5 Worst Times to Drop Calls – $500 Giveaway

This is a Fashionista Event, and a promotional item was provided to me. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. Cell phones drop calls sometimes. It's not a deal breaker when it happens occasionally. But, when dropping calls becomes a daily ordeal, it's time to switch. It seems like calls tend to drop out during the most important times, doesn't it? These are … [Read more...]

VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display has Come to Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Post contains affiliate links. The VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display has arrived, and it's making full use of the newest HD technology. Whether you are binge watching Netflix or your husband is watching yet another game or the kids … [Read more...]

Next Level Safety with this Backpack for Biking

Having a backpack for biking is great, but having one that also keeps you safer than ever before? Awesome. I'm so excited to have partnered with the designers of the Aster Backpack for Cycling to bring you this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links help support this blog. Backpack for Biking I'd like to introduce you to Aster, the world's safest cycling backpack. This … [Read more...]

Star Wars Gifts – May the 4th Be With You

Did you know May 4th is Star Wars day? In honor of this magnificent calendar occurrence, we've put together this fun gift guide full of Star Wars gifts for the ultimate Star Wars fan in your life. Affiliate links are included to help support this blog. May the 4th Be With You With Cindo de Mayo being the next day, this is the perfect shirt to carry you over into the next party. Because let's … [Read more...]

Easy Makeover with New Living Room Lights

This post was sponsored by OSRAM SYLVANIA as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary merchandise to facilitate my review. Tweaking your living room lights can give the room a quick and easy makeover. Our living room is a bit dark when the blinds aren't open. There are only the overhead lights and one lamp in that room. The candle holder above the mantle … [Read more...]

I Finally Found One of the Best Cell Phone Plans

After sticking with the same company for TEN years and not being super satisfied, I finally decided to switch. All the mobile phone companies offer something great, but I finally found one of the best cell phone plans that works for me. I received product to facilitate this post but all thoughts and opinions shared are based solely on my experience. The Best Cell Phone Plans I was shocked … [Read more...]

Time Flies When Working Out with This

Seems like an oxymoron right? Time couldn't possibly fly by when working out. People claim to love the burn and find doing cardio the ultimate "me" time. I mean, I love the way I feel after working out, but during the process I'm usually cursing everything and anything--and time feels like it's standing still. But I'm so happy to report that I've found something that legitimately makes the time … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for People Living the Fit Life

Whether you're already living the fit life or making the changes to adopt a healthier lifestyle, these gifts are great for motivation to keep it up or inspiration to get started. I struggle daily to get moving and stay on track and know that so many others do too. So, I put together this list of my favorite products that help me keep up with good habits and lure me back if I fall off the wagon, or … [Read more...]

Best Gifts for Bloggers – Blogging Gift Guide

"Write what you know," they say. Well okay. Keeping in mind that no bloggers are created equal, and many receive the hottest items for review or just as swag, I imagine we can be amongst the most difficult to shop for. That said, my sister and I have put together this list of the best gifts for bloggers. This list could also apply to moms or homemakers. Affiliate links are included. Gifts for … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for 5th Grade Girls

Buying for kids of different ages can be really tough. Being that my daughter is in fifth grade, she's sort of an expert on what 5th grade girls would want for the holidays. So I put her to work on making this gift guide. Affiliate links are used to support this blog but all products were chosen without bias. 5th Grade Girls Chesney and I sat down and put together this list based on what she … [Read more...]

Best Smartphone for Kids around Age 10

Your first smartphone. For kids these days it's most likely their first cell phone. For those of us that started with pagers and evolved with technology, that smartphone was a miraculous wonder. Finding the right smartphone for kids can be tough because there is such variety and price brackets. I'm excited to say, we found the best smartphone for my 10 year old daughter. While we received the … [Read more...]

We Love the LG Volt 2 No Contract Cell Phone

When getting a teenager a new phone, a lot of questions arise. Are they responsible enough to handle it? Do they really need a high-end smartphone? What if they don't really need it all the time? The answer: a no contract cell phone plan. We received this Boost Mobile LG Volt 2 for review but all thoughts and opinions shared here are my own. No Contract Cell Phone It's really a no-brainer. … [Read more...]

Best Buy Holiday Shopping Event is Tech-tacular

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card. I don't know how you feel about holiday shopping, but I'm not a huge fan. I have to figure out what to get people. I have to worry that it's not the right thing. I don't like it. The only thing I like about holiday shopping is going to Best Buy, and this year Best Buy is helping make my holiday shopping fun again instead of … [Read more...]

Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 – Powerful 2-in-1 Tech

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  The Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 is here! They days of bulky, clunky laptops are a thing of the past. Now we have 2-in-1 beauties like the Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 that give us performance and power in a truly portable package. WOOT! Toshiba Satellite … [Read more...]

Arlo Wireless Security – Next Generation Safety

We recently moved our office space down to a large workshop we have in the back of the property. Because it's away from the house and all of our gadgets are in there, we knew we needed a wireless security system. We were given the opportunity to review the Arlo wireless security system using NETGEAR technology for free in exchange for our honest, unbiased opinion. High Tech Wireless … [Read more...]

Vacuuming is Easier with Eureka Brushroll Clean

Vacuuming. My old foe. I clean the carpet, and then I have to turn right back around and do it again. It's only natural. I have three dogs, after all. I have a hate/hate relationship with vacuuming, but it's far less painful with the Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal. I received a Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal for review purposes. All opinions are my own.  Vacuuming is Better … [Read more...]

How Gorilla Glass Helps A Blogger Work Out Routine

Working out isn't something that comes easy to everyone. I'd be lying if I said I loved it. Sure, I love the way it makes me feel afterwards, but all the prep, planning, sweating, burning... once you fall out of habit, it's tough to get back into it. To get myself back into a healthy routine, I'm combining my passion for photography into my work outs. Thanks to Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4, I'm not … [Read more...]

5 Wedding Registry Ideas for a Smart Home

Creating a wedding registry is surprisingly harder than one would think. At least it was for me. I always thought it would be a blast to run around stores with the scanner gun and just add to the list, but when it came time for me to do that, I froze. Did I really want fine China? (Nope) Would we ever use an ice cream maker? (Heck yes) The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy … [Read more...]

Smart Security for a She Shed – Man Cave for Ladies

Chances are you have seen some buzz about creating a She Shed. The men have their Man Caves or Garage Mahals, so now it's time for the women to have their special place to escape. Having a She Shed sounds like a dream, but it can be a reality with a little bit of planning. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and is using affiliate links. I feel like I keep … [Read more...]

Awesome New Games and Products from Disney Interactive #D23Expo

As odd as it may sound, I have poison ivy to thank for my gaming passion. Growing up in the woods with a deadly allergy to poison ivy was a bit like growing up in a prison. So my mom took sympathy and compensated by keeping me stocked with all the new games on the market. I'm so excited to tell you about everything we learned at the Disney Interactive panel at the D23 Expo. I was able to attend … [Read more...]

Disney Playmation Gets Everyone Up and Moving

While attending the D23 Expo, I got to see the Disney Playmation toy line in action. When I say it gets everyone up and moving, I mean it. It's suggested for ages 6 and up, but I can totally see all my 30-something friends getting in on this action. I attended this event as part of a press junket sponsored by Disney. All thoughts and opinions are my own. And any affiliate links used are to help … [Read more...]

Portable Air Cleaner for Allergy Sufferers

I received product for my honest review of the Air Angel air cleaner. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. True confession: My office is the most disgusting room in the house. Well, the crawlspace is probably worse, but my office has to be a close second. Our plans to completely gut the room keep getting delayed because, well, I need my office. The room has the original carpet … [Read more...]

Favorite Tech Gadget and XFINITY Gigabit Pro

Post and giveaway sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. When thinking about my favorite tech gadget, it's impossible to say just one. Of course, my iPhone would be an obvious choice. To make things a little more interesting, I will say that my favorite gadget as of right now is my Kindle Paperwhite. I know a lot of hardcore readers will … [Read more...]

HP Instant Ink is Helping me Get Organized – Free Printables

HP Instant Ink is helping me on my ongoing quest for an organized office. I have always loved the idea of printables, but using up ink has held me back. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. Getting Organized The last time I made a serious effort to become more organized I ran out of ink. I was super pumped and then ran out of ink in the middle of printing out a blogging … [Read more...]

Disney Infinity 3.0 Preview with Inside Out Characters #InsideOutEvent

Disney Infinity 3.0 is an amazing gaming platform that all ages can enjoy! Available for Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Xbox One, you can preorder now! The most exciting part of this new and improved game is that it now has Disney Pixar's Inside Out characters! As part of the press trip to LA I received some of these products for free, but all thoughts and opinions shared here are my … [Read more...]

XFINITY Voice Remote is Pretty Darn Smart

The highly anticipated XFINITY Voice Remote is here, and it's as awesome as promised. Searching by title is only one of the amazing things that you can do with this new voice remote for the X1 System. Post and giveaway sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. So, a few weeks ago Mike and I were scrolling through the many areas of the X1 … [Read more...]

XFINITY X1 Share App – New Way to Share Videos

XFINITY X1 just keeps getting better thanks to the apps that they have available. This new X1 Share App is the most impressive yet. Post and giveaway are sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. XFINITY X1 Share App I am sure most of us have taken video or pictures on our phones that we've wanted to share. Well, sitting in a room full of … [Read more...]

Next Level Cleansing with Sonic Technology

Sonic technology brings cleansing to another level. For a deeper cleansing, the Silk'n SonicCleanPlus is a device you can use at home for the body and face. This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own. My skin has always been a trouble area for me. It's oily, zitty, and constantly feels greasy. Now that I am in my thirties, you can add wrinkles into the mix. Gone are the days of … [Read more...]

The V6 Dyson Vacuum is Available at Best Buy Now #cordlesspower

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions are my own. I recently had the opportunity to review the new Dyson vacuum, the V6 Absolute. It's a cordless, compact vacuum, and it's surprisingly powerful for such a small machine. I've wanted a new Dyson vacuum forever, so I was really excited … [Read more...]

3 Dogs + 1 Husband = Spring Cleaning with BISSELL

I have three adorable AND crazy dogs and one husband who always seems to be dirty. I do my best to make sure all four of my boys keep their dirt confined to the outside, but boys will be boys - especially mine. That's exactly why I do my Spring cleaning with BISSELL. It helps me get all that dirt out of the carpet and upholstery. Vacuuming just doesn't cut it in this house! Thank you BISSELL for … [Read more...]

Getting Organized with My HP Envy 15

Getting organized seems to be a constant challenge for me. Since I started blogging, the struggle is even realer than ever. I think there was a time in my life where I might have been an organized person. Feels like a dream now. Thankfully, technology is here to help us on our quest to get organized and stay that way. #spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel … [Read more...]

Top 20 Video Games of 2014 You Need in Your Library Giveaway

If you're like me, you love video games, but you don't love paying full price. That's why I've put together a list of the top 20 video games of 2014. These games are new enough to meet our standards, but just old enough to find them at a savings. This post contains affiliate links; all opinions are my own. Top 20 Video Games of 2014 - Many and Varied There were some amazing games released in … [Read more...]

Power Walking My Way Back to Running

Spring is finally here, and I've finally had the opportunity to get out there with my Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker. Yay! I've decided that since I haven't been running in so long, that I am going to power walk my way back into it. Sponsored post; all opinions are my own. Power Walking and Running Intervals I love power walking with my Omron. I used to run quite a bit, but ever since I … [Read more...]

Getting to Know 3D Imagery and RealSense Technology with HP Envy

It doesn't seem long ago that 3D Imagery would be considered futuristic. Well, it's here. The HP Envy 15 with RealSense technology has 3D capabilities and exciting innovations. #spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel This could include Intel providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment. The HP Envy 15 with Intel RealSense … [Read more...]

How to Craft More Efficiently with Cricut Explore

I have never known how to craft. That might sound strange, but I always thought crafting and DIY projects were part of an inherited gene that I just didn't receive. My sister is quite crafty, and so is my mom. I received a Cricut Explore for review purposes; all opinions are my own. This wireless design-and-cut system can make anyone a crafter. I know it has for me! How to Craft More … [Read more...]

Encourage Kids to Read More with Kindle and Printables

Did you know March is National Reading Month? This is certainly one theme I can get excited about. Here in Chiberia, we've been reading together an awful lot due to being trapped in the house to avoid lung-stopping cold temperatures. The joy of reading has not come naturally to either of my kids and I don't want to force them and turn it into a punishment. I want them to read more because they … [Read more...]

Awareness is the Key to Losing Weight

I would say that a major key to losing weight is awareness. It's easy to assume how many calories you eat in a day or how many steps you take, but that number may be nowhere near reality. Sponsored post and free product received from Omron, all opinions are my own. When I was at my best fitness level ever in my life, I was counting calories in and calories out like a spaz. This can be a major … [Read more...]

The D-Link Baby Camera – High Tech Security

If you have a child of any age - heck, even if you don't - the D-Link baby camera is a great way to keep track of your kids and your home. This is more than just a standard monitor. This is a high-tech video monitoring system with cutting edge features that allow you to easily and conveniently monitor your children and your home from just about anywhere. The D-Link is a Better Baby … [Read more...]

Products That Love You Back hhgregg

Valentine's day is this weekend! Consider giving gifts that will love you back. Flowers and candy are sweet, but gadgets last longer. ;) Sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Choosing a gift can show how much you know your loved one. If you know your partner is into fitness, a Fit-Bit can be a great gift. Dating a music-lover? Consider getting them an awesome new pair of headphones. There's … [Read more...]

RSVP for the #GiveMe4GLTE Twitter Party

Do you love a good Twitter Party? You know we do and we’re excited to host a party about Walmart Family Mobile 4G LTE Plans! On January 26, 2015 at 3:00pm ET, please join us for the #GiveMe4GLTE Twitter Party where we’ll be discussing 4G LTE and a variety of amazing smartphones, and giving you a chance to win prizes! With tax time approaching and with it the hopes of a little "extra" money, it … [Read more...]

Sharp AQUOS Crystal Smartphone – Like a Tiny TV

The Sharp AQUOS Crystal Smartphone reminds me of a tiny TV. The crystal clear screen feels like I am watching a miniature version of our HD TV. I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Sprint. I received a sample device to facilitate my review. Sharp AQUOS Crystal Smartphone Sharp has been a well-known company for its electronics. The Sharp AQUOS … [Read more...]

Cameras at Best Buy #CamerasatBestBuy

Photography is a growing interest of mine thanks to blogging. Best Buy has an amazing selection of the latest models of cameras and camcorders. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  Before the blog, I had little interest in photography. Sure, I liked to take pictures, but the actual art of … [Read more...]

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