Ubokia is a Great Craigslist Alternative

Ubokia – Craigslist Alternative

Have you ever tried to sell something online?  I have attempted to sell a lot of different things from handmade crafts to used kid’s clothes and toys.  I’ve used eBay, Etsy, Craigslist and even joined local Facebook groups for buying/selling goods.  It almost always ends up being way more work than it’s worth.  After finding Ubokia, everything is so much easier.  This Craigslist alternative makes buying and selling items so much easier, quicker and more fun.  Plus, it’s FREE to join! Sponsored post.

ubokia Craigslist Alternative

ubokiaUbokia is similar to Craigslist but, in my opinion, way more user friendly with more options.

It saves tons of time as a buyer and a seller.  As a buyer, I just have to list a “Want.”  I can be as specific as I want, even letting the sellers know how picky I am.  I set my price range and let the sellers come to me.  So, as a seller, targeting serious customers is a breeze.  Simply search the Wants for an item you are trying to sell and match it to those customers.  You also have the option to deal only locally or branch out as far as you prefer.

I found anything from cars, vacation rentals, yard tools, to children’s books on Ubokia.  You can also list services, such as babysitting or carpooling!  I’m going to be putting up a Want for a handy man in my area!  🙂  I’ve got all kinds of little things I need fixed around the house.

Ubokia, Craigslist Alternative

Another one of my favorite features is the uGroup section.  This is an area where you can join or create a group of people interested in buying, selling or trading similar things.  They have groups for Growing Kid’s Clothes, Vegans, Animal Supplies, Surfers, and even one for Driving Kids to their activities in the Snow!  That last one is great!  All the four-wheel-drivers step up and get our kids to their activities in one piece.  There are a bunch of others but if you still can’t find a group that interests you, make one of your own!  They can be open to the masses or acceptance by invitation only.  I’d like to create a public group for Children’s items and a private group for babysitting purposes.  Swapping babysitting sessions is a great way to justify a night out with your friends or spouse without added expense!

So, post what you want and let the sellers come to you!

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  1. Mmm…I generally tend to avoid craigslist at all costs, so Ubokia is very much welcome in my “repertoire” of sites used for online commerce.
    free craigslist ads is another good one which I recommend to everyone.

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