Superfoods Kitchen Cookbook Review

My hubby has been on a superfoods kick for awhile now, but it has mostly been by eating a TON of blueberries and nuts. We didn’t really think about trying to get it into our entire diet and making it more than just snacks. With the Superfoods Kitchen cookbook – you not only get a bunch of recipes using superfoods, but the author, Julie Morris, really lays out what a superfood kitchen should look like for us. Book received for review. Post contains affiliate links.

Superfoods Kitchen Cookbook

Superfoods Kitchen Cookbook

It was helpful to actually have the recipes and ideas to get moving with, and we found that a lot of things in our kitchen could be used to create soups, main dishes, desserts, smoothies and more. Since I was expecting a cookbook – it was somewhat intimidating at first to open a book and see mostly pages full of text (like a non-fiction book) – but I quickly realized it was full of super helpful information like how to get the best out of the food we are eating – and how to change up some of our routine to get more nutrients in to what we are eating.

I always love to splurge on a smoothie full of sugar and sweet – but with the smoothie recipes in Julie’s book – I am also shoving a serving of veggies or protein in my yummy smoothie – and I don’t really notice a difference (unless of course you count the spinach turning my strawberry smoothie green!).

You can find out more about Julie’s book at the Navita’s Naturals website – which by the way – check out some of their superfood products. We got to try out some of the Cacao Sweet Nibs and they are fun to throw into smoothies, on desserts, etc for a chocolate flavor rich in antioxidants – but they have tons of other items that are easy to add in to what you are making already or might help you change some things up in you own kitchen!

How do you incorporate superfoods into your diet?

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