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Leaner Creamer for Health Conscious Coffee Lovers

Leaner Creamer is a product I want to take responsibility for summoning. For years, I have wished that a less fattening creamer without a ton of chemicals existed. I put it into the universe, and now it is here. ;) This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. Since my teens, my morning coffee has been completely non-negotiable when it comes to dieting. That morning cup of coffee … [Read more...]

Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and Watermelon Popsicles Recipe

There are lots of ways to enjoy melon, but this layered watermelon popsicles recipe is now at the top of my list. Not only are the layers of melon pretty, but this is a tasty and healthy treat to enjoy once the weather warms up. Who am I kidding? I know I don't need hot weather to enjoy frozen treats. I love frosty desserts any time of year. Melon popsicles are a healthy alternative to flagging … [Read more...]

Orange Muffins Recipe with Flax Seeds and Cinnamon Chips

Now that we have discovered this orange muffins recipe, breakfast shall never be the same. Actually, the tasty muffins are good any time of day. Using 100% Florida Orange Juice, the orange muffins recipe is sweet, citrusy, and perfect for spring and summer. This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own. I absolutely love citrus. The scents are revitalizing. The flavors are … [Read more...]

ENERGY STAR Dryers and Washers Save More Than Money

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  ENERGY STAR dryers and washers can save us money on both our water and energy bills. We all know that. Something we don't often think of is that these washers, dryers, and other Energy Star certified appliances help save our environment as well. That's an … [Read more...]

Wellness Grain Free Dog Food for a More Playful Grump #GrainFreeForMe

This post is sponsored by Wellness Natural Pet Food and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help share the reinvented Complete Health™ Line and other Wellness Products, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Wellness Natural Pet Food is not responsible for the content of this article. We switched The Grump to Wellness Grain Free dog food … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Use Handmade Stationery and Cards

Handmade stationery and cards might seem irrelevant in this day and age. In my opinion, that's precisely why we should use them more often. Doesn't a beautiful handmade greeting card received via snail mail mean more today than it did back when that was the norm? Product was received to facilitate this post, and it contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. When I was growing up, … [Read more...]

Natural Psoriasis Scalp Treatment Helped my Itchy Head

I never thought to try a psoriasis scalp treatment for my recent scalp issues. Honestly, I didn't realize such a treatment existed. For the past few months, I have been complaining about my scalp. There is a section on the back of my head that's been giving me grief. I partnered up with derma e to try their psoriasis scalp treatment and new line of products. All opinions are my own. Natural … [Read more...]

7 Creative Uses for Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are of course great to play tennis with, but did you know that you can use them for so much more? Take a look below at seven creative uses for tennis balls that are sure to make your life a little easier. Tennis balls are simple to find and easy to afford, so take a look at how you can put them to use in your own home. This post contains affiliate links. 7 Creative Uses for … [Read more...]

DIY Dog First Aid Kits for Adventurous Pets

Dog first aid kits are great to have on hand. Having more than one is especially helpful when you are traveling, hiking, or anywhere away from home. This DIY dog first aid kit is filled with the typical items found in a first aid kid, along with a few that are dog specific. The contents of the kit include helpful items to treat a minor emergency. The kinds of things that are better to have and not … [Read more...]

Sign Up to Be a Twitter Insider to Earn Rewards

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Want to be a Twitter Insider? Twitter wants to hear from their most dedicated users to learn more about their experience, and how they’re using their platform. Twitter wants to hear from you and other Twitter users as it seeks participants for an exclusive, private online community. Those who … [Read more...]

Best Smelling Body Washes that Last All Day

The best smelling body washes to me are the ones that leave you smelling fresh all day. I rarely wear perfume, so I love when my body wash provides a light scent that lasts. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own. The Best Smelling Body Washes I am not even kidding when I tell you that Caress® Mystique Forever causes me to sniff my arm multiple times per day. It smells that … [Read more...]

6 Drugstore Makeup Must Haves for a Fresh Spring Look

It's that time of year when I clean out my makeup area. Most of it is old enough to go straight into the garbage. I plan to minimize the area and stock it with some drugstore makeup must haves. I was sent a batch of CoverGirl products to try out, and this post contains affiliate links. And let's just clarify right away that I am far from a makeup artist! My lifestyle has changed to the … [Read more...]

Kitchen Transformation Goals with the KitchenAid Collection at Best Buy

We are in desperate need of a kitchen transformation. For a household that loves technology, you would never know it by looking at our kitchen. Kitchen appliances have evolved right along with the rest of technology, and it's impressive what they can do now. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy gift card for this post. All opinions are my own. If you love to cook, chances are new … [Read more...]

Practical Pet Spring Cleaning Tips for Lovable Dirty Dogs

Spring cleaning is a bit more intense for people with pets. Even more so when your pets have extra nasty habits. I have partnered with Pet Supplies Plus of Chicago to bring you pet spring cleaning tips to help get your home and your pets ready for spring. As pet owners, I think we are blinded by love as to how foul our little creatures can be. I mean, really, I try not to think about some … [Read more...]

Find your Best Daily Routine – Remix Your Regimen Giveaway

Finding your best daily routine can be a challenge. The recipe for a productive day takes a lot more than just rolling out of bed and brushing your teeth. I find this especially hard now that I work from home. I can literally fall out of bed and go straight to my computer. As awesome as that is, it certainly doesn't set me on an energetic path. Sponsored post by Lunchbox. All opinions are my … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Dove Body Wash for Your Skin

Dove body wash is highly recommended by many people, but how do you know which variety to choose? You can't really go wrong when choosing a Dove body wash. However, you can improve your skin immensely by choosing the one made for your skin type. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. If I ask the majority of women I know what type of body cleansers they use, there will be an … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Get the Outback Steakhouse App Now

Pay your bill from your phone and so much more with the new Outback Steakhouse app. Outback never stops impressing me with their ability to please their customers. Creating an app that gives diners so much more control over their experience is just genius. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. Usually, when we head out for dinner at Outback, we make it a date night that … [Read more...]

Decorative Pillows for Sofa and Play – Pebble Pillows

We may have found the perfect decorative pillows for sofa and play. Most people have their throw pillows that are strictly for decor. The kids are forbidden to play with them, and the adults are advised to remove them before sitting. Well, Pebble Pillows are not only beautiful to look at, but they are fun for imaginative play, as well. We received Pebble Pillows to facilitate this post, and this … [Read more...]

Ideal Pet Products to Stock Up On for Pets of All Ages

While spring cleaning, I am looking to stock up on ideal pet products for our three dogs. Their pet closet has gotten out of control. Part of my cleaning routine is to remove everything from that area. I will choose what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss. After that, I want to add in products that we need on hand. No need to run out of items that we use frequently. With dogs of varying … [Read more...]

DIY Essential Oil Roller Bottles – 10 Remedy Blends

Essential oil roller bottles are an easy and convenient way to apply your favorite blends of oils. Some companies sell premixed rollerball bottles for a no-fuss way to carry your favorite natural remedies with you. However, once you start discovering your favorite oils, you might want to mix essential oil roller bottles for yourself. This post contains affiliate links. Making your own … [Read more...]

Easy Blueberry Crumble Recipe

A blueberry crumble recipe is something that can look fancy without a ton of work. This fruit-filled dessert works as well on the brunch table as it would after dinner. Is it a pie shortcut? Or something even better? In any case, if you love blueberries, you should try this blueberry crumble recipe. This post contains affiliate links to help support this blog. Easy Blueberry Crumble … [Read more...]

I Keep Overthinking My Trip to the Grocery Store

I had plans to go to the grocery store about six hours ago, but I keep overthinking it. This happens to me every time I have to go somewhere, but today my brain was extra strange. Some people actually just get in the car and go when they need to do something. Oh, not me. My brain needs to run through every random scenario and completely freak me out first. Although this mental process exhausts … [Read more...]

Zumba Latin Dance – A Healthy Addiction

All around the country people are trying Zumba Latin dance and loving it. If you love to dance and want to get in the best shape of your life, consider Zumba. It might take you a bit to get the moves down, but you will have a blast doing so. This post contains affiliate links to help support this blog. Zumba Latin Dance – A Healthy Addiction The Zumba Discovery The creation of Zumba was a … [Read more...]

5 Reasons GhostBed is the Best Mattress to Buy

Finding the best mattress to buy can be overwhelming. It's been a while since we shopped for a mattress, but I can remember it being quite the challenge. Sure, you can go lay on all the beds in the store, but it's not the same as trying to fall asleep at night. We received a GhostBed for review, and this post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. This is not our first time … [Read more...]

Plastic Spoon Craft – Easy Upcycled Lotus Planter

For those of us who have a difficult time throwing away disposable silverware, here is a plastic spoon craft. My whole life my grandma washed plastic silverware. The whole point of using disposable things is to, you know, dispose of it, but my gram just couldn't stomach it. I have inherited this trait and feel the need to upcycle. This post contains affiliate links to help support this … [Read more...]

Comic Book Bags – Purses that Look Like Drawings

There's a new trend in - comic book bags. It's a good time for a spring purse, so you might want to check out these unique looking handbags, purses, totes, and backpacks that look like comic drawings. This post is brought to you by my partnership with Shopbop and contains affiliate links. Comic Book Bags - Purses that Look Like Drawings After seeing many of these bags that look like … [Read more...]

New Science to Help us Live Healthier and Age Better

We live in an exciting time when new science breakthroughs happen regularly. Everyone wants to live longer, healthier, and look younger. At 37 years old, I am definitely intrigued by helpful supplements. I have partnered with MitoQ again with some exciting information. I was downright abusive to my skin growing up. Not only did I skip the sunscreen, but I would go out of my way to layout in … [Read more...]

Pistachio Cookie Recipe – White Chocolate Pistachio Kiss Cookies

Here is a pistachio cookie recipe that is the perfect color for St. Patrick's Day. Pistachio cookies are one of my favorite cookies. My aunt makes her own pistachio cookie recipe every year for Christmas, and they are amazing. This post contains affiliate links to help support this blog. These cookies are easy to make. You just doctor up a sugar cookie mix to make an extra delicious and … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Include Chocolat Frey in your Easter Baskets

Easter is coming up, and it's time to get some delicious chocolate to put in those baskets. Allow me to introduce you to Chocolat Frey, the #1 chocolate in Switzerland now available in the US. This is a Fashionista Event, and a promotional item was provided to me by Sweetworks. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. Chocolat Frey® began in 1887 by two … [Read more...]

How to Make a Fillable Candy Cupcake Recipe

Here's a cute candy cupcake recipe that you can fill with Cocoa Puff Mix. You can fill the candy cupcakes with whatever you like, but this mix is quite tasty. Fillable candy cupcakes are great for Easter, wedding showers, baby showers, or anything you can think of. Get creative with the filling to make them unique for your occasion. This post contains affiliate links to help support this … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Raspberry Easy Monkey Bread Recipe

Once you have an easy monkey bread recipe, you can play around with the ingredients to create scrumptious variations. Everyone loves the classic monkey bread, but with simple additions the flavor possibilities are endless. I think this white chocolate raspberry monkey bread would look beautiful on an Easter brunch table. This post contains affiliate links to help support this blog. Monkey … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead Inspired Cupcake Recipe

The Walking Dead returns on February 14th. Not going to lie, I am more excited about The Walking Dead than Valentine's Day. In fact, that's most likely what our Valentine's Day will consist of - catching up on The Walking Dead. We still have some episodes on our DVR that need to be watched before the new season begins. It will be the perfect little mini-binge night. This post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

Pet Care Package – Loving Surprise for Pets and Their Humans

A pet care package with assorted products is great for all pet owners. Whether it's your first pet or eleventh, anyone who owns furry creatures loves to receive items for them. It's fun to see your pet's reaction when they get a new toy. It's also exciting to discover a new item that can help you take care of your pet and maintain your household. This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf … [Read more...]

Outback Steakhouse Menu New Addition

There's a new addition to the Outback Steakhouse menu that steak-lovers will find truly drool-worthy. Not that we ever need an excuse to head to Outback, but their new Hand-Carved Roasted Sirloin had us planning an emergency date night. ;) Outback Steakhouse sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own. Outback Steakhouse is one of our favorite places to go out to dinner. We don't dine … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate Cupcake Recipe – Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Yum. A dark chocolate cupcake recipe with vanilla buttercream frosting is the right way to your sweetie's heart. Decorate the cupcakes with cute X's and O's to make an adorable Valentine's Day treat. This post contains affiliate links to help support this blog. Dark Chocolate Cupcake Recipe - Valentine's Day Cupcakes This recipe will yield 2 dozen regular size cupcakes. DARK CHOCOLATE … [Read more...]

Easy Red Velvet Cookies Recipe – Valentine’s Day Cookies

Here is an easy red velvet cookies recipe just in time for Valentine's Day. Using cake mix makes this cookie recipe easier than pie. (Seriously, I think pie is harder to make than cookies.) If you switch up the colors of the M&M's, the red cookies are perfect for any holiday. This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. Red Velvet reminds me of romance and … [Read more...]

Double Chocolate Red Velvet Cake Shake Recipe

Movie night is a big night over here. It's something we look forward to all week. A huge part of movie night is the treats. Especially, shakes. We love to create different shake recipes and play around with ingredients. Using TruMoo for a shake is always a win. During February and March, TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow milk is back for a limited time. Not only does Mike chug it from the container, … [Read more...]

Easy Sherbet Punch Recipe – Party Punch

An easy sherbet punch recipe is great to have on hand. With just two to three ingredients, you can whip up a fun punch in no time at all. This punch has no booze, so it's perfect for all the guests. The pretty pink color makes it fabulous for Valentine's day, wedding showers, baby showers, or any occasion. Post contains affiliate links to help keep this blog running. Easy Sherbet Punch Recipe … [Read more...]

How to Get Fuller Hair by Reverse Washing – Giveaway

How to get fuller hair has been a mission of mine for most of my life. Growing up with fine, thin, limp hair gets a girl craving luscious locks that can hold a style. I am beyond excited about a new ground-breaking reverse hair care system. I think it can be the answer to a lot of our fine hair problems. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own. Think about it. If you have fine … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

A Rice Krispies Treats recipe is fun to make all year, but these babies are perfect for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. By cutting the treats into hearts and decorating them, you add a special personal touch to make them unique. Post contains affiliate links to help support this blog. Use your creativity to decorate these heart-shaped Rice Krispies treats. You can write whatever you'd … [Read more...]

Yogurt Mix-Ins for Exciting Daily Breakfasts

With so many delicious flavors to choose from, Yoplait® does not require yogurt mix-ins, but they sure are fun. This post is sponsored by General Mills®, but all opinions are my own. Here we are almost one full month into 2016. I stopped making resolutions while ago, but I do set goals quite often, and try to better myself all the time. If I had to name one ongoing goal of mine it would be … [Read more...]

Camouflage Almond Butter Truffles Recipe

This almond butter truffles recipe requires minimum ingredients for maximum cuteness. The candies are ideal for Valentine's Day but easy enough to make for any occasion. Post contains affiliate links to help support this blog and our families. This easy almond butter truffles recipe is fun to make, and easy to change up for different holidays. Get the kids involved and have some fun with … [Read more...]

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