Best Smelling Body Washes that Last All Day

The best smelling body washes to me are the ones that leave you smelling fresh all day. I rarely wear perfume, so I love when my body wash provides a light scent that lasts. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own. The Best Smelling Body Washes I am not even kidding when I tell you that Caress® Mystique Forever causes me to sniff my arm multiple times per day. It smells that … [Read more...]

Find your Best Daily Routine – Remix Your Regimen

Finding your best daily routine can be a challenge. The recipe for a productive day takes a lot more than just rolling out of bed and brushing your teeth. I find this especially hard now that I work from home. I can literally fall out of bed and go straight to my computer. As awesome as that is, it certainly doesn't set me on an energetic path. Sponsored post by Lunchbox. All opinions are my … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Dove Body Wash for Your Skin

Dove body wash is highly recommended by many people, but how do you know which variety to choose? You can't really go wrong when choosing a Dove body wash. However, you can improve your skin immensely by choosing the one made for your skin type. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. If I ask the majority of women I know what type of body cleansers they use, there will be an … [Read more...]

DIY Essential Oil Roller Bottles – 10 Remedy Blends

Essential oil roller bottles are an easy and convenient way to apply your favorite blends of oils. Some companies sell premixed rollerball bottles for a no-fuss way to carry your favorite natural remedies with you. However, once you start discovering your favorite oils, you might want to mix essential oil roller bottles for yourself. This post contains affiliate links. Making your own … [Read more...]

Smooth Skin Shower Sanctuary

Smooth skin can be difficult to achieve once the winter weather gets brutal. So far, we have been lucky with a mild winter, but I have no doubt that will change. Chicago weather can change hourly, so I want to prepare my skin with my daily shower routine. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. Operation: Smooth Skin all Winter Honestly, sometimes showering feels like a chore. … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Building Self Esteem in Growing Girls

Growing up is tough. Especially for girls with changing hormones and complex social dynamics. Building self esteem is something that can and should be worked on daily. Doing so is easy and can become part of a routine with Dove Products. Plus, if you stock up at Rite Aid you can snag a bunch of deals. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own. Building Self Esteem My daughter is … [Read more...]

Back to School – Team Phoenix or Apollo

Each year going back to school brings the opportunity for students to reinvent themselves. We all change so much over the years; it's nice to have a clean slate when starting high school or college. One of the biggest discoveries for men is finding their sense of style, including scent. Sponsored post by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. He's stressed, but at least he smells good.  Keep … [Read more...]

Back to School for Girls – How to Build Confidence

Going back to school can be a difficult time for some kids. It's important to have some tips on how to build confidence. Many kids are excited to head back to see their friends, meet new ones, and start new adventures. Unfortunately, that's not the case for everyone. Some children need esteem building tools to brave their peers. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own. How to … [Read more...]

Back to School Deals on AXE for your Teen #AXEGoBold

With Adam entering high school this year, he's bringing a whole new attitude, wardrobe, and scent. With hormones raging, so are his pits! To keep up with this new challenge, I'm thrilled to bring you these great back to school deals on AXE. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own. Back To School Deals on AXE Right now when you buy any two AXE products at Walgreens you'll receive … [Read more...]

5 Things to Bring on Your Family Bike Ride

In an effort to get my family moving this summer we all got bikes. As a blogger I am guilty of sitting for way too long and sometimes half a day goes by where I haven't physically moved. My body is changing and not for the better. I'm getting squishy and... stinky? Good grief, something has got to give! I'm grabbing my family for a long bike ride through the trails just outside my house and have … [Read more...]

AXE Shower Gel for the Best Smelling Man

AXE Shower Gel has changed the way my hubby showers. He absolutely loves it, and I swear it has boosted his confidence. I stock up on AXE Shower Gel at Walgreens every chance I get. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own. So, I am the girly-girl with 37 bottles in the shower at all times. That might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much. The products that I use change with … [Read more...]

7 Beauty Tips from the Women in My Family – $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Beauty tips tend to be passed on through the generations. During a recent family gathering, I was able to ask some of the women in my life which beauty tips they treasured the most. Lunchbox has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own. The bond between mothers and daughters can be one of the strongest ever. I love witnessing the mother-daughter relationships in my family. Now that … [Read more...]

Beauty Supply from Outside the Gene Pool #beautystory

Possessing beauty is often thanks to being part of a fortunate gene pool. But often it's because of knowledge, grace, and etiquette passed on by those outside of our family members--girlfriends, celebrities, bloggers... Beauty can be taught. I'm going to tell you my #beautystory about my go-to beauty supply found in two of my close friends. Jennifer already told you about some inspiring beauties … [Read more...]

Next Level Cleansing with Sonic Technology

Sonic technology brings cleansing to another level. For a deeper cleansing, the Silk'n SonicCleanPlus is a device you can use at home for the body and face. This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own. My skin has always been a trouble area for me. It's oily, zitty, and constantly feels greasy. Now that I am in my thirties, you can add wrinkles into the mix. Gone are the days of … [Read more...]

Hydrate your Skin with LANEIGE Water Products

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LANEIGE. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Hydrate your Skin with LANEIGE Water Products When you are looking to hydrate your skin, a product with "water" in its name is quite alluring. LANEIGE water science complex helps address all … [Read more...]

Join Me in the 28-Day Challenge with Burt’s Bees

I have joined the 28-Day Challenge with Burt's Bees on a quest to improve my skin for spring. I invite you to join me, and follow along with my progress. This post is sponsored by Burt's Bees and DataRank, but all opinions are my own. My skin is a constant work in progress. Like most of us, I took the skin of my youth for granted and abused the heck out of it. Years of baking in the sun and … [Read more...]

Get the AXE Effect and an Adrenaline Rush

The post is sponsored by Lunchbox, however all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  My husband is a big fan of AXE. He uses that stuff all the time. I'm a fan, too, because the AXE effect is real, ladies. The hubby smells AWESOME. That's why I'm excited that right now, he can get the AXE effect, and he can win something super cool. Get the AXE Effect Everyday, Get the Adrenaline Now The … [Read more...]

Ways to Get Ready for Game Day

It's quite obvious that my favorite part about game day is all the savings opportunities. We happen to be huge fans of the Official NCAA Pre-Game products, so it works out all too well for my spring stock-up plan. Sponsored by Lunchbox, all opinions are my own. There's many things to like about game day. The food, the friends, the excitement, the commercials, the actual game...there's something … [Read more...]

Manly Scrub Recipe #GameReadyProducts

I created a manly scrub for Mike's dry skin. Since March is here, it's time to start sloughing off that dead winter skin to create a nice clean slate for all of his favorite manly man products. Sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own. The winter does a number on our skin. I have a wide variety of exfoliating scrubs and washes, but most of them are in girly scents. Mike … [Read more...]

Beauty Experts Love Dove Products #AwardWinningCare

Dove products have always been a favorite among many. I have several friends that only use Dove. Turns out that the beauty experts feel the same way. Sponsored by Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own. This harsh cold has done a number on my skin. I could use a good full body treatment with several Dove products. Thankfully, they are easy to find and very affordable. A quick run to … [Read more...]

Suave Products from Family Dollar Savings and Sweepstakes #SuaveNSave

Our Family Dollar recently moved and expanded. The store is now closer to me and has even more to offer. Their prices are awesome, especially on my favorite Suave products. Sponsored post by Lunchbox; all opinions are 100% my own. Suave Products from Family Dollar - Savings I made pretty generic goals for the new year. Eat better, save more money, take better care of myself... the usual. … [Read more...]

Black Friday Survival Kit from Shopular

Black Friday shopping can be intense. You should not go without a plan. You should not go without supplies. Be prepared. This post is sponsored by Shopular. I received a survival kit and compensation for this post, but all opinions are my own. I have only ventured out a few times on Black Friday. It wasn't pretty because I did not have a good plan, and I was definitely lacking supplies. I … [Read more...]

NCAA Bowl Game Sweepstakes and Savings #PregamePride

This NCAA Bowl Game info is a win for everyone. Find out how to stock up on all your pregame grooming needs, and also how you can score a chance to win a trip to a game. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own. You know your favorite athletes all have their own pregame rituals, but what about you? Some fans have superstitious routines like, wearing lucky underwear, … [Read more...]

Easy Eczema Relief #AveenoEczemaTherapy #MC

Eczema is starting to make an appearance in this house already. The temps haven't even dropped much below 50 yet, but our skin is already protesting. I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for #AveenoEczemaTherapy. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating, but all opinions are my own. Easy Eczema Relief … [Read more...]

Prevent Dry Skin with Dove Men+Care #DoveMenRewards

Dry skin is already upon us in this household. Sure, it's October and fall is here, but that's no reason for Mike and I to have creepy, scaly skin. Save that for the zombies. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own. To make my point I have zombified my husband. He will love it. ;) Prevent Dry Skin this Fall with Dove Men+Care Why should women be the only ones with … [Read more...]

Game Day Freshness with Target and NCAA Savings #PregamePride

Game day usually consists of a bunch of dudes huddled closely together on someone's couch. This means they should be showered and smelling fresh with their favorite body care brand. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own. Until recently, Mike never really cared what kind of body care products were in the bathroom for him. Whatever I purchased he would just use. He's … [Read more...]

My Son Smells Better Than Yours #Combos4Success

I am willing to bet that my son smells better than yours. Unless, of course, yours also uses Old Spice. Adam has been using the entire line of Old Spice products and he smells fantastic. I don't know many people that can say that about a 13-year-old athletic boy! This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Old Spice. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, … [Read more...]

Importance of Confidence #BeautyIs

Confidence and positive self-esteem are two things I have always struggled with. To this day I have to force myself to be confident and not put myself down. Having confidence is about so much more than beauty. It's about loving the person that you are. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own. I am happy to be a part of this campaign on such an important topic about what … [Read more...]

Celebrate World Peace Day with AXE and Walgreens

World Peace Day is coming up and AXE® and Walgreens want to help you celebrate.  The world sure could use a lot of peace right now. Smelling fantastic is a small, but good start. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, all opinions are my own. World Peace Day with AXE, Walgreens & Peace One Day For shoppers who would like to help make the world a better place, AXE® wants to reward you. To … [Read more...]

Healthy Teeth with #CrestProHealth

Healthy teeth are so important, but I know plenty of people who HATE going to the dentist. I have never had an aversion to going, but it is not my FAVORITE thing to do. Crest is looking to ensure healthy teeth and smooth check-ups by helping you escape the scrape at your next visit to the dentist. I received this Crest product for free from Smiley 360 in exchange for my honest review. Healthy … [Read more...]

Back to School Dove Men+Care at a Great Value

Dove and Walgreens have an excellent deal for you. I am happy to share the details with you in this sponsored post by LunchBox. All opinions are my own. Dove Men+Care is perfect for men, teens, tweens, and even boys. Help your dude(s) go back to school in style this year! Back to School Dove Men+Care Back to school means a lot of different things now that I have a young man in the house. … [Read more...]

RSVP for the #SummerizeYourLegs Twitter Party

Do you love a good Twitter Party? You know we do and we’re excited to host a party about summer legs! On July 22nd at 8:00pm ET, please join us for the #SummerizeYourLegs Twitter Party where we’ll be discussing women's razors and shaving tips, and giving you a chance to win prizes! Getting legs ready for summer can require a few steps. Personally, I shave a lot more often in the summer. My … [Read more...]

Walgreens Degree World Cup $100 Gift Card

So, the World Cup is going on in case you haven't heard. ;) Degree is the Official Deodorant of U.S. Soccer. Thank goodness because those men sure are working up a sweat. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own. Do: More with Degree Degree wants you to Do More this summer and try Degree with New, Improved MOTIONSENSE, the only antiperspirant that releases extra … [Read more...]

Summer Sun Protection Routine with NEUTROGENA

Sun protection is a huge part of my summer skin care routine. Thanks to my partnership with Lunchbox, I am sharing some ways to perfect your routine and to save you some money with NEUTROGENA®. All opinions are my own. So, our skin has been cooped up all winter and all it wants is to soak up those sun rays. That's fine, but do it safely. I am a true believer that sunshine is good for you, but … [Read more...]

Capture your Confidence with Certain Dri #CertainDriConfidence

Confidence is something I have always struggled with. This has a lot to do with the fact that I am an abnormally sweaty human. Being a girl, having sweaty pits is not cool. There are so many armpit-hugging shirts and sweat-showing colors that I have always tried to avoid. Certain Dri During high school this was the worst. I had other friends who had the same problem so we kind of formed … [Read more...]

Dove® Men+Care® at Target

Dove® Men+Care® at Target wants you to vote for your favorite All-Star Dad. It's time to celebrate dads and everything they do for their families. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own. The nominations for All-Star Dad are in and now it's your turn to help determine the winner. Vote for your favorite video once per day through 6/14. Doing so enters you in to win a $10 … [Read more...]

Value your Beauty with Dove and Family Dollar

The words family and beauty immediately make me think of my Gram. She is a true beauty inside and out. Not only is she a gorgeous 81 year old fox, but she has a beautiful, genuine, and caring soul. This post is brought to you by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own. This campaign is making me realize that my Gram and I do not have enough good pictures together. She hates photos and usually … [Read more...]

Soft Tissue that Fights Hard Against #SneezingTime

Angel Soft might be a soft tissue, but it stays tough through all of the sneezing during this nasty allergy season. As an Angel Soft ambassador, I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. Soft Tissue that Fights Hard Against #SneezingTime #SneezingTime Selfie I keep hearing that there is now a "pollen vortex". I am so over the vortexes, but apparently it's the new … [Read more...]

How to Get Legs Ready for Summer with Whish Body

Warmer weather is here and legs are coming out. I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Whish Body. I received a promotional item and Whish Body samples to facilitate my review. Exposing my skin after the nasty winter that we had is extra challenging this year. Here's how I got my legs ready for their summer debut. How to Get Legs Ready for … [Read more...]

Quotes About Positive Thinking and Getting Ready for Summer

I wanted to share a couple quotes about positive thinking because I think we could all use frequent reminders. This is a Fashionista Events opportunity. For too long I have been in such a funk.  Since our house was broken into, I have spurts when I am filled with negativity, paranoia, and even hate.  It has taken a toll on me both mentally and physically.  Hate is like a poison and it actually … [Read more...]

Join me at the #Love2Love4Mom Twitter Party

This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are my own. Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we want to invite you to chat about gifts for the special women in your life.  Join us for a Twitter Party on May 7th from 1-2 pm ET! We'll be chatting about how the love 2 love collection available at Walmart makes the perfect affordable gift for her! We'll be giving away (6) Walmart Gift Cards! … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Help Survive Allergy Season #SneezingTime

Allergy season is here and many of us are already struggling. Thanks to my partnership with Angel Soft, I have some survival tips to share with you. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I have seasonal allergies and I am also allergic to my dogs. As I type this I have itchy eyes, nasal congestion and a foggy head. Angel Soft® sent me a wonderful care package to help ease … [Read more...]

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