Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide

Crazy cat lady is said with love, and not meant to exclude crazy cat men. We love cats just as much as any cat owner, that’s why we have put together a list of gift ideas perfect for the people in your life that are owned by cats. This post includes affiliate links to help us spoil our own pets.

Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide

Gift guide for the Crazy Cat Lady

Cat Subscription Boxes: Monthly subscription boxes for cats are a win for both human and feline. It’s fun to get surprises in the mail. Help your cat unbox it and see how excited they get. Sometimes, they might just opt for the box for a while. But, hey, whatever makes them happy.

Crazy Cat Lady Fashion

There is no shortage of amazing fashion to show your love for cats. One can adorn themselves from head to toe in cat cuteness.

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Kitty Kitchen

Once I saw the cat embossing rolling pin I knew it was time to make some serious kitty kitchen additions. I mean, cat butt coasters? Everyone needs a set of them immediately. There are so many ways to make anyone smile with adorable cat accessories for the home.

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Adventurous Cat

Ever wonder what your cat is up to while you’re away? This is especially amazing for outdoor cats: the collar cam. Or perhaps a book of cats caught in the act of being their devious selves all day. Or if you’d prefer to track your pet on your smartphone, there’s a gadget for that as well.

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Stocking Stuffers – Gifts Under $15

While on the hunt for the best cat gifts under $15 I discovered this amazing system where you can create a self sufficient catopia of sorts. This product line immediately caused my mind to overflow with thoughts… I can’t even process. Seriously, watch the video in here. The sections are around $10 so this could be a great gift to build on later.

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Who is proud to own the title of Crazy Cat Lady in your life? 

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  1. ellen beck says:

    I qualify as a crazy cat lady. I love the shoes I wishe they had those in sneakers! I adore the hat too and everything else 🙂

  2. There is no crazy cat lady in my life, but I would love to have the Women’s Cat Sweater in Green-Blue and the Cat Flats by Haute Kature in nude. Thank you for sharing this review.

  3. My MIL is a cat lady – I might let my wife know to look at picking up that purse for her for xmas this year.

  4. lissa crane says:

    OMG-I want everything! Great gifts to give the cat lady that has everything!

  5. These are all such awesome cat items!! I really love the cat bag (found it on Etsy!!) and the shoes too. Heck I want everything!

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That rolling pin is so cute. I don’t love cats, but even I want one of those.

  7. I don’t have a cat, but I know someone who would love to get any if this stuff. These are great gift ideas.

  8. I know a crazy cat lady I bet she would love this stuff! I love the stocking hat I might just have to buy that just because it is fun!

  9. I love the cat subscription box and those cat shoes. They are adorable. I know some cats who would love that cat box.

  10. I’m for sure a crazy cat lady. I love subscription boxes but haven’t ever gotten one for my cats yet! What a great idea.

  11. I love this! I would consider myself a crazy cat lady…or a crazy animal lady because I love all animals! That rolling pin is cute! I want to get one of those.

  12. This is a great list for cat lovers. I have a few friends that would benefit from these items as gifts…..hmmmmm thanks for helping me buy gifts lol

  13. These are awesome gift ideas for my daughter. She loves her cat! Those kitchen tools would be awesome!

  14. I love the blue and black flats that have the cat face on the toe. This is a great gift guide for the upcoming holiday season.

  15. Those are great gifts! I love the hat with cat ears!

  16. What cute stuff. I love all the cat things.

  17. Love these gift ideas!!! The idea of a subscription box is perfect to give as a gift.

  18. Those cat flats are so stinking cute! These are such fun ideas.

  19. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says:

    I have an aunt who adores cats! They can be such fun pets!

  20. Subscription boxes are a great gift. I love that they keep giving all year long. I will have to look at a cat subscription box for a few friends of mine.

  21. A cat subscription box would be perfect for me. I have two cats and would love a few more. I love the cat socks.

  22. Lisa Bristol says:

    My Sister is a cat lady. I will have to look at getting her a cat subscription box for Christmas. I just found her a t shirt with a ton of cats on it.

  23. owow i never knew cat gear could look so chic. i love it. that handbag is perfect.

  24. I am on my way to being that crazy cat lady! I love the cat ears beanie, so I just put one on my Christmas wish list!

  25. I know a couple of cat ladies that I’m going to share your post with. Those cat shoes are so adorable and Stewie unboxing the cat subscription box looks so happy and excited.

  26. My daughter is definitely a crazy cat lady — she would totally dig this gift guide. I could see her wanting that cat beanie for sure.

  27. Julie Wood says:

    I love the Cat Lady Fashion! It is so cute and I saw a cat shirt in the store that looks so pretty! I will have to check the cat stuff out.

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