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Mother of two (Adam, 14 and Chesney, 11), successfully divorced--we're really good friends--and just found the RIGHT ones. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Benedictine University with BS in nutrition science. I love food, fitness, reading, and all things science. I'm the sister that travels.
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Truth or Dare – Understand Health Benefits

Truth. Do you understand health benefits? I'd have to say, NOPE. Which is silly because I know there are a ton of resources available. But I never think to make the time to figure out how to navigate them... until now. United Health Care has dared us to have a little fun while figuring this all out. This post has been sponsored, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Understand Health … [Read more...]

Perfect Valentine’s Day Lunch for School – Make Your Own Lunchables

School lunches can be a total pain or really fun. Having the right supplies and simple ideas are all you need to make them fun to make and fun to eat. This one is for the perfect Valentine's Day lunch for school. To make your own Lunchables, you really should invest in a good bento box. Affiliate links have been included to help support this blog. Valentine's Day Lunch for School A lot has … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe – High Protein Pumpkin

Part of the requirement for getting a bachelors degree in nutrition science is taking a class called experimental foods. You basically spend the entire semester creating and perfecting a recipe. This gluten free pancakes recipe is what my boyfriend, Evan came up with. Not only did he ace the semester, but we're eating breakfast like champions. Affiliate links are included to help pay all those … [Read more...]

Migraine Headache Symptoms are Ruining my Life Plans

I'll never forget my first migraine. I was 12 years old. Nineteen years later and migraine headache symptoms are still plaguing me. I created this post as part of a campaign by Teva Pharmaceuticals. I received an American Express gift card for participating. My Migraine Headache Symptoms My migraine headache symptoms have always been the same. As I've aged they've just gotten more … [Read more...]

New Phone Deals to Keep you Talking to Loved Ones – $500 Giveaway

You might think that in this day and age dropped calls and waiting for service are a thing of the past. If you're not on the right plan or don't have an updated device, then you can probably feel my pain. I'm so excited to share one of the best new phone deals so you can talk, text, video-chat, or keep in touch with your loved ones any way you please without any frustration. This is a Fashionista … [Read more...]

Best Winter Dry Skin Treatment for Clean and Healthy Skin

Do you live somewhere where the cold hurts your face? I do. Going outside is like a frigid facial assault. My skin is losing the fight to maintain any of its moisture and now my makeup even looks like it's just sitting on dry patches. I'm excited to report that you can give yourself a great winter dry skin treatment from home and get a great deal on these products at Walgreens. Post sponsored by … [Read more...]

Add these Easy Paper Crafts to your Valentine’s Day Cards – Seed Paper

Valentine's Day can be whatever you make it to be. Whether you choose to have a friendly, romantic, or hateful day is up to you. But, if you'd like to add a more personal touch to your Valentine's Day cards, these easy paper crafts are sure to show that you care. I learned how to make seed paper on a 4th grade field trip and decided to make little hearts of it to put in with my Valentine's. I've … [Read more...]

Best Treatment for Dry Hair this Winter – Giveaway

Your hair makes a big impression on your overall appearance. This can be great or really stressful if your hair isn't as healthy as it should be. The biggest issue is maintaining balanced moisture. With all the products, chemicals, and extreme temperatures we expose our hair to it's no wonder so many of us have trouble with dryness and breakage. We've found the best treatment for dry hair and are … [Read more...]

For the Ultimate in Family Luxury – 2016 Kia Sedona Review

When I was younger, my friends and I took a vow to never own a minivan. We were just far too 'cool' for that. Well, I was the first to break the vow and after experiencing and writing this 2016 Kia Sedona review, I'd do it again. I got to drive this vehicle for a couple weeks to facilitate this post. Everything shared here is based on my experiences. 2016 Kia Sedona Review What surprised me … [Read more...]

Best High Energy Snacks – Aussie Bites Copycat Recipe

We've got a lot of growing bodies to feed in this house so we're always on the hunt for the best high energy snacks. Costco carries one of our favorites and we decided to see if we could make them ourselves. I'm so excited to give you our recently perfected Aussie Bites copycat recipe. Affiliate links have been included to help support our appetites. Aussie Bites Copycat Recipe If you've … [Read more...]

11 Reasons You Need the Venta Airwasher Humidifier

You like fresh air? Live in a climate where you can't always have your windows open? Or do you refrain from opening windows due to pollution, allergens and dirt? Well, forget the windows. With the Venta Airwasher Humidifier you'll want to open your windows when you're outside to get that fresh air out of your house and into the yard. Okay, maybe that last statement was a bit silly, but I am … [Read more...]

The Best Products for Easy Workouts for Home or Office

By mid January I've usually lost steam on my resolutions. Which is why this year, I didn't set myself up to fail. Instead, I set small realistic goals--one of which is to workout at least 3 times a week. By setting up a fitness station for easy workouts for home or office I am able to squeeze in a quick and effective workout without much effort. With the help of some awesome products from Empower … [Read more...]

Best Smartphone Camera Lenses for any Photographer

Whether you find yourself trying to capture your kids or are a paid professional photographer, these are the best smartphone camera lenses. They are super easy to use, affordable, and crazy good quality. I received these lenses to facilitate this post, but all thoughts and opinions shared are based solely on my experience. Affiliate links have been included to help support this blog and our … [Read more...]

2015 Dodge Durango Review – One Tough SUV

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to put together this 2015 Dodge Durango review. I was able to use this vehicle for almost two weeks and got to know a lot about its features. All thoughts and opinions shared here are based solely on my experience. 2015 Dodge Durango Review The best part about the 2015 Dodge Durango is that is has most of the perks of a minivan without looking … [Read more...]

Fun Coffee Mugs to Keep Your Sci Fi Game Strong – Giveaway

One of my all time favorite things to do is cozy up for movie night with a warm cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. Part of what makes this a favorite is picking which of my fun coffee mugs to use. We are totally out of hooks in our kitchen so we decided to get rid of some.... NOT. We're adding more hooks of course. While shopping around I found so many cool ones I had to share some of them. … [Read more...]

My Recipe for a Good Day Starts with a Quick Breakfast

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of belVita. All opinions are 100% mine. You have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I'm not going to tell you any different--except that a good breakfast doesn't have to take much to make. Lately, mornings have been super busy and it seems I keep waking up later and later so I'm addicted to belVita Breakfast Biscuits. … [Read more...]

How To Remove Stains On Clothes – Giveaway

Figuring out how to remove stains on clothes can be stressful especially if it's an important sports uniform or fancy outfit. I'm so excited to introduce this amazing new product that gets rid of the toughest stains and even the smells from my son's sports gear. This post has been sponsored by ESPRO Sports Cleaner but all thoughts shared here are based on my experience. How to Remove Stains … [Read more...]

Add Some Sparkle to the Holiday Drinks for Kids

While you're spending all your energy making the perfect meal, don't forget the drinks! Sure, you've got eggnog, apple cider, and hot chocolate, but what about something with that holiday sparkle? With DASANI Sparkling Water, you can add that sparkle to your holiday drinks for kids. Adults will also love these but it's even more fun when the kids can have them too. Sparkly Holiday Drinks … [Read more...]

These Quick Easy Appetizers are Perfect for Everyday or Holidays

No matter your plans for the holidays, quick easy appetizers are awesome to have on any day. Kraft has made it super convenient to make everyday delicious and affordable. Check out this tasty cheese balls recipe and find coupons below. Sponsored post by Lunchbox. Quick Easy Appetizers - Savory Mini Cheeseballs I found this Savory Mini Cheese Balls recipe on the Kraft Hub. It took about … [Read more...]

Monthly Subscription for Easy Science Experiments for Kids

One of my favorite memories from science class was when my teacher used liquid nitrogen to quick freeze a Snickers bar. He then shattered it with a hammer and let us eat the pieces. It's demonstrations like that that make science fun and exciting. Sadly, many classrooms are limited now with food allergies and other liabilities. I'm thrilled to introduce the MEL Science monthly subscription box … [Read more...]

How To Get Ready for Winter – 9 Tips

Believe it or not, winter is coming. It has to right? Sure, it's the end of December and it is 50 degrees here in Chicago, but c'mon, we all know the cold and snow are eventually going to come. So we've put together these tips for how to get ready for winter. We've got tips for your house, your car, and even you! This post has been sponsored by Snow Joe, but all thoughts and opinions shared here … [Read more...]

Welcome Home Your First Pet and You’ll Both Get Treats #ShedHappens

Whether it's your first pet or your 30th, adding a new addition to the family is always exciting. This season, Swiffer® and Bark & Co. have teamed up to help make adjusting to your new furry friend easy. Because let's face it, #ShedHappens. This post is sponsored by Swiffer® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am helping spread the word about Swiffer but Sweep Tight only … [Read more...]

My Reaction – Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens Review

First, I'd like to say there are NO SPOILERS in this post. It is my mission to make sure you enjoy the plot and surprises for yourself, just as I did. This is simply my reaction to the movie. I am able to write this Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens review because I was one of the lucky bloggers given the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of the film. All thoughts shared here are … [Read more...]

Urinary Incontinence in Women Isn’t Embarrassing

As we age, all sorts of things start changing in our bodies. None of these physiological changes should be cause for embarrassment; especially urinary incontinence in women. There are tons of reasons it can happen (at any age,) and it's not shameful. With the right underwear, no one even has to know. This post was sponsored by Depend as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I … [Read more...]

Our Reaction to The Good Dinosaur Movie with Printables

When it comes to Disney anything, my expectations are really high. I'm happy to report that The Good Dinosaur movie did not disappoint. My family and I were able to attend a media screening of the film but all thoughts shared here are based on our honest reactions. The Good Dinosaur Movie Here are all our reactions to The Good Dinosaur Movie. But first, a little about us for perspective--I'm … [Read more...]

Time Flies When Working Out with This

Seems like an oxymoron right? Time couldn't possibly fly by when working out. People claim to love the burn and find doing cardio the ultimate "me" time. I mean, I love the way I feel after working out, but during the process I'm usually cursing everything and anything--and time feels like it's standing still. But I'm so happy to report that I've found something that legitimately makes the time … [Read more...]

Ultimate Gift Guide Roundup and D23 Exclusive

Are you overwhelmed with every sort of gift guide flooding the interwebs yet? I hope not, because we've round up all of ours for this year to put them all in one place. And, since it's the season for giving the best gifts, I'm offering a pretty great package too. 2015 Gift Guide Roundup Here's a catalog of all our gift guides for this season. Check them out and let us know which is your … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for People Living the Fit Life

Whether you're already living the fit life or making the changes to adopt a healthier lifestyle, these gifts are great for motivation to keep it up or inspiration to get started. I struggle daily to get moving and stay on track and know that so many others do too. So, I put together this list of my favorite products that help me keep up with good habits and lure me back if I fall off the wagon, or … [Read more...]

New Additions to GameTruck Chicago Plus Limited Time Offer

Remember a couple years ago, when I surprised my son with a GameTruck party for his birthday? If not, you can check out the whole story here. Since then, GameTruck Chicago has been awfully busy. They've upped the standards for all sorts of play--not just in the video game arena either. New Additions - GameTruck Chicago Now, GameTruck Chicago offers all the best from the actual video game … [Read more...]

New Monster High Dolls are an Awesome Holiday Gift

If you're looking for an awesome holiday gift for a little one around 6 to 10, then you need to check out the new Monster High dolls and other accessories. They're bigger and better than ever. With high quality clothes and details, these are some of our new favorite toys. This post has been sponsored by Lunchbox but all thoughts and opinions are our own. New Monster High Dolls I know we've all … [Read more...]

Our New Holiday Tradition to Spread Cheer

The holidays have always been sort of stressful for me, even growing up because my family is so large and divided. Now that I'm an adult and my kids go through the same sorts of stress, we find little ways to spread cheer throughout the holiday season to make the whole month festive. A huge thank you to Betty Crocker for sponsoring this post and helping me #SpreadCheer this holiday … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for People Who are Always Late

We all know the type. Ten minutes before you have to leave, they decide to start the laundry, or wash their hair. Or, maybe they just can't wake up in the morning on time. They hit the snooze 17 times to instill panic solely to be able to get up. Being that I AM one of these wretched people who are always late, I've put together this gift guide of things that help me manage my time a little … [Read more...]

Ultimate Gift Guide for Fangirls and Fanboys

Having several fangirls and fanboys in my network of friends and family to buy for this season has me searching for the best gifts. I've round up a few favorites to share with you and have even partnered with some awesome bloggers to bring you a chance to win a great set of Star Wars luggage. Affiliate links are used to help support this fangirl. For the Fangirls Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, … [Read more...]

Feel Warmer and Look Gorgeous This Holiday Season

Ever since I was little I have always hated the cold weather because I don't like wearing a ton of bulky clothing. But in every attempt to feel warmer, I'd give up on fashion and just pile on the layers. I'm so excited to have had the opportunity to review a gorgeous scarf from SOL ALPACA. As part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, I received compensation from SOL ALPACA for my time in putting … [Read more...]

Maintain Your Traditional Recipes this Holiday Season

Sponsored post, but all opinions are our own. You're getting everything ready for Thanksgiving. After pulling out all your traditional recipes, your daughter runs in, eager to help. After looking at your all time favorite cookie recipe, you decide to start there. But then, a couple concerns pop into your head... Traditional Recipes This recipe calls for a lot of butter. You decide not to … [Read more...]

Wearing Lingerie Every Night Makes Dreams More Fun Giveaway

It's amazing how quickly I can find myself too busy to make myself feel good. How does that even make sense? I used to put my favorite lotion on everyday after a shower. I used to love wearing lingerie to sleep every night--even if it was just me in the bed. I used to feel beautiful simply because what I was wearing was attractive. Now, I rotate between old tees and boxers to sweat pants and … [Read more...]

Take Care of Yourself Because Reasons

In several posts recently I've noticed myself saying how I need to take better care of myself and how I'm too busy to do so. I've also been reading similar stories on all the blogs I follow and social media platforms. At what point did taking care of yourself become a luxury? We are all busy. But I'm about to give you plenty of reasons to drop everything and take care of yourself. This post was … [Read more...]

Sticking With My New Skincare Routine

About a month ago, I announced that I was starting a new skincare routine. I made the RoC® Retinol Resolution to take better care of my skin and use RoC® Retinol Correxion® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream every night. I'm excited to share my results with you. This post was sponsored by RoC® Skincare as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate … [Read more...]

Stewie was the Kid’s First Pet #ShedHappens

Getting your first pet can be one of your best childhood memories. We all still remember the day Stewie arrived with Brian almost four years ago. We only ended up keeping Stewie because Brian wasn't good with kids, but we found him a purrfect furrever home. Stewie has been part of the family ever since. This post is sponsored by Swiffer® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am … [Read more...]

You Need To Try Gigi’s Cupcakes Chicago

If you have a Gigi's Cupcakes in your area, I highly suggest you give them a try if you haven't already. I'm so darn excited to have had the chance to tour the Chicago bakery (in Wilmette) and meet Gigi herself. I was able to attend this event for free but all thoughts and opinions shared here are my own. Gigi's Cupcakes Chicago First of all, cupcakes are amazing. I mean, you get all of the … [Read more...]

Time Well Spent with Family Despite Changes in Plans

Just last night the kids and I were spending some quality time together. We decided to make a run to the Game Stop a few miles down the street to find a new--to us anyway, we love buying used games for a deal--game to play together. After putting all our snow gear on, trekking through the ice and snow to get to the car, and driving down the road, we were shocked to find that our favorite store had … [Read more...]

How To Relieve Stress and Send Love this Holiday Season

Learning how to relieve stress is hard any time of the year. But around the holidays? Sheesh... everything seems to be working against you sometimes! I'm so excited to show you a way to help relieve some tension AND make someone else feel great in the process. Today’s post is sponsored by Hallmark Gold Crown, but my love for their products is all my own. How To Relieve Stress You've … [Read more...]

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