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This post brought to you by Simply Right Infant Formula. All opinions are 100% mine.

Finding the right infant formula for your baby can be quite stressful, especially if you had planned on breast feeding.  My best friend just had her first baby and was very excited to breastfeed.  When her milk never came in, she was left feeling helpless.

Simply Right Infant Formula

Thankfully for Simply Right Infant Formula, she can now rest easy knowing her baby is getting all the nutrients he needs.  I just learned about the importance of balanced nutrition for infants in one of my classes.  (I am studying nutrition science.)  Infant formulas have come a long way and are getting closer and closer to mother’s milk…  Simply Right contains DHA and ARA which may support brain and eye development.

When I had my son, I breastfed and used formula.  He was so colicky I didn’t know what to do so I tried everything.  Supplementing with formula seemed to help.  I remember trying to soothe him by bouncing him on my hip while trying to prepare a bottle.  What a nightmare!  I would have to dig in the can for the scooper, use my thumb to level it off and then screw the lid on without spilling it everywhere.

When I saw this video, I actually said “Wow!  I wish they had that when my kids were younger!”  Jeez, I feel old.  I can just hear myself saying in a crotchety old voice “Back in my day…”  Ugh.  I’ll spare you the granny talk.  But needless to say, this would make any mom’s day a lot easier.

The BEST part about Simply Right Infant Formula is that it is almost half the cost of other brand name formulas.  It is the same great quality for a much more affordable price!  Go to the Sam’s Club website and see for yourself!

Favorite Mom Memory

What is your favorite motherhood memory?

For me, it is hearing the babies’ first laugh.  With my son, he was sitting in his walker while I was working out to my old school Tae Bo VHS tapes.  I performed some spastic move and he started cracking up.  It was the most hilarious moment!  Naturally I had to keep repeating these ridiculous maneuvers to keep him laughing.  Boy did I get a great workout!  LOL

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  1. Simply Right Infant Formula looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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