Jump Start your Weight Loss with Zaggora

Like most, I have decided to try to lose more weight in the new year. So – I am jump starting the weight loss with Zaggora sportswear. Zaggora has a selection of pants and tops that raise your body temperature – making you use more energy while working out.

Zaggora Hot Pants 2.0 come in shorts and capri length (I chose the capris because I prefer to work out in capris or pants on the treadmill in the winter). Initially they are weird because it feels like you are putting on a wet suit – but once they were on and I was moving, I didn’t really notice a difference from what I usually wear.


Jump Start your Weight Loss

How the heck does it work? According to their website – the inner lining helps trap your body heat. This makes you work out warmer and use more energy. I found because they are capris, I did notice a temperature difference when I had them ON – but since I just had a t-shirt on top – I wasn’t overly hot or uncomfortable.

Research from Zaggora has found:

  • Wearing HotPants during at least 30 minutes of exercise increases energy expenditure by 11.3% – AND in the 30-60 min after the work out – they are shown to increase energy expenditure by 12.5% (so keep them on!)
  • Over a 4-week period, subjects were show to become more energy efficient and therefore fitter when wearing HotPants

Zaggora also has a long sleeved jacket, a sleeveless top, shorts, capris, their Coola Bra, and even full leg pants. Check out their store for more styles and options,  I think I might be splurging on some of their Viva pants soon that come in five super bright colors!

I am hoping with my newly increased dedication to my treadmill – I will see more results when wearing my HotPants than I had been seeing before I had them!

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Naomi is a new mom to 'Little Dude',married to her best friend, and learning what it means to be a working mother. She loves DIY projects, reading, interior design, and finding new ways to save, trade and barter.


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