DIY and Save with Free Wrapping Paper

Anything free is obviously great by default.  But, saving money around the holidays is just plain awesome.  Doesn’t everyone hate spending money on something that just gets thrown away anyway?  I am happy to bring you this holiday life hack all from my own green/OCD/hoarder/frugal self.  🙂

Free Wrapping Paper

Anyone else receive 14 miles of packing paper due to online shopping?  I think Wal-Mart was the biggest culprit.  What a huge waste of trees!

Life Hack for Free Wrapping Paper

I have been obsessively saving this stuff for a long time knowing someday it would come in handy.  And, well… yeah, I’m a bit of hoarder too. 🙁  But, this time it paid off!  This packing paper is actually quite perfect for use as holiday wrapping paper.  Pictured above is just from ONE order.  I wrapped all my presents using just what’s shown!

Why This Packing Paper is Perfect for Wrapping Presents:

  • It’s perforated (which means very little cutting, if any)
  • Two sections are perfect for a small size clothing box (NO cutting)
  • Great way to recycle
  • Save a few trees
  • Simple classy classic look
  • Easily decorated
    • This can be really fun if you do so in advance with the kids, think bubbles of paint, glitter, stickers, crayons, markers…
  • IT’S FREE!!!

Free wrapping paper for gifts

Every year I also confiscate all the bows and ribbons for future use.  I simply throw them all into a box or bag and store them with my Christmas decorations.  Some of these silly bows or ribbons cost like $5 each!  I am certainly not going to let those just get tossed in the trash.

Free wrapping paper

Between all the packing paper (I still have a ton left over) and my hoarded bows, I spent ZERO dollars on wrapping supplies this year!

I guess I can’t take all the credit.  Stewie was barking orders like an angry elf to ensure top quality results from start to finish.

cat helper what is it with cats and stuff on the floor

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  1. Awesome idea & very green!

  2. Maryann D. says:

    What a fantastic idea! I never thought of this. My daughter would love to decorate the packing paper for gift wrap. I love your cat on the paper. My cat always loved crunchy paper to sit on too.

  3. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    very eco friendly idea!

  4. I save and reuse all that packing stuff too. I love how your gift wrapping turned out!

  5. I LOVE THIS!!! Growing up our favorite gifts were wrapped in comic book paper by my Dad. He would delay us opening our gifts by making us read the comics with him. It still brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

  6. I love this idea! I will for sure do this next year!

  7. Oh yes, I think I have enough to wrap everyone’s gifts and then some. What a great idea. Will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for the idea!

  8. That’s a great idea! I love to reuse brown paper bags as wrapping paper, but this would probably work even better!

  9. What a smart idea! I have thrown away way to much of that!

  10. This is SUCH a great idea! My son would love decorating it!

  11. we reuse a lot but i haven’t used that for wrapping. we use it for kindling-we heat our home w a fireplace insert.

  12. I am shocked by how high end that looks. I save that paper but only use it to mail stuff. Not anymore. GREAT idea!

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