HAAN SI-75 Steam Cleaner Review

You have probably heard about the benefits of steam cleaning and steam mops – things like chemical free, green cleaning or easily killing germs, bacteria and dust mites in seconds. So, then you decide “YES! I want one of these!” and you start looking at your options and there are way too many! Product received for review. Post contains affiliate links.

Recently I was given the chance to review the…

HAAN SI75 – Power and Finesse Steam Cleaner

The HAAN Power & Finesse SI75 is comparable to the Shark Lift Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop. They both have a hand held steam cleaner in the body of the unit. I have a friend with the Lift Away Pro, so I was able to review the both of them and come up with some differences between the two models.

First, a handy dandy chart

Now – more details.

My Pros for the HAAN Mop…

The first thing I noticed was that the HAAN mop had a removable filling container, the Shark had a container that I had to use a cup to fill, it was MUCH easier to use the removable container right under the sink rather than fill and pour. Second, when I started moving the mop around the floor – I realized that the HAAN was significantly lighter than the Shark mop – which made getting around easier. The HAAN mop features Smart Steam Technology, it knows how much steam is needed in different applications whereas the Shark mop, I had to adjust the settings as I went. When it came to the removable pads for the mop head, I felt like it was significantly easier to  “un-velcro” the HAAN steam mop pads than it was to unwrap or slide off the Shark pocket mop pads.

Check out how much dirt I picked up off my floor with the HAAN ultra clean pads!

My one con for the HAAN Mop?

I think this is purely personal preference, but I liked the handheld steam cleaner part of the Shark more than the lift off of the HAAN. Although the HAAN handheld steamer was portable and easy to get around – it was somewhat hard to put over my shoulder and move around the house with it over my shoulder. On the other hand, the Shark, I could not put over my shoulder when I was using the extension pieces… so… small thing I can get over with the HAAN. The HAAN Handheld and the Shark Lift Off each have very different hand held steam cleaners – both have a handle, they are just held differently.


So, overall, I am glad I ended up with the HAAN and was able to take the other one back to my friend 😉

Are you ready to take the Steam Plunge?

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  1. I love steam mops, but have really had a hard time finding one to last longer than a year. I guess you are supposed to keep buying a new one lol – or have a cleaner house?

  2. I need a new steam mop as my other one bite the dust. Thanks for the comparisons.

  3. Amber Edwards says:

    I would absolutely love a steam mop! With a cat and toddler, it is almost impossible to keep my kitchen floor clean. And the old fashioned way of a bucket of water and old fashioned mop are not something I want to do every single day! But a steam mop would be an easy way to get it clean, simple and something I could see myself doing every other day! I liked your comparisons between the two models. I’ve always wondered how they stand up to each other.

  4. I want a steam mop and this one looks fantastic. I can’t believe how much it picked up. I’m definitely adding this to my wish list.

  5. TX_Christi says:

    This is just what I need-I have no idea how my floors get so dingy so soon after mopping

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