Round Table Gifts for Men

I don’t know about you – but I struggle with gifts for men. Mostly because they seem to be somewhat overdone, for example, I bought you a tie last year – what the heck do I get you this year?! I realize some of this is all because we have been taught that men only like shirts, ties, and tools, right? Well, I was super excited to find Round Table Gifts – a WHOLE website full of gifts for men. As far as I can tell – they don’t have many shirts and ties – but they do have barware, cigar accessories, personalized sports memorabilia, and more.

Gift Ideas for Men

I was able to find a multi-tool gift for my father-in-law, and I even was able to have it engraved it with his name (so everyone knows it is his and he can stop complaining about people borrowing his tools!). It has a ruler, screwdriver, pliers, a bottle opener and more things that I know what to do with. I am saving the gift for Christmas, so I cannot tell you how much he likes it yet, but I am more than sure he will.

Round Table Gifts for Men

The Round Table Gifts website was easy to use and navigate – I found TONS of gifts that would work for many of the men in my family on my gift list.

Round Table Gifts for Men

They have these cool personalized sports posters, you can put your man’s name in a sports field, on a jersey, a pub sign, a sports jersey – or if he is not into sports, you can put his name on the Vegas sign, a marquee, so much more – it is kind of a fun piece of art for him to have in his “man cave” or den.

Round Table Gifts for Men

I would definitely recommend Round Table Gifts for any men you might be buying a gift for this holiday season. Check out their gifts for men at

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