WubbaNub Baby Pacifier and Toy Review

While waiting for a placement (for the adoption of our baby – if you have been keeping up, you are probably tired of hearing about it – if you haven’t been keeping up, my husband and I are adopting!) we are trying to find fun ways we can connect with our child once we meet him/her. We will have pictures of friends and family in a book, and special things we bring with us when we pick up a child. It has been suggested that we try to find a few things that we can bring along that might be easy to connect to for a baby – but that we can also bring home with us so they will still have it when we get back to the United States. WubbaNub has this great idea for a pacifier that is attached to a super cute stuffed animal so it is easy to hold for little ones – and we are excited to be able to have it in our bag of tricks as we travel!

WubbaNub Baby Pacifier and Toy

WubbaNub Baby Pacifier and Toy

WubbaNub was created by a mother who knew the pain of a missing pacifier – while traveling she finally decided to borrow a hotel sewing kit and attach the pacifier to her baby’s favorite stuffed animal. It was now bigger, making it harder to lose AND fun to cuddle with even when not using as a pacifier. We are excited about it because we have realized the first few weeks we spend with our child will be in a different country and we cannot bring much with us as we travel. It will be a two in one as a cuddly friend for baby AND a pacifier – hoping our child will take a pacifier (fingers crossed). I am also excited that it will be something the child can hold on to even when we get home with us – they can connect it to where they came from while they get used to new surroundings.

You can find out more about WubbaNub at WubbaNub.com – they have a bunch of super cute animals – they have a store locator on their website – or you can find them on Amazon.com – I am in love with our little giraffe!

Does your baby take a pacifier?

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  1. Oh goodness, this is so cute. I don’t have babies anymore but this would be a great addition to a baby shower package!

  2. This is adorable. Missing pacifiers are no fun. We use to keep back ups everywhere

  3. Jennifer Comet Wagner says:

    This is so adorable. It is amazing things keep evolving in the baby world.

  4. Oh my goodness that is so cute!

  5. My son LOVED these an an infant. We had the Red Dog and Duckie ones for him :)

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