Understanding the Perks of Consumer Internet Investments

Novice investors need not fear the Internet as an option for future investments. Everyday consumers are opting to do it because it makes sense financially. Here are the perks of consumer Internet investments for your consideration and review.

Understanding the Perks of Consumer Internet Investments

Mary Meeker’s Guide to Trends

Consumer Internet Investments

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With handy guides like Meeker’s guide to Internet trends, investors have no need to feel uncertain about what’s upcoming on the Internet. Clearly demonstrated trends make for a sound, safe investment in most cases.

A substantive perk of Internet investments is that all case studies and relevant blogs are easily searchable on the web. By reading a few of these industry blogs, you can learn which investments have proven efficient in the past, and how others have succeeded with their choices.

Monetizing Brand Advocates

Consumer Internet Investments

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We all know the person who is obsessed with a brand, buying up all of their kitschy merch and displaying it both at work and at home. Whether it’s Angry Birds, Reddit, or Instagram, the companies that make consumers swoon are easy targets for investments. Whenever company relationships are strong with consumers and well monetized, investors will profit.

However, investors must beware the falling giants, such as Facebook and Twitter. The hugely successful social sites of today have already shown gradual declines in growth (read: loss of appetite from fans). Thus, it is wise to get on-board with a growing Internet investment rather than a dinosaur.

Mobility Matters More Each Day


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In a world where the smartphone overtook the PC in China as the most used device to access the Internet, company mobility matters. One perk of Internet investing is that you can access any worthwhile investee with your smartphone: also, you immediately know that an investment is wrong if the site can’t be viewed on an iPhone 5.

Take the time to view the prospective investment’s pages on your smartphone, one by one. For example, look over the FI Contact Information, and then at the About section. Note how intuitively the audience can explore, and if you believe they’ll spend money at the site. These are good signs that a prospective investment is worth your hard-earned money.

Most Accessible Investment Award


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Internet investing should win an award for being the single-most accessible type of investment. By its very nature, this investment and the corresponding company, organization or NGO is readily accessible whether you’re poolside or flying over Canada. That’s a definite perk.

Commerce Related Consumer Web


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Nic Brisbourne of The Equity Kicker wrote that in order for the consumer web to be feasible this year people must look to commerce-related companies. Brisbourne has faith in companies like Pinterest and Instagram from a consumer Internet investment standpoint. These are the investments that best know how to monetize fans and followers. One perk for investors is that many websites have chosen to become increasingly merchandise-driven or commerce related.

After reviewing some of the perks of consumer Internet investing, you might be ready to dive right in. Even novice investors are taking away large profit percentages because of the ever-evolving, growing nature of the Internet.

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