Tofurky Introduces new Meatless Frozen Products

First, let me say, tofu does not have to be scary. There are tons of great recipes to make with tofu, and there are many vegan soy meat alternatives available to provide a healthy alternative. However, one of the leaders in the market is Tofurky, and I recently received a variety of their new frozen product line and artisan sausages to tell you about!

Tofurky’s NEW line of Frozen Products

Yes, I admit, unless you are throwing tofu in a blender for a smoothie – it is not always super easy to throw in the microwave and eat – like, say, a hot pocket? Now, Tofurky has released a great offering of frozen, microwavable products – making it as easy as ever to get a variety of meatless options quickly. Their BBQ Chick’n, Pepperoni Pizza, and Turk’y Broccoli & Cheddar pockets are ready in minutes. They also have a 100% vegan and non-GMO, Tofurky Quiche has meat-free sausage and veggies – making it taste great, despite not having what we all think of as a “quintessential quiche.” My favorite so far has been the Tofurky Pot Pie – which not only tastes great, but their state of the art packaging makes it brown and crispy just like cooking pot pies in the oven.


Tofurky Artisan Sausages

The new artisan sausages  from Tofurky come in three great flavors – Chick’n & Apple, Andouille and Spinach Pesto. So far – we tried the Chick’n and Apple – and loved it – and are planning to match the Andouille with some dirty rice for a “Cajun inspired” meal.

You can find out more about the products available from Turtle Island Foods, Inc – the makers of Tofurky on their website. If you are looking for their products – check out their store locator. Tofurky is one of the fastest growing brands in the natural foods, meat-free category – and have lots of great new offerings.

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  1. sandy weinstein says:

    i like the tofu in whole foods, i have never prepared tofu, but i do like the meatless products of other companies. so i think i would like these as well.

  2. Debbie Welchert says:

    These sound interesting. I have never tried tofu but I wouldn’t mind trying the turkey, broccoli and cheddar one. It looks pretty good.

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