet it causes me to focus on every little bump in the night, too.  My husband always teases me and says that I have some form of supersonic hearing.  The tiniest noise in the night can disturb my sleep.  I refuse to take drugs for this! Product was received for review purposes and this post may contain affiliate links.

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Turns out that if I actually fall asleep with the right noise, I can avoid all of the other disturbances.  In the past I had found these types of machines intriguing, but was apprehensive to try them because of my noise sensitivity issues.  Having the opportunity to try out the Sound+Sleep unit was ideal.  There are several soothing sounds to choose from.  All of them a nice, crisp and clear noise that is pleasant to the ears.


Mike and I listened to each one of them to see which ones would work out best for us.  My favorites are the fireplace, rainfall and ocean.  Mike pretty much agreed with me.  I do not think white noise will ever be used.  That one I find irritating!  But, falling asleep to the sound of falling rain is beyond ideal!  It’s comforting and soothing, and also drowns out other little noises throughout the night.

We are loving this machine.  It’s also the perfect size to sit nicely on the bedside table and extremely easy to use.  Just enough buttons to create your perfect snoozing scenario!

Sound+Sleep Sleep Therapy System is definitely a holiday gift idea!

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