Getting Ready for a Night Out with Hynotiq

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Getting ready can be stressful if you’re running late.  But when it’s for a night out with the girl’s (or guys) it becomes part of the fun.  We always try to allow time for getting ready together.

Getting Ready with Hypnotiq

One of my best friends comes up with the best sayings.  While getting ready for a girl’s night she said “getting ready is like foreplay, the longer we do it, the more fun the night is.”  I don’t know about the guys, but for girls, I know a huge part of having fun, is feeling and looking your best.  The best way to do this is have fun with it and  Primp & Prep with the girls.

When my sister and I go out, we used to get super frazzled and self conscious about every detail of our makeup, hair and wardrobe choices.  We took a lot of fun out of the going out process.  After fussing, plucking, and reapplying everything we’d finally say “Okay, we’re going to walk through ‘magic doors’ that will fix everything so we don’t ruin the rest of the night.”   This site is like our magic doors!  Only we use it before we have a chance to over think everything and become a huge hot mess.

The Primp & Prep site makes the whole process a blast.  With drink recipes, fashion and style tips, it’s everything you need all in one place; including Pandora radio!  Music is a huge part of how we get pumped for a night out.  Put your hair down music up!   The music is probably my favorite feature but I also love all the creativity Primp & Prep inspires.  Seeing all the great eyeshadow techniques and fashion ideas makes me want to go all out with my look.

Having a yummy cocktail during this whole process makes everyone feel more relaxed and ready to let loose.  Hpnotiq is one of those great drinks that can be mixed with a variety drinks for a delicious treat.

REMEMBER, You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.

I can’t wait for my finals to be over next week!  Getting ready for a night of celebration with the girls is going to be so much fun with Primp & Prep!

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  1. I have had that!! Let’s just say it’s kinda yummy!

  2. Amber Edwards says:

    I would probably go mostly for the fashion tips. Some days I feel like I could use all the help I can get.

  3. I haven’t tried this stuff yet. Looks neat though.

  4. I love that they offer music to get ready by! And celebrity news. 🙂


  5. beth kelsay says:

    If i were a drinker i would try the pink it looks and sounds good. I like the idea of the fashion tips.

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