Texting Trends Among Teens

The texting epidemic has taken over the teenage world! With so many media influences these days, parents are now battling the language barriers between them and their teens. Forget about old school snail mail, it’s the 21st century; get on a new level of communication with your teenager.

Texting today is one of the top “it” ways to communicate; don’t be the one caught with a phone that doesn’t allow you to stay trendy along with your teen, find cell phone plans online to fit your texting needs. Remember, it’s okay to have a vintage trend at times but how vintage are you willing to allow your social life, cell phone and the accessories of your life to be?

Take the time to check out this infographic on the latest texting trends among teens. Don’t be an outsider to your teen’s social life any longer! You’ll be ttyl-ing, lol-ing, and virtually high-five-ing in no time!

Texting Trends Among Teens

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