Clarifications for Giveaway Entrants

I wanted to mention a few clarifications for giveaway entrants.  I know some of you probably question some of the tasks involved to enter, so hopefully this will clear up a few things.

Emails:  There is no need to unsubscribe and resubscribe – I keep noticing a few people that constantly subscribe from the newsletter and then resubscribe a few minutes later.  This is not necessary.  That entry is good for everyone who belongs to my newsletter – new or old.  Save yourself a step!  🙂

Extra Info:  If there is no “extra info” section on the widget I am not requiring that info.  I appreciate all of your comments to let me know your usernames and other tasks that you have completed, but it is not necessary.  Unless the entry specifically says “leave a blog comment”, none of the others require one.  The giveaway widget should be easy and fast – take advantage of that!

Winners:  Recently there has been an issue with winners not responding on time… or at all.  I have even been sending out second and third notices – this is going to stop.  If you enter giveaways, it is your responsibility to make sure that you check for winning emails.  I would encourage you to check your spam folder at least once a day, too.  If you win from me, the email will come from jennifer @ sweeptight . com with a subject of “Congrats! You won a giveaway on Sweep Tight!”  You must respond within 48 hours.  I have to stick to my own rules.  This leads me into the next thing…

Responding late to winning emails:  My emails to winners contain a form to fill out to redeem the prize.  I have had a few people fill this out months later.  Please don’t do this.  Obviously you are WAY TOO LATE to redeem this prize.  Your info will be deleted.

Optional Entries:  In my typical giveaways there is rarely more than one mandatory entry.  The rest of the entries are optional.  You can do all of them or none of them, it’s entirely up to you.  If you don’t have Twitter, skip the entry, it’s as simple as that.

Any other questions?  Please let me know and I will answer them here, too!

  Most of all just have fun!  🙂  Now go enter some giveaways and good luck!

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