ProSource NytroWhey Protein Powder Review

So, I am not by any means a body builder.  But, I use protein powder all the time to make sure I’m getting enough protein in my diet.  Protein powder is a staple item in my house.

I really only need around 1000 calories a day to maintain my current weight so I make sure to use supplements as a sort of insurance policy for my diet.  I try to do some sort of exercise daily, whether it’s dancing around my house like a spaz to sneak in a bit of cardio, or hitting the weight machines at the gym.  But, I no longer obsessively count calories, carbs, or grams of anything for that matter.  I find that the more OCD I let myself become with my diet, the more likely I am to fail.  So, I try to take the pressure off myself and just use common sense.  But because I don’t eat all that much, supplements are great to make sure I’m getting all the nutrients my bodies needs.  Plus, if you get the right ones (for protein, at least,) they’re delicious!

I’d like to emphasize that this is not a replacement for natural sources of protein (I still include those in my diet as well,) I just like the convenience of throwing a scoop into a blender as opposed to all the prep work involved with meats, fish, beans, etc.

I use protein powder in coffee, smoothies, baking and if it’s tasty enough, I just mix it in water.  As a busy mom, I don’t always have time to plan every meal—who am I kidding, I probably “plan” less that a quarter of our meals in a month.  Most of the time, we just throw something together with what I’ve got in the house and call it food.  I’ve experimented with pretty much every fad diet out there and in doing that I’ve taken some piece of knowledge from each.  I use that collective information along with common sense to keep the right foods in the house so when I do throw meals together they are pretty healthy.

ProSource Protein Powder

I received NytroWhey Ultra Elite Precision Isolated Protein Matrix by ProSource for review.  Yowza.  There are a lot of big words in just the title of this product.  Well,  I’ll be honest, I just want the stuff to taste good.  AND THIS IS SUPER YUMMY!

All that scientific language is basically saying that this stuff is recognizable by your body and great for after a workout to build new muscle and recover quickly.  I try to only use this after a great workout so that I’m getting the maximum benefits.  However, I am guilty of tossing into my blender with frozen fruits or ice cream to just make a yummy snack.  Since using this protein, I have noticed that I am not as sore after a workout; and, I’ve been working extra hard lately!

This protein retails for $65.95 for a 2.7lb container.  But, at ProSource, the same thing is just $30.95!  And, it’s available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Chocolate Mint.

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  1. Gilbert Rollins says:

    On the contrary I am a guy who likes working out a lot just to get my body in shape, and I think the protein powder will benefit me a lot. I hadn’t given using it a thought before. Thanks for sharing.


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