12 Recipes for Sunday Pizza Night

Sunday is usually pizza night for us. This collection of pizza recipes is sponsored by Foodie. All opinions are my own. Pizza comes in so many varieties these days. Looking at all the mouth watering photos on Foodie makes me want to be more adventurous in the kitchen. Who would have thought that pizza could be so interesting?

12 Recipes for Sunday Pizza Night

Check out the collection that I made on Foodie. You can make your own, as well. Just search for whatever you are looking for. Get ready to drool over some seriously impressive photos.

Pizza night is a treat on any day of the week, but Sundays tend to be lazier. Declaring pizza on Sundays is my not-so-subtle way of making dinner easier on myself! Pizza is Mike’s ultimate favorite food, so he will never complain. Of course, ordering a pizza would be the easiest, but that’s not ideal on the budget. Plus, there are so many quick and easy pizza recipes out there, it’s quite possible to whip something scrumptious up in no time.

12 Recipes for Sunday Pizza Night

While browsing Foodie, I came across several delicious pizza recipes that I cannot wait to try. The creative ideas are endless. From dips, to appetizers, to dinners, to desserts, there’s recipes to make a full-on pizza feast!

I am a notoriously picky eater and have only ever liked plain cheese pizza. I am trying to explore different flavor combinations as I get older. Turns out that I like some mushrooms, and/or a small amount of sausage sometimes. I am slowly forcing my palate to grow up and be more adventurous. Making my own at home gives me the control that I need to be braver. Adding the ingredients myself is key. Then I know there won’t be a stray onion or another non-negotiable item in there!

Do you have a day of the week for pizza night? Do you get creative and make your own pizza recipes?

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  1. Where is the link to the recipes, or at least to “Foodie”?

  2. Excited to jazz up pizza night dinners!

  3. oh. deep dish cast iron. i never thought to make pizza in my cast iron pan. eep. looks amazing.

  4. Everything looks insanely good! I want those cheesy breadsticks and the melty dip first!

  5. Oh these recipes all look so amazing! We love pizza, and I almost always order it for delivery. These recipes look simple enough that I could really whip them up quickly on a Sunday night! YUM!

  6. These pizza recipes sound delicious! We have pizza night every weekend and I’m always looking for a fun new twist or recipe!

  7. I could do pizza every single night and never get sick of it! Thanks for this fun roundup! Yummy! I make my pizza from time to time, we usually stick to the basics… but looks like I’m missing out!

  8. Pizza cupcakes?! What a fun idea! I love pizza night as there’s so many different ways to make it.

  9. Pizza is one of my family’s favorite meals. We try to have it once a week when we watch movies.

  10. I love the sounds of the white pizza dip, I need to try this on the next night we are entertaining! We usually order pizza on Fridays!

  11. thanks for the great recipes. We have company coming and I was planning on making pizza, so this is perfect timing!

  12. Julie Wood says:

    I love making homemade pizza because it is so delicious and it tastes so much better than frozen. I also like making pizza on Sunday and I get to put what I like on top! Thanks for these inspirational recipe ideas.

  13. I absolutely love making my own pizza. You found some great recipes and ingredient combos!

  14. I so love homemade pizza! Thanks for all the recipes-love them all!

  15. We do pizza a lot in our house but I get sick of the same old thing. Thanks for the new ideas!

  16. Great recipes! Sunday night is the perfect time to have pizza! I agree…Who wants to cook on Sun. night? Pizza is hands down my favorite and the kids’ favorite. I will have fun trying these awesome recipes. Thanks. 🙂

  17. Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom says:

    AWESOME recipes.. I love Pizza so these are perfect, will give every one a try as soon as I can.. thanks for sharing, they are going to be pinned …:-)

  18. I have never thought about using my cast iron pan to make a deep dish pizza. I’m so glad you included that in your awesome round up of pizzas. We love to make pizza at home and this has given me some fresh ideas.

  19. We have family pizza night every saturday. We will definitely be checking these out.

  20. Amber Edwards says:

    Oh I seriously Love this! Pizza! Yum! Love pizza! But love twisting it up with new pizza recipes too!

  21. My mouth is watering… all of these sound amazing.

  22. Those all look so good! We love to do Saturday family movie night with pizza and popcorn. I like to make pizzas myself. I need to try out some of these recipes you collected. They look like just what we need to spice up our usual menu!

  23. If I sent an empty plate would you send me some pizza? Those all look so good!

  24. Random nights are pizza nights at our house and my family prefers to make our own pizza over buying it. Tastes better too!

  25. Those all look so good! I love that I could totally make them all vegetarian too! That and pizza always sounds good so you can never have enough new ideas!

  26. These all look incredibly delicious!! I love pizza, it’s our favorite night all week!

  27. Yum! They all look so good. I love creating different styles of pizza with my kids.

  28. I actually have a cast iron skillet. I never thought about making pizza in it, though.

  29. Wow, Foodie has a bevy of pizza recipes! So many to choose from and so many that look really appealing! I found one called Traditional White Pizza (http://www.foodie.com/recipes/photo-traditional-white-pizza) that I will have to bookmark!
    I also like that Foodie gives options for restaurants so you can easily find a new place nearby!

  30. Jennifer Hiles says:

    This post and photo are seriously making my mouth water! I think I could possibly live off pizza if I in some alternate world had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life. Anything with bread and cheese and I’m in!

  31. Sarah L says:

    When you are trying new things on your own pizza I would recommend green chilies (mild kind) or green or black olives.

  32. We do not have a pizza night….While browsing Foodie for pizza recipes I found a recipe for Spinach Artichoke Pizza that looks delicious. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  33. Darlene says:

    Great share. I am always looking for ways to jazz up the traditional pizza night!

  34. Kat Olmstead says:

    These sound amazing! I will be trying these!

  35. Birdiebee says:

    Our family loves pizza (although I really am not a crust person) like the rest of the family. These are some awesome pizza recipes.

  36. Nicole Dz says:

    Great recipes to choose from. We love pizza night at our house, it usually includes game night. Im a veggie lover when it comes to my pizzas.

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