The Real O’Neals – Because Laughter is a Good Workout

If you haven't been watching The Real O'Neals on ABC Tuesday evenings at 8:30 Central, you have some catching up to do. You're not going to want to miss tonight's episode, "The Real Retreat" because honestly, laughing is the best medicine right? Well, you'll be cracking up and getting in a good ab workout on top of it. Affiliate links included in this post help support this blog. The Real … [Read more...]

I Keep Overthinking My Trip to the Grocery Store

I had plans to go to the grocery store about six hours ago, but I keep overthinking it. This happens to me every time I have to go somewhere, but today my brain was extra strange. Some people actually just get in the car and go when they need to do something. Oh, not me. My brain needs to run through every random scenario and completely freak me out first. Although this mental process exhausts … [Read more...]

Time Well Spent with Family Despite Changes in Plans

Just last night the kids and I were spending some quality time together. We decided to make a run to the Game Stop a few miles down the street to find a new--to us anyway, we love buying used games for a deal--game to play together. After putting all our snow gear on, trekking through the ice and snow to get to the car, and driving down the road, we were shocked to find that our favorite store had … [Read more...]

Dogs that Love Treats – Funny Video

We now have two dogs that just love treats. This is a Fashionista Events opportunity. I will receive a swag bag of goodies from writing this post. Turns out our new puppy loves treats even more than The Grump. I didn't think that was possible. Ever since we adopted our foster dog, Franklin, handing out treats creates a new type of chaos. Hilo doesn't flip out over treats like the other two. … [Read more...]

So I Saw Sex Tape and Liked It

I saw the movie, Sex Tape, last week and really liked it. I giggled, full-on laughed out loud, and smiled throughout the entire film. I was able to see a screening of this flick free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions. All thoughts shared here are entirely my own. Sex Tape A little about the movie: Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) are a married couple still very much in … [Read more...]

CBS MOM Premiere and My Mom Confession

A great new show on CBS called MOM, is coming out and there are so many things I can relate to in the main character.  While this post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer's Network, all opinions are my own. I am twenty-nine years old and have a twelve year old son and an eight year old daughter.  I'll save you some math, I was sixteen when I got pregnant and had turned seventeen when I … [Read more...]

Get your Ugly Christmas Sweater Early

I realize it is July – but Sweep Tight just got done celebrating Christmas in July with a huge giveaway hop, so…. I am excited to review an Ugly Christmas Sweater from – because who doesn’t want to be prepared for Christmas in the best way possible? Ugly Christmas Sweater I realize there are the people who have ugly Christmas sweaters and do not realize they are wearing … [Read more...]

Funny Exercise Videos that I Used to Do

I was recently reminded of the funny exercise videos that I used to do and take very seriously.  This came about when I shared a funny video on Facebook.  Another page that I follow, No Hope for the Human Race posted the newest awesomeness that is Prancercise and I was jokingly trying to recruit my friends to do it with me at a local park.  Soon after they all brought up my sordid past of … [Read more...]

Funny Dog Videos and Jerky Bars Savings

Funny dog videos might not be as popular as funny cat videos, but I know I sure enjoy them.  In fact, our own two dogs provide us with entertainment on a daily basis.  Sometimes I think I should wear a helmet cam so I don't miss out on their funny shenanigans.  The majority of my YouTube channel consists of our goofy guys. Funny Dog Videos Our little guy antagonizes the big guy all of the time.  … [Read more...]

The Weirdness about Weight Loss

Weight loss.  We all want it.  Many of us need it.  Speaking from personal experience, achieving your weight loss goals can be difficult to one degree or another, but anyone setting out to shrink themselves expects that.  What we don't expect is what happens after we manage to get the weight off. Two Enormous Weight Loss Myths I recently shed about 35 pounds.  Along the way, I learned quite a … [Read more...]

Mobile Phone Frustrationitis and How to Handle it

Mobile Phone Frustrationitis.  It seems to be going around lately in these parts.  There is a cell phone provider (who shall remain nameless) responsible for spreading this dangerous disease throughout the Chicagoland area. I have recently recovered from this hideous illness and I am now ready to talk about it.  It's been a long road, which has been tough on the entire family.  It can even … [Read more...]

Gangnam Style Funny Videos

As far as funny dance videos go, I didn't think it would be easy to top LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It.  But then, my kids came home singing some gibberish and dancing like total fools. Funny Videos starring MY KIDS My son, Adam, also known as Boop, is proving to have some pretty impressive dance moves.  He is now 11 years old and he just keeps getting better! Here he is in Gangnam Style … [Read more...]

My Summer Dream Wishlist

My Summer Dream Wishlist I keep adding more items to my summer dream wishlist.  I am floored at some of the wild things that are out there!  There truly is no shortage of creativity in the world.  I love to see them all and add them to my imaginary shopping cart. Post contains affiliate links. Mermaid Tail that you can actually swim in... Find It Here I could have used this when I was a … [Read more...]

Stuff Yourself with Your Own Personal Stuffed Animal

Have you ever wanted to stuff yourself?  As in turn yourself into a stuffed animal?  Well, you are in you can. I thought this was too hilarious not to share!  It could make a very unique (and a little creepy) gift idea! From now until April 11,  2012, you can get yourself stuffed for only $49 including shipping!  That's a $109 value. … [Read more...]

Chocolate Humor

I take my chocolate very seriously, but I did run across some funny pictures on Pinterest while searching for chocolate. Click images for original pins. … [Read more...]

Filthy Rich Dream Wish List

One day if when I have entirely way too much money, after many generous donations to needy animals, here are some of the things on my dream wish list that I shall splurge on... Lazy river inside the house?  Um, absolutely. My own island yacht? But, of course. This bunk bed to have the top as a reading nook! This shower for sure. Slides as a means of transportation throughout … [Read more...]

I’m Santa and I know It – Funny Video

WARNING!  This is not really appropriate for children. We just saw this on YouTube and found it pretty hysterical! I've been pretty obsessed with LMFAO's Sexy and I know It since it came out.  Inappropriate?  Definitely.  Entertaining, funny, and brilliant?  Absolutely.  :D This parody of the song cracks me up!  I wish I would have found this in time for Christmas... … [Read more...]

Pinterest is pure torture

Seriously, what I am supposed to do when I see this... Next to this… and this… and THIS??? Come on, this is just mean! As much as I would love to have a perfect butt, pretty sure I am going for the cookies. ;) … [Read more...]

This is what I sound like when I talk about my blog…

Well, this might be a tad exaggerated, but pretty darn close.  ;)      *contains a swear word. … [Read more...]

Look at these tiny animals to brighten your day

There's something about looking at animal pictures that can always cheer me up.  And tiny animals are even better!  They are just too cute and I could look at them all day!  Here are a few of my recent favs and I hope they bring a smile to your face, too.   Which one is your favorite?  I just adore them all! … [Read more...]

Ugly Lips

If you liked Shelley's funny baby picture that I posted last week, you will love this one.  As a baby she was obsessed with "ugly lips".  At least that's what we called them.  They pretty much took the place of a pacifier for her.  Although I was quite young at the time this took place, I can still vaguely remember being in the grocery store with Shelley wearing these.  What a funny sight this … [Read more...]

Funny Baby Picture

And who could this hilarious tot possibly be???  Well, it's SHELLEY!  Shelley is my sister and also a regular writer/reviewer for Sweep Tight. She was seriously the cutest baby ever.  I will have to dig up more of these funny baby pics of her! … [Read more...]

How to Properly Wear a Christmas Sweater

One of my favorite things about the holidays are the fabulous Christmas sweaters that make an appearance.  Here are some suggestions on how to wear one and wear it well. How to Properly Wear a Christmas Sweater #1:  You wear that sweater and you own it.  It's not just a sweater, it's an attitude.  This man has nailed it. #2:  Include your family and pets in the holiday fun.  … [Read more...]

Stand Up For Family – Funny Videos

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. American Family Insurance is running a great promotion that includes funny videos from some of the best comedians.  Bill Bellamy is the host of this Stand Up For Family comedy special.  It also features several of the hottest standup comics around today.  I think this is a … [Read more...]

Hot Tub Fail

Note to self:  Leaving just your noggin above water causes Bobble Head syndrome.  :( … [Read more...]

Words That Completely Gross Me Out

Do you have words that just make your skin crawl?  Maybe I am a weirdo but I have quite a few that cause actual physical reactions from me. Words That Completely Gross Me Out Pus - Blech!  I can't even type it without causing chunks to slowly rise. Mucus - Ewwwwww. Pupil - I don't know what's up with this one, but I despise this word. Moist - Stop it!!!  Please do not say this word.  … [Read more...]

This Infuriates Me…

Ordinarily, I would never sleep with socks on.  However, I got all cozy on the couch and fell asleep for a quick nap... Waking up, I've never been in such a comfy position.  I didn't want to move. Until... I felt this...       Really?!  C'mon! I hate this wretched feeling and now have to reach down to fix it, or use my other foot to just slide the sock … [Read more...]

Nude Leggings are Never the Right Choice

Photo credit: Humorgasms Holy cow I just saw this pic on Facebook and it made me think of my recent shopping trip to Aldi.  I saw not one, but TWO women wearing nude fricken stretch pants.  Why why WHY people??? Seriously, if you find yourself reaching for your nude leggings while getting dressed do NOT put them on your body.  Place them into the trash immediately.  They are never okay.  I … [Read more...]

You know you are a review blogger when…

You know you are review blogger when... ~ Right now you have 18-34 tabs open in Firefox and possibly several more in Google Chrome ~ ~ Your wishlist has now turned into a pitch list ~     ~ On occasion USPS, FedEx and UPS have caused a minor traffic jam in front of your home ~  ~ You feel extremely stressed when you have 34 items to review, but then get panicky when you only have 12 left … [Read more...]

Snorg Tees Review

Snorg Tees "If Live Gives You Lemons" Hoodie Well, it's officially Fall!  Time for hoodies!  As much as I enjoy the hot weather, I also just love to start wearing comfy hoodies.  That is pretty much all you will find me in during the Fall and Winter.  I cannot stand being cold, plus they are just comfortable. Product was received for review purposes and this post may contain affiliate links. I … [Read more...]

Visit Drama Patrol Designs for custom or funny t-shirts

We just love funny and slightly offensive shirts around here!  Mike and I both have a similar sense of humor and find many t-shirts simply hilarious!  Of course, we know where to draw the line and never wear anything too offensive, but there are plenty to chose from that the majority of people will get a kick out of, too. Product was received for review purposes and this post may contain affiliate … [Read more...]

Laughtercising CD Review

Laughtercising™ Laugh It Off Vol. 1 When I'm stressed, anxious, or upset about anything, nothing gets me out of that funk better than laughter.  Laughter has been proven to reduce stress, improve heart health, lower cholesterol and impact weight loss.  Go to to read about the health benefits of laughter.  My favorite is searching YouTube for videos of … [Read more...] Game Over Bride and Groom Mens Tee Shirt

Game Over Bride and Groom Mens Tee Shirt It's no secret that we love funny tee shirts around here!  This one is hilarious to me.  It's my little wedding gift to Mike.  He got a real kick out of it. has such a huge selection to choose from.  They have more than just t-shirts, too.  They also have backpacks, bags, belts, watches, hats and more!  Don't worry, you won't get lost, … [Read more...]

Funny Video of my niece and her baby

Another adorable funny video from my sister!  This is my niece a few years ago.  She named her baby Gorbachev and is a pro at ABC's! … [Read more...]

Funny video of my nephew dancing

This is from a few years ago, but I still love to watch this funny video of my hilarious little nephew dancing!  He's got the moves, that's for sure!  My niece is laughing in the background.   That makes me laugh, too. … [Read more...]

Huge WTF of the day

So, why was I up at 4:16 am this morning? Because of the sonic boom that occurred in my closet. It woke me up out of a deep sleep. I immediately knew it had to be one of the following: a.) one of those meteors flying around had crashed into the closet b.) a serial killer had been hiding in the closet all night and decided it was time to attack and kill c.) a monster d.) some sort of … [Read more...]

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