Adams Flea and Tick Control Review

ADAMS Flea and Tick Spot On for Cats

I adore my cat and I love the Spring and Summer months, but together, cats and warm weather can spell disaster in the form of Flea and Tick season.  There is nothing worse than watching your poor kitty scratching nonstop day and night, finding flea dirt everywhere kitty sleeps (usually on your bed) and worrying about how not only your kitty will be suffering, but your family will be too during flea season. While prescription flea and tick control can be costly, ADAMS Flea and Tick control for cats is only about $9. for a 1 month dose, we like the sound of that 😉

flea and tick control

Adams Flea & Tick control starts killing fleas and  ticks in 15 minutes and helps prevent re-infestation in your home.  Designed with veterinarians’ and pet owners’ input, the applicator completely surrounds the product tube keeping the liquid away from your hands, the applicator tip is designed for parting your pet’s hair for easy on the skin application and the applicator clicks to let you know when the proper amount of product has been dispensed.

Adams flea control

ADAMS Flea & Tick control is available for both dog and cats of every size. I was sent a 1 months supply to try on my kitty for review. I followed the easy to understand directions and loaded the pink product tube into the red and gray applicator, I then closed the red door to “snap” open the product tube so I could apply it to The Lady’s neck. When it snapped open a bit of the product shot out onto my own leg, which ended up burning a bit, but this didn’t stop me from my mission of getting the meds on The Lady.  I uncovered her (she was sleeping) and parted her fur with the applicator tip and and pressed down to release the product, which, in theory should have worked great! …but the parting tip is a bit longer than the product tube so the liquid got all over her fur rather than straight onto her skin… and the “clicking” at the end scared her and she jumped off the bed.  BUT I did get it all on her, so mission accomplished!  Before her treatment I had seen her scratching a few times and had found a little bit of flea dirt, within the next few day after her treatment the itching stopped and no more dirt!

The LadyThe Lady

All and all I think ADAMS Flea & Tick control is a very cost efficient way of handling fleas and ticks for your pets and home, and maybe I just need some practice on the application part. Would I use ADAMS again? Sure thing, it wasn’t as tidy as I thought it would be, but for the cost and the effectiveness I for sure would keep using this product to control fleas and ticks on The Lady.

I give ADAMS Flea & Tick Spot On for cats 5 out of 5 stars for price, and effectiveness and 3 stars for ease of application.

You can find ADAMS Flea & Tick control products at Walmart

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  1. ShellieAndBrutus says:

    Please be careful with what you put on your pets. Some products that contain pyrethrins can affect some pets the wrong way. The ones you get from your vet (and sold OTC) may be more expensive, but they work better and are safer.

  2. Donald says:

    Works great for the price paid. About time! Good for you Adams. Could not find some for my dogs at WalMart Had to buy Pet Armor which does not work as well.

  3. I wanted to let everyone know that last night I spent $70.00 on the Adams
    Flea & Tick repellent monthly dosage. I got home after work today and
    Let me tell everyone this. Don’t buy this product. All my dogs still have their fleas and now I’m gonna have to spend more money on a vet bill, plus more flea product…. What the hell!! I’m so mad. Thanks Adams for your non working products!!!

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