FLIRT Your Way to an A+: 6 Secrets to Becoming a Better Student

FLIRT Your Way to an A+: 6 Secrets to Becoming a Better Student

At first I thought the title of this book might send the wrong message, but FLIRT Your Way to an A+: 6 Secrets to Becoming a Better Student is actually a great learning tool!  FLIRT is an acronym, so no worries!  This is a book that is full of tools to teach anyone how to be a better student.  Although, it’s not just for students.  We never stop learning, so it’s always beneficial to beef up the learning skills!

flirt your way

This book doesn’t teach you how to read, but how to remember the information more effectively.  In the day and age of computers and social media, reading can take a backseat.  It can be extremely hard to focus and actually retain the information that you are reading.  My Reading Secrets is an entertaining and stimulating multimedia project meeting the needs of the 21st-century learner.

If you or your child hates to read, subscribe to their YouTube channel. Watch videos that will explain how to finish reading faster and remember more.  Are you stressed with the amount of homework your child has to complete each night? Become a Facebook fan to ask questions, share stories, and interact through a supportive online community to guide you during this ever-changing, nomadic journey of knowledge.  Do you have difficulty staying focused while reading boring material for work? Follow on Twitter @readingsecrets for weekly reminders that make required reading fun and interesting.

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  1. If you are still questioning the value of this book, read some of the student reveiws:

    This book is awesome! It is great for students in high school and college! It is very easy to read and can help you determine your learning style so you can figure out strategies that can help you study! By simply reading and trying, you can boost your grades to A’s! Thanks to “FLIRT Your Way To An A” for boosting my grades and GPA! Hailey

    Flirt Your Way to an A is a great way to learn ways to comprehend reading in a more fun way. If reading for school stresses you out, I would highly recommend buying this book. The steps it takes to become a better reader in this book actually work and the steps actually made reading go by quicker and I was able to learn the material in a fun and quick way. I definitely don’t regret buying this book and I suggest you buy one yourself! Dillian Miller

    This book was one of the best things that happened to me during my first semester in college. High school kids can use it too just so that they can get good study habits in early. The book takes you step by step in ways to improve your studying habits, break the procrastination, and keep your life together while doing what’s needed to succeed. Reading is something that we all need to do on a daily basis. Why not make it a little less tedious and a little more interesting to look at, than just some words on a page? Now I know what I need to do personally to get myself together and to reach my goals throughout college and beyond.

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  9. ohh…. what a pity I missed this contest…

    well, and honestly, even if FLIRT is an acronym here … without flirting with people, you can be the most clever student on earth, you will not find success in life… flirting is not just with plans to find a girl-/boyfriend, but to make people help you

    …it’s not what you know but who you know

    so , without having read the book (yet), perhaps it is NOT really meant as an acronym ??

    my 2 cts



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