Sweep Tight Ambassador Packages

Sweep Tight is now offering ambassador packages for companies who want the extra promotional boost.  Social media marketing is amazing, but remember good old fashioned word-of-mouth advertising?  We still do that, too, and would love to work for your brand.

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The Sweep Tight team (myself, Shelley, her 2 kids, my hubby, and whomever else you’d like to throw in the mix) is ready to become your mini-walking-billboards.  Seriously, we can take it to the streets and pimp your brand.  My sister and I have always been considered to be outgoing with our bubbly personalities and we love to talk about products that we are passionate about.  If we already know that we love your brand (and that you love us), then let’s take this relationship to the next level!

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Here are some of the things we can do as your brand ambassador:

  • Drive around in your company-branded vehicle (a loaner vehicle supplied by you)
  • Decorate our own vehicle(s) with your brand images (all logos, decorations, etc. supplied by you)
  • Wear your clothing (a minimum of once per week for the duration of our relationship, all items supplied by you)
  • Dress our family members in your clothing (same as above)
  • Take Instagram photos (that appear on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, too) of us wearing the items
  • Hand out promotional items, samples, etc. to our friends, family and random strangers (we will hand out whatever you give us until they are gone)
  • Display your button on our blog sidebar for the duration of our relationship (there will be a special area in a prime spot)
  • Create monthly blog posts about your company for the duration of our relationship (this can be negotiated and tailored to specific promotions upon request)
  • Take several pictures of us eating, wearing, consuming, rolling around in, etc. your product (supplied by you).  These will be posted about and shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram.  (See blog statistics for follower numbers)

What makes us good ambassadors?

Well, like I stated above, my sister and I are friendly and outgoing.  Shelley is starting school this semester, so she will have loads of new contacts and friendships in the works.  Plus, access to hundreds of influential college students.  Her children are also in school and Shelley is quite active in the PTA and other activities.  Lots of parents and children to expose new products to there!  We both have jobs outside of the home (in addition to this blog), lots of friends and packed social calendars.  Put us to work.

Interested in our Brand Ambassador packages?

Please fill out this form and we will be in touch shortly.
  • So we know how to address you.
  • So we know who we are pimping.
  • So we can follow up.
  • If we have never worked with you, we will need to get to know your brand first. We will only promote brands that we adore. Let's do a review first!
  • Please check as many as you want. We will get back to you shortly with a quote.
  • Have an idea that we missed? Let us know and we will consider/quote it.
  • Let us know how many people you want representing your brand. Obviously the more the better, but it will effect your quote.

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