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Aloha! I’m Cindy, Modern Day Dame, “Auntie” to some, and caretaker of many. Part time photographer, full-time mommy. I love to review awesome products and share my findings!
I’m a teacher to some and a student of many…"life is a journey...enjoy the ride!"

Make Bath Time Fun with Caillou

Caillou Activity Set Make Bath Time Fun

It can be easy to make bath time fun.  If you have little ones or have friends with little ones, more than likely you have heard of Caillou.  Caillou is a lovable 4 year old who faces real life, everyday experiences, just like your little ones do. Exploring, challenges, questions, and fun, Caillou is a great show for kids, and I can honestly say, I enjoy watching too! Make Bath Time Fun For Your … [Read more...]

TopChips Chip Maker by Mastrad

Top Chip Maker

Chip lovers listen up! My friends and I are always searching for new ways to snack healthy, but let's face it, when you get together for girls night or the kids want a treat, so called "healthy snacks" can be a bit boring. I love it when I actually find awesome ways to make our favorite munchies not only healthy but tasty too! TopChips Chip Maker Mastrad has come up with a really easy way to … [Read more...]

Teach Children a Second Language with Little Pim

Teach Children a Second Language

Many studies have shown that children who learn a second language not only do better on standardized tests in school, but also have advanced reading skills,  greater confidence, more natural sounding accents, develop superior social skills, and it opens the door for greater college and job opportunities as they grow older.  Second language learning aids in cognitive development and it actually … [Read more...]

Chicken of the Sea No Drain Tuna

No drain Tuna

Some people crave sweets, I crave protein like, tuna...I guess you could say I am a protein fanatic, steak, chicken, fish, I love it and crave it all!  But being on the go more hours in the day than not, I don't always have time to cook the protein meals that I love, especially when I'm late for work and need to be able to grab something to take for lunch. I don't like to eat much fast food, … [Read more...]

Pet Loo’s Fresh Air Cat Litter

Fresh Air Cat Litter

Being a cat owner isn't always easy....the early "wake up" meowing, the constant desire to try and trip you as you are walking,  the fancy canned food that she turns her nose up at while refusing to eat dry food, the shedding, constant licking sounds as she insists on grooming next to you while you sleep or rest, and the worst part - the litter box.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my girl and I am … [Read more...]

Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Mattress Encasement

AllerZip Encasement

A good mattress is such an important investment and something to protect.  Your bed is where you spend some of the most crucial hours of each day/night. While you sleep your body rests and repairs itself so you'll be ready to tackle the next day. Just as important as your mattress is creating a healthy sleep zone- a room, pillow and mattress free of dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that … [Read more...]

The California Wine Club Review and Sweepstakes

California Wine Club

The California Wine Club would make a great gift.  With Christmas almost here, I (like many) am still making my gift list and checking it twice. Every year I tell myself that I will start shopping early so that I wont have to scramble to find last minute gifts for my friends and family...and every year sneaks up on me faster than the last. With Christmas being less than 3 weeks away I still have … [Read more...]

Treat Two Day Free Card Campaign 2012

Thanksgiving card

Your holiday checklist just got shorter. Create and send a totally personalized greeting card from Treat for FREE. Whether saying thanks for Thanksgiving, wishing a best friend a holiday birthday, or simply sharing the holiday cheer with a just because card, Treat lets you create a one-of-a-kind card that is sure to impress. Make One of A Kind, Personalized Cards With TREAT! Treat is … [Read more...]

California Wine Club Review and Sweepstakes

California wine

Wine makes a wonderful Holiday gift, but choosing the right wine can be a daunting task. Sure, you might already know which wine is a favorite among friends and family, but the fun part of gift giving is surprising them with something new, that they may have never tried, with the chance that it will be a new favorite! Give The Gift of A Wine Adventure This Holiday Season with The California Wine … [Read more...]

HeartfeltBooks.com Personalized Christmas Gifts Review

Heartfelt Books for gifts

With Christmas fast approaching and my gift list growing longer, I am starting to feel the stress that I feel every year as I ask myself, "What can I get that is extra special for those who mater most in my life?" I have made personalized photo books as gifts in the past, and although everyone loves them, they are (for me) very time consuming! I want to be able to give my loved ones a gift that is … [Read more...]

TinyPrints 2012 Holiday Collection Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday photo cards

The Holiday season is now upon us, ready or not, and for many of us that means it's time to capture the perfect family photos for our annual holiday photo cards! Weather you decide to go with family vacation photos that you took over the summer or you are like me and wait till the last minute to snap away, we all want our holiday cards to be the best out of the bunch. But even once we get the … [Read more...]

CLIF-Kid’s Takes The Nightmare out of Halloween Snacking

Full Moon Brownie halloween

Every Halloween I dread the thought of all the sugar the kiddos and I will consume. No matter how hard I try to control myself, the temptation to eat all those sugary sweets is too great, if it's around, I'll snack on it!  So imagine how hard it is for your children to turn down those same sugary treats that are everywhere during the Halloween season....but there is a healthy alternative that you … [Read more...]

Enjoy Wine Your Way with TastingRoom.com Review

Tasting Room Wine sampler

Being relativity new to the world of wine, I often find it to be a bit intimidating. There are so many choices when it comes to wine; red, white, fruity, woodsy, meaty, earthy, I am slowly learning what it all means. I have tried quite a few different wines, each and every one of them tastes different to me. Of the many wines I have tried I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what is … [Read more...]

HalloweenCostumes.com Costume Review

Cute Costumes

With Halloween only a couple of weeks away, everyone I know is busy deciding what costume to wear and where they will actually buy it.  I love Halloween, it's one of my favorite times of the year! I have so much fun dressing up and seeing all the creative costumes out there....but the one thing I do not like about this time of year is costume shopping.  The huge costume stores that pop up … [Read more...]

Girls Night with Hand Painted Wine Glasses

girls night hand painted wine glass

Girls night in is a special time where the girls and I all gather for a night of fun, our favorite music, good conversation, yummy food, and delicious drinks. Once or twice a month we all meet up, usually at my home, and have an awesome "girls only" evening, no kids, and no men!  We get out our cutest cocktail napkins, our wine and martini glasses, we even get all dolled up...why? Because it is so … [Read more...]

Mega Bloks Lil’ Princess 3-Story Enchanted Castle

3 story enchanted castle

Every princess needs a castle.  As a parent, a caregiver, and an educator I know that imagination is such an important part of a child's learning and development but with all of today's technology, video games, and computers, sometimes imaginative play gets put on the back burner. More often than not, in today's world, children are playing high-tech games and toys that think for them while losing … [Read more...]

Rid Your Garden of Plant Eating Pests

get rid of garden pests

I have never been known for my "green thumb" and I am not the most garden savvy person on my block, but I do love a well kept garden with lush green plants and colorful healthy flowers. To achieve a pretty garden I need all the help I can get.  Regardless of your gardening skills if you have slugs or snails, your garden is headed for destruction. Without fail, every time I place a new plant/flower … [Read more...]

Pamper Your Baby with Le Bebe Coo Products

Le Bebe Coo baby products

When I became a mommy, my baby and his care became my top priority. From the food he ate, to the clothes he wore, to the equipment he used, I only wanted the very best for him at all times.  Looking back, I wish that I had known more about what to look for in hair and skin products for my baby. I knew nothing about "paraben, sulfate, or formaldehyde free"  products, I didn't even think about using … [Read more...]

Create Customized Books with Paper Hat Press

personalized pages

Paper Hat Press  custom-made books are beautifully illustrated children's books that can be personalized in many ways. Each fun and meaningful story offers you the option to add your child's name, unique qualities, favorite pets or toys, favorite places, favorite food, child's birthday, names of parents, family members, or caregiver. You can also customize the story's main character! You have the … [Read more...]

Help Soothe Rashes with Monkey Balm

Monkey Balm soothes rashes

We have all heard the saying "perfect baby like skin", but more often than not eczema, rashes, skin irritations, and dry patches can make a little bub's skin less than "perfect". Dry, itchy, irritated skin is no fun at any age and finding a natural solution that actually works can be just as difficult.  Over the counter remedies and prescriptions can be costly, ineffective, and at times can even … [Read more...]

Freshen your Home with ScentSationals Wickless Candle

wickless candle

I have always been a candle lover. I love for my house to have beautiful scents flowing through it at all times. But as much as I love candles, I don't like the black smoke they leave behind and I often worry about the open flames when children are around. I had heard about scented wax warmers in the past, but they were always so costly that I never bothered to give them a try....until I heard … [Read more...]

Lavender Lemon Sugar Cookies Recipe

Lavender Sugar Cookies

Here's a great lavender lemon cookie recipe for you.  Who doesn't love cookies ...childhood memories of warm, fresh-baked cookies always brings a smile to my face. And although I've never met a cookie that I didn't like, sugar cookies hold a special place in my cookie lovin' heart, but sometimes I like to have the option of serving a more "grown up " cookie, and if that cookie happens to be a … [Read more...]

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Appetizer Recipe

Bacon wrapped appetizers

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts make a quick and easy appetizer idea.  I love appetizers, I would eat them in place of a meal any day of the week! My mouth waters at the thought of the flavor combinations that appetizers offer, sweet, spicy, salty, and savory YUMMO! Simple and delicious appetizer recipe, a bacon lovers dream, 3 ingredients is all you need! Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts  In … [Read more...]

CLIF Kid Zbar Crispy Cookies ‘n Cream Review

Z Bar Crispy

Clif Kid has released their newest flavor Zbar Crispy Cookies ‘n Cream! Zbars are an organic, nutritious, delicious, take anywhere snack that is perfect for kid's growing bodies and active lifestyles. CLIF Kid Zbar Crispy Cookies ‘n Cream Let's face it, with our busy lives - work, school, sports, appointments, and events we don't always have the time to grab nutritious snacks for our kids on … [Read more...]

Food from Alter Eco Review

Organic Chocolate

Alter Eco is one of the country’s leading fair trade and sustainable food companies, they believe that "Sustainability lies at the core of our company. For us, it means a way of doing business that nourishes the whole system, from foodie, to farmer, to field." This belief and their love of what they do comes through in the quality and taste of their products. Alter Eco Food Products Alter … [Read more...]

Exuviance OptiLight Tone Corrector Review

OptiLight Tone Corrector

I'm excited to introduce you to Exuviance's newest "Must Have", OptiLight Tone Corrector.  Living at the beach all my life has been amazing..... the sun, the surf, the boys ;)  but long hours spent in the sun, without sunscreen, have not been without their drawbacks.  The last couple of years I have noticed a couple of dark blotches on my face, not cute freckles across my nose but spots that … [Read more...]

California Grapes and Greek Yogurt Cones Healthy Snacks in Disguise

healthy snacks

California Grapes and Greek Yogurt Cones and Parfaits - Healthy Snacks in Disguise! Kids and Summer snacks go hand in hand, and with all the wonderful fresh fruits of summer, like California Grapes, healthy snacks are right at our finger tips.   With the long days of summer also come the parties, sleepovers, and playdates galore...and during those times we as parents like to treat our … [Read more...]

Simple Country Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Simple Country breakfast casserole

It seems I never have enough time in the morning to make a good hearty breakfast, which bummers me out because I know how important eating a good breakfast is. That's why my Simple Country Breakfast Casserole is such an awesome dish - you prep it the night before, which makes my mornings "Simple"! ~ Simple Country Breakfast Casserole ~ Make your mornings simple with a Simple Country Breakfast … [Read more...]

Snapsac Reusable Bags and Totes Review


SNAPSAC - Reusable Bags and Totes Snapsac Reusable Shopping Bags are a fashionable and socially responsible way to tote all of your daily needs, from work to play, shopping or a day at the beach, Snapsac has you covered. Snapsac has rethought bags of the past by adding fresh features, like snap closures and inside pockets, along with a fashion forward look that you will be proud to tote … [Read more...]

Quick Fix Turkey Chili – My Go To Recipe

Chili recipe

Quick Fix Turkey Chili My Turkey Chili is one of my family's favorite dishes, and this recipe of Chili is so easy to make! When days get super busy and I don't have heaps of time to make a home cooked meal, Turkey Chili is my "go to" crowd pleaser.  I always keep most of the ingredients on hand, then swing by the store and pick up the turkey. This is not only a recipe that will save you time, and … [Read more...]

Easy Pizza Roll-Ups Recipe

Pizza Roll-up

Want to put a new twist on pizza night?  Make these pizza roll-ups! Easy Pizza Roll-Ups When I was young, our local pizza shop was famous for their Pizza Rolls, after a day at the beach all the neighborhood surf rats would head straight over for dinner on Saturdays. Their Pizza Rolls were huge, stuffed full of pepperoni and gooey cheese.....Just thinking about them makes my mouth water, good … [Read more...]

The Original Dish Drying Mat Review


The Original Dish Drying Mat I have never been a fan of having wet towels all over the kitchen counter for drying hand-washed dishes, it's messy, a pain in the bum and then I'm left with a small pile of soppy wet towels..yuck! But what are you gonna do? Some dishes shouldn't be put into the dishwasher and some you'd rather wash by hand, and what you wash,  must be dried. I'm excited to introduce … [Read more...]

Mini Hand Held Fruit Pies Recipe

finished pies

Easy Mini Fruit Pies! I am a Pinterest addict and a foodie through and through! I had seen several recipes for mini fruit pies on Pinterest and decided to take the ideas that I had seen and try my own version of the Mini Fruit Pie.  There are quite a few out there, all from scratch, fried, baked, and  different shapes...as busy as I am, I decided to go the easy route and use ready and easy to … [Read more...]

Adams Flea and Tick Control Review

flea and tick control

ADAMS Flea and Tick Spot On for Cats I adore my cat and I love the Spring and Summer months, but together, cats and warm weather can spell disaster in the form of Flea and Tick season.  There is nothing worse than watching your poor kitty scratching nonstop day and night, finding flea dirt everywhere kitty sleeps (usually on your bed) and worrying about how not only your kitty will be … [Read more...]

Jill-e Designs Everywear Gadget Bag Review

Camera Bag Jill-e

As a photographer I am forever trying to find the easiest and safest ways to carry my equipment with me on outings and photo shoots. I have carried around a not so attractive camera bag for years to keep my camera gear safe, and although it has served it's purpose well, it has not always been the most practical, professional looking, and definitely not the most fashionable. There have … [Read more...]

Discount Party Supplies Hello Kitty Deluxe Party Pack Review

Hello Kitty Theme pack

 Hello Kitty Deluxe Party Pack - from Discount Party Supplies Who doesn't LOVE a good party? I love hosting them, attending them, planning them, and even shopping for them! But I don't always have time to run around from store to store searching for the perfect discount party supplies and I surely don't want to go to one of those fancy party stores where everything is way over priced. There is a … [Read more...]

Dermstore Dermalogica Skin Kit Review

Dermalogica Skin Kit

Dermalogica Skin Kit - from Dermstore For as far back as I remember, I can hear my mom's voice talking about the importance of taking care of good skincare.  When I was young I took care of my skin to make her happy, but as I got older I began to see what she was talking about, my skin never lied about whether I had been taking care of it or not - it always showed. Although I'm sure we can all … [Read more...]

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers Review

green cool mist humidifier

Crane - Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers Cool mist humidifiers are a great way to add needed moisture to the air in your home. Adding humidity to the air helps to relieve sinus irritation, soothe itchy dry eyes and skin, loosen nasal and chest congestion, prevent nose bleeds, and help with overall cold and flu symptoms. Crane offers a wide variety of quality Ultrasonic cool mist … [Read more...]

Baby Brezza Review

apples and carrots

Baby Brezza - The One Step Baby Food Maker "Bring healthy, homemade baby food to your table in just minutes with the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker. " The Baby Brezza ONE STEP baby food maker is a patented, multi-functional baby food maker allows you to steam and blend all kinds of fruits, veggies, and even meats and fish all in one bowl quickly and easily. In as little as fifteen minutes, … [Read more...]

Shaklee Nutrition Product Review


-Instant Protein Soy Mix & Stress Relief Complex-  The Shaklee Corporation has been helping people to become and stay healthy for over 50 years, this has made them "the number one natural nutrition company in the  U.S." Shaklee offers a large variety of products for healthy nutrition, healthy weight, products for your home, and even a healthy beauty line! I was able to choose 2 products to … [Read more...]

YesterYear Soap Company Review

yester year soap

  YesterYear Soap Company, all natural, handmade soaps YesterYear Soap Company offers all natural, handcrafted soap without added chemicals, preservatives or synthetic fragrances. They believe in "preserving the timeless craft of artisan soap making, similar to the way it was done 100 years ago." All of YesterYear's soaps are made from natural essential oils and are suitable for all skin … [Read more...]

The Snow Ball Interactive Digital Book Review


The Snow Ball  (interactive, digital story book) by David Steinberg The Snow Ball  by Author David Steinberg is an interactive story book geared towards preschoolers and early readers, but is sure to be a hit with children and adults of all ages! This endearing tale of fun loving polar bears has a Read-to-me or read-by-myself option and is loaded with interactive options to keep your little one … [Read more...]

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