Practical Tips to Cut the Cost of Driving

Practical Tips to Cut the Cost of Driving

With the ever-increasing price of gas, do you wonder how you can ever save money on driving? Short of leaving your vehicle permanently in the garage, you may think there is not much that you can do to reduce driving costs. However, by following these simple tips, you might find out otherwise.

tips to cut costs of driving

1. Do errands in one trip

It might surprise you to learn how much gas you use by driving your vehicle frequently on short trips to run errands. If you combine as many of your errands into one trip and accomplish as much as you can at one time, you will not only save on gas, you will also save time.

2. Carpool

It is becoming more popular to carpool with coworkers when commuting back and forth to work. You might also want to arrange carpools for the kids, taking turns with other parents to chauffeur the children to and from school and other activities.

3. Walk

If you use your vehicle for errands within walking distance, change your habits and get some exercise. Walking will do you a world of good, and you will save on gas and wear and tear on your auto. Of course, you will not be able to walk if you are purchasing a number of items, but try to put this tip into practice whenever you can.

4. Obtain cheaper gas

Purchase your gas at the station in your area that offers the lowest prices. This may sound obvious, but there are times when you might be tempted to pay higher amounts for gas just because it is more convenient. Doing this once in a while is fine, but do not make a habit of it. You may also want to stick with regular as long as your car does not require a special grade of fuel.

5. Be a safe driver

Your driving patterns can waste gas. Do not be a rapid accelerator or make sudden stops. Drive within the speed limit, and use the air conditioner only when necessary.

6. Travel light

Remember to empty the trunk of heavy and unnecessary items. Your auto will not need to work as hard when it is not required to carry objects from one destination to another, and you will consume a lower amount of gas.

7. Do not idle

If your vehicle will be stopped for a few minutes at a very long red light or you are waiting for a companion, do not allow the car to idle the entire time. You are using fuel while going absolutely nowhere.

8. Purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle

Maybe you are in the market for a new car. If so, do yourself a favor and purchase a vehicle that is fuel-efficient and will not guzzle the gas. If you have more than one vehicle, choose the fuel-efficient one for long trips.

Now you can see that there are ways to cut down on the cost of driving. Many of us rely on our cars for our day to day activities, and by adopting a few new habits it is possible for you to save money and your spending on gas.

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  1. Melanie Snyder says:

    We don’t even own a vehicle. It definitely saves a lot of money, but there are times I wish we had a car. I myself can’t drive due to medical reasons, so it wouldn’t matter much to me. I do most of our shopping on foot. Also, my grocery store offers rewards back to be used on gas. I’m sure other places have similar reward programs 🙂

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