Life is Easier with GoSmart Stylus and Phone Clip

Making life easier is the name of the game.  GoSmart products help us do just that.

GoSmart Stylus

Like many things relating to the iPad (even the iPad itself,) my mother has used her ninja-like-stealth to swipe these out from under my grimy mitts.  I really don’t mind since she is capable of creating such wonderful things.  Plus, she babysits at the drop of a pin, does my laundry and, well, she’s my mom…

Making life easier GoSmart StylusThat being said, I asked her to give me her review on the GoSmart Stylus:

The first time I used this stylus pen was when I was playing Words With Friends on my iPad. I tapped the screen and felt the strange round metal tip glide over the surface of my iPad. At the same time, I heard the raspy sound against the glass and was instantly worried that I had done something wrong.

But, I hadn’t! This stylus is designed to “write” similarly to a ballpoint pen. It’s delicate round surface responds like a real pen on paper and allows the user to focus their aim directly into a small area as you would with pen and ink.

To test it’s effectiveness, I created a drawing on Draw Something, another application I frequently use, also on the iPad. When I needed to get in close and hit my target with a fine, tight line of color, the stylus allowed me to do so with ease.

I’m not sure if either of these apps includes the “wrist rejection” feature noted on the stylus packaging, but I have a bad habit of balancing my pinky finger on my touchscreen while drawing. Of course, that move makes tiny marks and lines where they aren’t wanted so I’m used to watching out for my pinky mars. I had no need to do this while using this pen. My drawing was flawless, well … at least it was free of accidental scribbles!

This was created using the ArtRage app:

Life of mom art

I don’t understand how or why the springy round shape of the metal stylus tip mimics the touch of a pen, but I love the end result. I highly recommend this product and plan to use this as far as I can til death do us part (hopefully it’s demise, not mine).

Life Hands Free

In a world where multitasking is an absolute necessity the more things that are hands free the better.

GoSmart Clip

Life made easy with Hands Free GoSmart Clip

This handy little clip allows you to attach your phone, mp3 player, GPS or the like to a variety of things for hands free use.  I attached my phone to my steering wheel while driving so that I can see and hear my GPS with ease.  This is also awesome for the gym.  You can attach it to the machines while you’re working out.

GoSmart Clip variety of uses


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of devices
  • Perfect for travel
  • Affordable


  • May not fit larger devices

I have an obnoxious and bulky case on my phone (the Ballistic case on HTC Amaze) because I’m so traumatized from shattering my last smart phone.  I don’t mind the added weight and size if it means protecting my second brain.  However, with this case, my phone doesn’t fit into the GoSmart Clip.  The clip is adjustable, but even on the largest setting, mine won’t fit.  It’s not a huge deal to take my case off, but I’d rather not add any extra steps or risk injuring my precious phone.  So we will be using this more for iPods or longer trips.

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  1. rachel rohde says:

    i think this is an awesome idea.

  2. The GoSmart Stylus and Phone Clip look very useful. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  3. I have learned that a stylus can make a big difference and I will pay more to get a quality stylus

  4. kelley roach says:

    what a great giveaway. could definitely use this

  5. I haven’t had good luck with the stylus I bought in the past. Maybe this one works better? That clip looks neat in the variety of places it will go!

  6. Michelle Washburn says:

    I love having a stylus

  7. Kayleen Considine says:

    I don’t have an iPad, but I wonder if this would work with my Nook. I hate leaving fingerprints on the screen.

  8. lynn shires says:

    I love a stylus, my fingers are large.

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