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Ben Butler, president and CEO of gentlebim.com, is a professional web content and print media copywriter with over five years experience. In addition to writing, he works part time at a local veterinary practice. He is an uber geek who loves video games, anime, transformers, and generally anything that can be classified as "dorky."

Coupon Codes and More with Zoupons

Zoupons Coupon Codes

Coupon codes. Those are the magic words these days. If you love coupon codes, I invite you to give Zoupons a try. They're pretty great. I have received compensation for this post, but as always, all opinions are my own. If you've read anything else I've written, you also know that I speak the truth. Now that that's out of the way. Coupon Codes, Deal Cards, and Gift Cards, Oh My Coupon codes … [Read more...]

Nextbook 8 Has You Covered for Back to School Giveaway

Nextbook 8 Has You Covered for Back to School

Nextbook 8 is here, and it's ready to make school both fun and productive in three special edition back to school colors - red, blue, and silver. If you're a fan of simplicity, the classic black version is available, as well. I received this Nextbook 8 as compensation for review, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own. Nextbook 8 - Form and Functionality... And the Price Ain't Bad, … [Read more...]

Pollen Count Got You Down? Rootology Giveaway

Pollen Count Down for the Count!

If you're anything like me, you live your life by the pollen count, because as any allergy sufferer knows, the pollen count is a cruel, hateful, flower scented beast. It will grip your head in its pastel colored claws and squeeze it until you think its going to pop. Ahh... Summer. Blech. That's how I used to feel, until I tried Rootology's all natural herbal supplement, Breathe Free. Pollen Count … [Read more...]

Collagen Protein – Awesome in a Can

Collagen Protein

Collagen Protein. Unless you're extremely into fitness, you've probably never heard of it.. I'd certainly never heard of it when I picked it up, but after four weeks of using it, I'm glad I discovered it. This stuff is great. It's legit great. Not Home Shopping Network great. Collagen Protein - What is It? That's exactly what I said when I picked up that green and white container. What the heck … [Read more...]

The Weirdness about Weight Loss

My Weight Loss

Weight loss.  We all want it.  Many of us need it.  Speaking from personal experience, achieving your weight loss goals can be difficult to one degree or another, but anyone setting out to shrink themselves expects that.  What we don't expect is what happens after we manage to get the weight off. Two Enormous Weight Loss Myths I recently shed about 35 pounds.  Along the way, I learned quite a … [Read more...]

Being a Vet Tech: It’s Not all Belly Rubs

Tech Tagalong

Most people think being a vet tech is all belly rubs and ear scratches, and it is - occasionally.  There's also quite a bit of dodging teeth and claws, wrangling crazy cats, and trying to keep bodily excretions out of your mouth.  The best way to describe being a vet tech is with this picture. The Cuteness of Vet Tech Work In my opinion, nothing's better than a dopey golden retriever.  They … [Read more...]

Veterinary Care and the Importance of Heartworm Testing

A Poster Like This is in Every Exam Room at my Veterinary Practice

Veterinary care is an important part of keeping pets healthy.  I work for a veterinarian, and in our practice we constantly stress the importance of heartworm testing and heartworm prevention for dogs and cats. Follow Veterinary Advice for Your Pet's Health The process of treating a pet - most commonly dogs - for heartworm disease is intensely painful, and in some cases, deadly.  The tragic … [Read more...]

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Book

book cover

When I sat down to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I did not know what to expect. The cover was engaging; as was the synopsis, however I have read books of this ilk before and was not impressed. So, settling into my reading chair, I opened the book. From the first sentence, I was hooked. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor From her rich yet succinct writing style to her quirky … [Read more...]

Garlic Gold Oil Recipe


I was recently asked to review a bottle of Garlic Gold Oil, a garlic-infused olive oil.  Before I actually used it, I imagined what it might taste like and hoped against hope that it wouldn’t be one of those garlic infused products that tasted like spicy feet. There’s nothing worse than the taste of fake garlic. Garlic Gold Oil When I opened the Garlic Gold Oil bottle, my imagined worries … [Read more...]

Review ~ Lavender Scented Space Bags


Lavender Scented Space Bags  If you’re like me, your closets and storage areas are overflowing with items that you either can’t or won’t get rid of.  From clothes that we’re sure will come back into style or the extra heavy blanket we love so much to the knick knack that our Great Aunt so-and-so left us, our closets are filled to capacity.  Some of this stuff is useful, and some not so much.  But … [Read more...]

Learn about investment opportunities with Compound Stock Earnings.


The stock market is a complicated beast filled with intricate strategies that can make or break an investor. Because of this, most investors play it safe, and simply buy and sell stocks for investment. Most portfolios have a decent amount of stock investment in them to take advantage of the stock market’s ability to generate wealth if invested in properly. There is another group of investors … [Read more...]

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