Date Night with Fireworks on the Seadogs in Chicago

Thanks to Madame Deals and their #PayItForward campaign my sister and I got to experience the Seadogs Fireworks Cruise in Chicago.  We received this experience free of charge and all opinions are my own.

Date Night in Chicago

So…  I have a boyfriend.  It’s such a big step saying that to the entire internet but since we did the whole posting of “in a relationship” on Facebook, I figured it’s okay I talk about it here.  🙂 

John and Shelley

His name is John and he’s fantastic.  Well, duh.  Why else would I be with him!  We met in school and I seriously couldn’t be happier.  But… he’s away for a while because he is going to school in Vermont.  So when he’s in town, date night is a big deal.  The next time he’s in I am insisting that we go on the Seadogs Fireworks Cruise.

Going on this cruise with my sister and Shauna (from Adventures of 8) was definitely a blast, but it could have a whole new feeling if you’re with a romantic partner.  Don’t worry Shauna, I still loved snuggling with you!  😉

Seadogs Fireworks Cruise

Seadogs Fireworks Cruise Chicago #spon

Snuggling up with each other under a sky full of fireworks, a full moon and the skyline of beautiful Chicago is definitely a date night to remember.  Since summer is practically over, I think I’m going to try to plan for the Halloween Fireworks Cruise!  How fun!

Seadogs Chicago Skyline #spon

A Few Tips…

Before you go out on these boats–be warned–you may get wet.  And in Chicago, that might be fun on a 90 degree day, but the nights can get pretty chilly (like a 50 degree drop isn’t abnormal) so plan ahead and bring something warm and/or waterproof.  When the kids and I went on the Seadogs, we got soaked.  When it was just the girls, it had gotten pretty chilly so they skipped the speedboat portion and spared us the cold breeze.  Or, you can always bring along a hot guy to keep you warm!  😉

Plan your next date night in Chicago with the Seadogs!

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  1. Well, congrats on the boyfriend and on your studies! 🙂 This does look like a fun cruise although I would definitely take something warm.

  2. Danielle @ We Have It All says:

    I have been on a few Chicago cruises, but I have never been on this one, nor have I been on one where I have seen fireworks. Now you’ve got me wanting to take the kids on this one!

  3. This is such a sweet date night, and congrats on the new relationship!

  4. I have family in Chicago but I had no idea that there were services like that over there.

  5. Congrats on the boyfriend and the cruise looks like a fun time

  6. oh gosh, that looks like TONS of fun. there’s totally something romantic about being on the water and fireworks….

  7. Fireworks over the water are so pretty! Definitely better with your sweetie than your sister! 😉

  8. I wanted to take this cruise last month when I was in Chicago. Sounds like a great plan for a date night!

  9. You and John are just too adorable together! I had so much fun clubbing with you all when we were in Chicago 🙂
    I wish I could have gone on this cruise; maybe sometime in the future I can!


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