New Parenting Gadgets from Nuk

We are still awaiting the arrival of our little one – but we are certainly stocking up. Something I had already been worried about was extra dishes. I already hate the amount of dishes that two people who eat out for a majority of our meals make – how am I going to deal with bottles?! I was so excited to see the new products from Nuk to help out with this – and even more excited to try them out!

Nuk Cleaning

Their new Fast-Dry Bottle Rack has branches that will hold a variety of bottles, lids, pacifiers, sippy cups, whatever. It is battery powered and blows air up into the “branches” to help dry things hanging on it up to 10x faster than standard bottle ¬racks – which means less counter mess for me – and of course, no hand drying if I can help it.

nuk cleaning

The Bottle Drying wand and the No-Scratch Bottle Brush are about the same shape, but have different materials to do different jobs. Both are soft enough to not scratch, and have an hourglass shape to get into hard to reach places. The Drying Wand has a super absorbent fabric – so even if I DO have to dry the bottle by hand, it is easy! Since the bottle brush is made from fabric, it grabs more left over residue than normal wire/plastic brushes.

The Dishwasher Basket expands to fit even more of the little pieces that seem to come with babies – bottle nipples and bottle lids along with plastic utensils or pacifiers will all fit in this expandable dishwasher basket. I love that it expands so I can load it up with just about all of the little pieces and get them done all in one washing.


You can find Nuk just about anywhere – but check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed for new products, coupon deals and more. (They are running a pretty sweet contest with weekly winners on Facebook right now).

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Naomi is a new mom to 'Little Dude',married to her best friend, and learning what it means to be a working mother. She loves DIY projects, reading, interior design, and finding new ways to save, trade and barter.


  1. I didn’t have the Fast-Dry Bottle Rack has branches when I had my son, but I definitely want one for my next baby!

  2. The bottle tree seems like a much better design than most. Most of the ones i’ve seen before take up a LOT of counter space which is awful for people like me with small kitchens. Storing them “up” instead of out makes sense.

  3. We have this rack and I love it!!

  4. The dishwasher rack looks like a must have. No time to do them by hand when you have a new baby!


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