Stop Diaper Stink with Simplee Diaper Pail

Let’s talk for a bit about something stinky – dirty baby diapers. Yes, diaper stink. I have two littles in diapers and oh, my goodness, we go through a lot of diapers. I was so excited to see that one of our favorite brands, Tommee Tippee released a diaper can, called Simplee. I am even more excited to share it with you. As a Tommee Mommee, I received a Simplee for the purposes of reviewing and … [Read more...]

Delightful Baby Decor with Meaningful Quotes Giveaway

It is not often I get to take the time to think about décor at our house anymore. Taking care of the two little ones occupies most of my time. Which, is why I was so excited to work with Caleb Gray Studio on this fun décor review. I received a couple of pieces of art with meaningful quotes for our home to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. Baby Décor with Primitives by Kathy and … [Read more...]

Celebrity Style with Tommee Tippee

When it comes to baby style, it can be hard to find modern, up-and-coming styles. With the release of Tommee Tippee's new MODA pacifier collection, I was inspired to pull together some celebrity style ideas for the littlest fashionistas. As a Tommee Mommee, I was asked to share the MODA pacifiers with my readers, and I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. Celebrity Style with … [Read more...]

Free Photo Mug from Snapfish and Tommee Tippee

We use quite a few different Tommee Tippee products at our house – from baby bottles to toddler feeding, we have most of their product line in our cupboard. Recently, when I went to buy some new sippy cups for my son, I was so excited to see Tommee Tippee partnering with Snapfish for an exclusive offer. I was compensated for this post, however, all opinions are my own. Get a Free Photo Mug from … [Read more...]

A Car Seat to Grow With Your Kids

Now that we have TWO little ones needing car seats, it was important for me to find a car seat that was not only safe, but one that could grow with my baby so we don’t have to buy more car seats than we need. With baby girl growing out of clothes and diapers faster than she can wear them all, I didn’t want to buy a car seat she seemed to grow out of just as fast. A convertible car seat from Safety … [Read more...]

Travel Essentials for Baby and Toddler

My husband and I traveled across the world to become parents through an international adoption, and a few weeks later we were flying home over the pacific with our son. So, when Tommee Tipppee asked me to write a post about travel essentials for baby – I knew I had more than a few to share with readers, but I tried REALLY hard to limit myself to six. As a Tommee Mommee, I received compensation … [Read more...]

Clean Filtered Water for Your Toddler

I can’t always monitor what goes in my son’s mouth, but, I try. With the new Tommee Tippee Filter Water Bottle, I am able to at least monitor what is in the water my son drinks. I am a Tommee Mommee, I received a sample of the new Filter Water Bottle in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are my own. Clean Filtered Water for Your Toddler As my little man gets older, he is becoming more … [Read more...]

Multi-Use Diaper Bag for Multiple Kids

TWO. We are going to have TWO children very soon. When we brought home our son last year (through an international adoption), we did not expect to add another to our family so soon, but it’s happening and we are so excited! BUT, two kids means two times the stuff. To help a mamma out with kid stuff x2, I was so excited to receive an Every Day Bag from Boken. I received this diaper bag for free in … [Read more...]

Early Moments with Tommee Tippee

Call it a #tbt if you will, but I was looking through photos the other day and wow, how quickly the little man is growing up! My son is 19 months old, I know, I know, I have YEARS to go… but seriously, it feels like he just came home yesterday. I am a Tommee Mommee representing Tommee Tippee. I was compensated for my post, all opinions (and stories) are my own. Early Moments with Tommee … [Read more...]

#TeethingDoesntHaveToBite with help from Infant’s Advil and NUK

It feels like my son has been teething since he was about three and a half months old. For the most part it is a couple days of frustration for both of us, and then it is over, only to start again a few weeks later! All so he can lose them again in a few years! All this complaining only to explain why I was really excited to partner with Advil and Nuk to let you know… #teethingdoesnthavetobite! I … [Read more...]

Eli+Elvis – A Modern Kids Clothing Line

I am so excited to be introducing my new project: Eli+Elvis. Newly launched on Etsy, at Eli+Elvis you can find modern t-shirts and hand stamped swaddles for little ones. My goal is to bring simple, yet meaningful style to baby and toddler fashion. Inspired by my son and our adoption journey – I want to let people know #lovemakesafamily and not all families have the same story. Eli+Elvis – A … [Read more...]

Healthy Oral Development for Toddlers with NUK

Taking the first steps to teach your little ones about oral care is really important, and it can be really easy too! From pacifiers to tasting just about anything he comes in contact with – it is important to me to teach my son oral care. NUK sent me products for free to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own. Healthy Oral Development for Toddlers with NUK With almost a full mouth of … [Read more...]

Holiday Activities made Easier with Tommee Tippee

When it comes to holidays, things can get busy. When it comes to the Fourth of July, coupled with MY birthday, things get even crazier! As a Tommee Mommee, I was asked to share about my holiday weekend – and I was so glad to have Tommee Tippee along for the many, MANY things we had to get done this weekend. I will receive compensation for my post, all opinions are 100% my own. Fourth of … [Read more...]

40th Season Celebration at Six Flags Great America

This year Six Flags Great America is celebrating #40seasons of rides, food, fun, and entertainment. On May 29th, 2015, Six Flags celebrated their 40th birthday, and I was so excited to be there with my family to celebrate! My family received passes to the park for free in exchange for my posting about the #40seasons celebrations; all opinions are my own. 40th Season Celebration at Six Flags Great … [Read more...]

Tips to Teach Toddler Meal-Time Independence

My baby quickly is becoming an independent little kid. It is bittersweet to see him grow up so quickly, but I know it is an important part of his development to hit these toddler milestones. Most recently we are practicing with his own dinnerware at meals. As a NUK Super Mom, I received a set of silverware, rimmed cup, plate, and bowl – all in a pretty cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pattern – to … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Crackers for Snack Time

Working from home, my days are spent with a toddler, a computer, and a craft room. Our “snack-time” usually includes animal crackers and apple juice, because it is quick and easy – and a definite win with my son. I know I need to make a change, and was excited to partner with Milton’s Craft Bakers to try out their new GLUTEN FREE snack crackers. I received a collection including all four … [Read more...]

New (Baby Approved) Pacifier Design from Tommee Tippee

I have learned from my toddler, that quite a few moments of the day are worth temper tantrums. With new teeth coming in he has been especially emotional, and I am SO glad he takes a pacifier to help soothe him on these rough days. Since day one with little dude, we have used Tommee Tippee pacifiers. Now, their NEW Baby Approved design (keep reading, they really are baby approved!) is available, … [Read more...]

Spring Style for Kids #SpringintoCarters

I am SO ready for spring to be here! Lately, we have been lucky to be experiencing some gorgeous weather in the Midwest, which has put me in the mood for some spring shopping! I was so excited to #SpringIntoCarters and shop their Easter Shop. I was able to find great deals on spring style for little dude for the upcoming months. I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence … [Read more...]

Tommee Tippee Favorites Now at Wal-Mart

Little Dude is walking, and it is a whole new game at our house! We are moving from high chairs to booster seats and from bottles to sippy cups. Which is why we were so excited to hear much of the Tommee Tippee product line can now be found at Wal-Mart. As a Tommee Mommee, I received a gift card to Wal-Mart in exchange for my post. All opinions are 100% my own. Tommee Tippee Favorites Now at … [Read more...]

Nohi Kids Organic Clothing for the Littles

When choosing something comfortable for me: I am picturing yoga pants and a fleece top. Comfy for little dude: something ultra-soft, easy to move around in – and fun! Nohi Kids brings bright and happy patterns to apparel for kids. I was excited to receive a romper from Nohi Kids– made with organic cotton and bamboo for little dude. I received a product from Nohi Kids in exchange for my review, all … [Read more...]

Extra Clean with the BISSELL Symphony

I am by no means a “clean freak” – but if I step on one more sticky Cheerio left over from my toddler’s mealtime – I might just go crazy! The BISSELL Symphony has rescued me from my “struggle” by inventing the most useful cleaning machine ever (at least in our home), and I am so excited to tell you about it! I received the BISSELL Symphony from BISSELL Homecare, Inc. -- the Company sent this to me … [Read more...]

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins

Shoes. Baby. They don’t usually work well together. We have quite a few pairs that have been failures; they are either too easy to pull off or too hard to get on. Then, we found the baby moccasins, and we love them! I received a pair of moccasins from Freshly Picked in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own. Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Freshly Picked was started by a mom who had the … [Read more...]

Toddler Fashion from Whistle and Flute

In the first year with my son, I had so many baby clothes given to us as gifts, it felt like there weren’t enough days for little dude to wear them all! Entering year two, we have a lot less – giving me some freedom to figure out how to bring more style to this little man’s wardrobe. Whistle and Flute helped with this – I love their style! I received two shirts from Whistle and Flute in exchange … [Read more...]

Disney Baby Mickey Collection from Nuk

A few months ago I received some fun products from Nuk to help little dude with teething. He still loves his Soothasaurus, a fun dinosaur that helps stimulate all five senses. I was so excited to be asked to participate in another review with Nuk as a brand rep. My first post as a brand representative features some of their newest line of Disney inspired theethers, sippy cups and pacifiers. I … [Read more...]

The New Multi-Use Bumbo Multi Seat

When it comes to baby gear, we have a lot of it. In the first few months, there were quite a few that little dude quickly grew out of. The Bumbo floor seat was one of my favorites, but little dude didn't fit very long because of his chubby thighs! Recently, I was contacted by Bumbo about a new product they have created – the Bumbo Multi Seat. I was so excited to receive one of their new Multi … [Read more...]

Dealing with Diaper Rash

Web MD states that almost every baby will have at least one instance of diaper rash within the first three years of her life. In fact, most babies will have multiple occurrences. Whether from inside or outside irritants, diaper rash is one thing that will upset your baby. Knowing the proper way to treat it requires that you first know what it is. Identify the Cause if You Can Babies … [Read more...]

Are Your Cosmetics Dangerous?

Looking good certainly has a price, but it isn't worth it when it costs you your vision or a massive doctor's bill. Women's Health Report reports that more than 86 percent of women use expired makeup, assuming that there isn't any harm. The Daily Mail reports that even more use cheap makeup products which have toxic substances such as arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. As much as you may want to look … [Read more...]

Exploring the Features of the Samsung Tab 4 Nook

There is a device for everything these days, and many people have more than one mobile device to lug around on a daily basis. If only there was a way to scale down without giving up any of the features and conveniences. Thankfully, there is: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook combines e-reader features with tablet versatility. When Barnes and Noble devised their plan for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, … [Read more...]

Personalized Story Book Gift for Kids

Last year I received a special book gift that was made just for my niece. It was a unique gift that had the letters of her name spelled out in the story. This year I was excited to work with I See Me! a creator of personalized story books to create a book gift for my son. I received this unique gift from internationally award winning publisher Chronicle Books in exchange for my review, all … [Read more...]

Celebrate Photo Memories with Canvas Factory

As we enter the holiday season, I am sure you will take many pictures to commemorate the celebrating. As you spend time with family and friends, consider using your amazing shots to create a canvas and make a lasting memory to hang at home. I was contacted by Canvas Factory about a review just as we were getting proofs back from our most recent family shoot; I was excited to have a beautiful way … [Read more...]

Gift they Can Wear – Rileyroos Shoes

We are happily over-buying for our son on his first Christmas – but next year is going to be a whole different story! I have been thinking about implementing the “Want, Need, Wear, Read” gifting idea (one thing they want, one they need, one they wear, and one to read). To fit our “wear” category – I love Rileyroos shoes! I received a pair for review, all opinions are my own. A Gift they Can Wear … [Read more...]

Wallpapering an Accent Wall adds Personality to a Room

I am always finding things about my house that I am unhappy with. This time, a wall that I do not have the funds to remove. So, I decided to do something with it, and was so excited to work with Milton and King to create a stunning accent wall with wallpaper from their Kemra Boutique line. I received enough wallpaper to complete my wall in exchange for my review. Wallpapering an Accent Wall For … [Read more...]

Twist and Turn Toy from International Playthings

Do you have any little ones to buy for on your list? I have had so much fun putting together reviews for a selection of special gifts for kids from 0-2. We are finding so many fun toys and toddler gear for little dude, products we already have come to love or cannot wait to use as he gets old enough to figure them out. The Twist and Turn Activity House from International Playthings will be one of … [Read more...]

Green Toys Recycling Truck – Play Green

Finding baby products that are made of quality materials is not always easy. So many of the toys we have to choose from are brightly colored cheap plastic and made who knows where. I am so happy to have found high quality, USA Made Toys from Green Toys. We have a few toys from Green Toys already, and I was excited to receive a recycling truck for little dude in exchange for this review, all … [Read more...]

Painting a Deck with Paint Sprayer from HomeRight

We have owned our home for two years, and we have painted almost every single wall in the house… but what about the deck? It needed new paint. A task I had been dreading for the two years we have lived here finally HAD to get done. I was so grateful to receive a Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Paint Sprayer to review in exchange for my honest opinion. Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Paint Sprayer We had … [Read more...]

Entertaining Toys for Little Ones from KidKraft

Are you looking for the perfect toy for a little one on your list? Toys don’t have to just be plastic and noise – they can help children develop new skills. KidKraft has a selection of toys that help build skills while allowing kids to have fun learning. I received a product from KidKraft in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own. Triangle Bead Maze – Colorful, Educational Toys from … [Read more...]

Affordable Gift Ideas from Earlyears

As first-time parents, we may be over-thinking toys a bit. We might be picking some that seem like great educational toys and don’t get used. I was excited to receive toys in exchange for my honest opinion from Earlyears. Their toys prove that simple developmental skills can still be practiced in something as simple (and entertaining) as putting toys in a basket or rolling balls down a … [Read more...]

Baby DIY Christmas Cards with Wee Can Too

I love DIY projects, but since bringing home a baby last spring – it has been hard to keep up with projects and a baby. Which is why it is SO fun to find ways I can teach our little guy to be creative. Wee Can Too makes this endeavor easier for me by creating safe products for us to use. I received a set of their Baby Finger Paints in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own. DIY Christmas … [Read more...]

A Special Storybook Makes A Special Gift

Welcome to the Holiday Gift guide for the littlest ones on your list. I love learning about cute ways to personalize the toys and books my little guy plays with – and the All About Me! Personalized storybook from Lakeshore Learning is perfect. I received this product from Lakeshore Learning in exchange for this post and my review, all opinions are my own. All About Me! Personalized Storybook Our … [Read more...]

Classic Literature for the Little Ones

I sat down and read Moby Dick with my 10 month old tonight… the BabyLit version of course. I love reading with our little guy, but not so much that we could make it through the 206,052 words of the real thing. BabyLit introduces classic literature to little ones in easy to read, board books that teach colors, numbers, and other simple words to little learning minds. I received a selection of … [Read more...]

Encourage Individuality with B. Toys

When it came to baby gear and toys, my husband and I made a pact to avoid anything with a cartoon character on it as long as we could. We don’t dislike cartoons, and we aren't anti-television, we just thought “why not avoid it?” – look for toys that are less “commercial” and more “individual.” I love B. Toys for this. Their about page explains just that, they inspire individuality. I received a … [Read more...]

Robeez: The Perfect Gift for Little Feet

Welcome to the Holiday Season! Not really, it’s still not even THANKSGIVING… but I am already planning for Little Dude’s first Christmas. In order to celebrate, I am so excited to be putting together a gift guide for the littlest ones on your list. Featuring some of my favorite items that we are using at home now, or will be using as he heads into his second year of life. I received a pair of … [Read more...]

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