Cool Gifts for Dad – Father’s Day Gift Guide for BA Dads

Cool gifts for dad can be hard to think of. When you have an awesome dad who still has a bit of edge to him, the gift possibilities are endless. If your dad has mastered the art of fatherhood while maintaining a great amount of badassery, allow us to present you with some Father's Day gift suggestions. This post contains affiliate links. Cool Gifts for Dad Now, of course, we aren't trying to … [Read more...]

Star Wars Gifts – May the 4th Be With You

Did you know May 4th is Star Wars day? In honor of this magnificent calendar occurrence, we've put together this fun gift guide full of Star Wars gifts for the ultimate Star Wars fan in your life. Affiliate links are included to help support this blog. May the 4th Be With You With Cindo de Mayo being the next day, this is the perfect shirt to carry you over into the next party. Because let's … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Moms Who Love Tea Time

Coming up with Mother's Day gift ideas can be really fun--or quite stressful depending on your situation. I like taking the guesswork out of all that and letting the experts help. For example, gift baskets from Gourmet Gift Baskets are put together with care and thoughtful ideas for all kinds of personalities. (I received the Tea & Cookies Premium basket to help facilitate this post.) For the … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Hide St. Patrick’s Day Gifts Under a Rainbow

We don't go too crazy with giving expensive St. Patrick's Day gifts but it's always fun to give a little something. To make these little presents more fun, I've decided to hide them under an indoor rainbow. How fun is it going to be when the kids find an actual pot of treasure at the end of a real-ish rainbow!? Affiliate links are included to help support this blog. 7 Ways to Hide St. … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Ice Cream Gifts Rock

Ice cream gifts are always welcome in this house. I like to consider myself an ice cream and gelato connoisseur. It might be strange since I am always cold, but I like frozen treats more than most foods on the planet. Product was received for review, and this post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. There are people that like ice cream, and then there are people who love ice … [Read more...]

Ultimate Gift Guide Roundup and D23 Exclusive

Are you overwhelmed with every sort of gift guide flooding the interwebs yet? I hope not, because we've round up all of ours for this year to put them all in one place. And, since it's the season for giving the best gifts, I'm offering a pretty great package too. 2015 Gift Guide Roundup Here's a catalog of all our gift guides for this season. Check them out and let us know which is your … [Read more...]

Best Gifts for Bloggers – Blogging Gift Guide

"Write what you know," they say. Well okay. Keeping in mind that no bloggers are created equal, and many receive the hottest items for review or just as swag, I imagine we can be amongst the most difficult to shop for. That said, my sister and I have put together this list of the best gifts for bloggers. This list could also apply to moms or homemakers. Affiliate links are included. Gifts for … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for People Who are Always Late

We all know the type. Ten minutes before you have to leave, they decide to start the laundry, or wash their hair. Or, maybe they just can't wake up in the morning on time. They hit the snooze 17 times to instill panic solely to be able to get up. Being that I AM one of these wretched people who are always late, I've put together this gift guide of things that help me manage my time a little … [Read more...]

Beauty Gifts for the Trendsetters on your List

There are so many ideas when it comes to beauty gifts that it can be overwhelming. My sister and I have gathered some ideas of products we have tried and deem worthy enough to recommend to others. Post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are our own. Beauty Gifts for the Trendsetters on your List Hair A while back I wrote about the Nume Lustrum curling wand. Professional curling wands … [Read more...]

Subscription Boxes for Cats Unboxing Videos

Subscription boxes for cats might just be the most fun to receive. Let your cat unbox it himself, with a little help from the humans. You never know how a cat will react, which is the best part. Stewie, Shelley's cat, loves his monthly boxes so much, he spends quite a bit of time just worshipping the box itself. The last time I went over to her house, Stewie was sitting in the KitNip box … [Read more...]

10 Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

It seems like we all know someone that has everything. Maybe they're older and have had a lifetime to accumulate all the things they could ever need or want. Or, maybe they've just got tons of money and can afford anything they may desire. In any case, that leaves us with the painful quest to find gifts for someone who has everything when the holiday season rolls around. To help spark some … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for 5th Grade Girls

Buying for kids of different ages can be really tough. Being that my daughter is in fifth grade, she's sort of an expert on what 5th grade girls would want for the holidays. So I put her to work on making this gift guide. Affiliate links are used to support this blog but all products were chosen without bias. 5th Grade Girls Chesney and I sat down and put together this list based on what she … [Read more...]

Sparkling Holiday Strawberry Jam Recipe with Printables

Homemade strawberry jam in a decorated mason jar makes a great holiday gift. Food gifts are always a win if you ask me. This sparkling holiday jam recipe is something you can mass produce and give to teachers, friends, neighbors, or use as hostess gifts. It's easy to keep jars around for those last minute gifts, too. Post contains affiliate links to help keep this blog jamming. Sparkling … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for People Who Love Minecraft

I say people as opposed to kids, because I know people of all ages that are proud to be avid members of  the Minecraft community. Everyone in this house loves the game and all the things that go with it. It was actually really fun putting this gift guide together. Affiliate links are included, but all choices were made without bias. People Who Love Minecraft The books. My daughter and son … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Someone Who is Always Cold

Do you know someone who is always cold? As a person who starts turning blue when temps drop below 60 degrees F, I thought I could offer some gift suggestions in this area. Affiliate links are included in this post to help me avoid freezing this winter. For Hands Rechargeable heated gloves aren't just for winter sport enthusiasts. I'm just sitting here in the office and wishing I had a pair … [Read more...]

Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide

Crazy cat lady is said with love, and not meant to exclude crazy cat men. We love cats just as much as any cat owner, that's why we have put together a list of gift ideas perfect for the people in your life that are owned by cats. This post includes affiliate links to help us spoil our own pets. Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide Cat Subscription Boxes: Monthly subscription boxes for cats are a win … [Read more...]

Coolest Collectible Steampunk Pocket Watch

While wandering around at the D23 Expo earlier this year, I found myself at the Starling Watch booth. The millions of tiny color combinations shining through the watch faces lured me in like magic. I'm about to introduce you to the coolest steampunk pocket watch you'll ever see--unless you see the others in the Starling line that is. I received this collectible pocket watch for review but all … [Read more...]

Give Mom the Best Mother’s Day Gift that Lasts Forever

While you should treat your mother wonderfully on a daily basis, there are a few days out of the year that she deserves to be honored a little extra. Her birthday, YOUR birthday, Valentine's day, and obviously Mother's Day. This Mother's Day I'd like to show you the best gift you could ever give mom. It's something she'll cherish and it is a gift that lasts forever. This post is sponsored by … [Read more...]

Mothers Day Gifts That Don’t Suck – Free Printable

Mothers Day is fast approaching. You can get her the standard flowers and cards, OR you can get her something a little more unique. Don't panic! Unique doesn't have to mean super involved. My definition of an epic Mothers Day gift is one that screams, "You are SO awesome, mom." This post contains affiliate links to possibly help us spoil our moms a bit more this year. Mothers Day Gifts Don't … [Read more...]

Products That Love You Back hhgregg

Valentine's day is this weekend! Consider giving gifts that will love you back. Flowers and candy are sweet, but gadgets last longer. ;) Sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Choosing a gift can show how much you know your loved one. If you know your partner is into fitness, a Fit-Bit can be a great gift. Dating a music-lover? Consider getting them an awesome new pair of headphones. There's … [Read more...]

DIY Valentine’s Day Coffee Spoons with Printable Tags

My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is all the chocolate. It comes in all forms and it doesn't even matter if I'm single or not. It simply makes everything wonderful. Combining chocolate with my other favorite vice--coffee--is just a set up for greatness. Chocolate dipped spoons are the ultimate way to stir your coffee into a heavenly concoction. I am using affiliate links in this post, but … [Read more...]

Omaha Steaks Grand Grillers Gift

Omaha Steaks is a brand you will find in our freezer throughout most of the year. It's a gift we like to give ourselves. So far, everything we have tried from Omaha Steaks has been top quality. There's no need to go to a pricey steakhouse when you can whip up a complete meal from the comfort of your own home. This post is brought to you by Omaha Steaks. All opinions are my own. Backyard … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Ideas from Best Buy #HintingSeason

We've been talking a lot about Best Buy this holiday season. It only makes sense, really. Gadgets are on the top of everyone's wish list this season, and Best Buy is our go-to store for electronics. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. There's still time to grab the perfect gift for everyone … [Read more...]

Get Great Gifts for Geeks this Holiday Season

Geek. It used to be a name that mean kids taunted other kids with. Now it's a badge of honor. Geeks are the new cool, and gifts for geeks are the all the rage this year, but if you're not a geek, it can be daunting trying to figure out what to get for the nerdy guy or girl in your life. I was able to find some great gifts for the geeky season, and I'd love to share them with you. Shopular has … [Read more...]

Christmas Gifts for Boys – A Survival Guide

I've been reading a lot of gift guides this holiday season, and while I appreciate that I'll always know what to buy for my niece, I haven't seen very many Christmas guides featuring gifts for boys. I've decided to do my part to make the season bright and make a list of awesome presents for boys, so that we can all get awesome gifts for girls AND for boys. Shopular sponsored this post, and it … [Read more...]

Applebee’s eGift Cards Make the Holidays Bright

The holidays are here, and if you're like me, you've got at least one difficult to shop for person on your Christmas list. You know, that person that seems to either have everything they want or they have such a wide range of interests that pinning your gift down to one awesome thing is next to impossible. Yeah, that person. Never fear, I've got something to make your holiday gifting woes a thing … [Read more...]

Gifts for Guys Who Like to Make a Statement

Gifts for guys - when did they become a standard multiple choice answer? It never fails. Every year, we guys get a minimum of one tie, another pair of pajama pants, and another socket set to add to our collections. Ladies, we love our socket sets, and we love you. But at this point, I couldn't run out of sockets if I tried, and I'm sure other boyfriends and husbands out there have a similarly huge … [Read more...]

Personalized Story Book Gift for Kids

Last year I received a special book gift that was made just for my niece. It was a unique gift that had the letters of her name spelled out in the story. This year I was excited to work with I See Me! a creator of personalized story books to create a book gift for my son. I received this unique gift from internationally award winning publisher Chronicle Books in exchange for my review, all … [Read more...]

Pet Gift Ideas that Help with Puppy Problems

Ah, puppy problems. We have them over here. They aren't so much problems, as just puppy training issues. Thankfully, we have been introduced to many products that can help us along the way. Some of these items were received for review purposes, and some contain affiliate links. In any case, all opinions are our own. Anyone who has adopted a puppy knows that training can be challenging. … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead Super Fan Gift Guide

The Walking Dead is probably one of our favorite shows of all times. I know we are not alone, and you probably have a super fan on your shopping list. Here are some gift suggestions that I think would make a great present for fans of The Walking Dead. This post is sponsored by Shopular and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Obvious gift choices for a Walking Dead fan would … [Read more...]

My Favorite Things Holiday #FavoriteThings

I was invited to join a fabulous group of bloggers for the My Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway. Of course, I jumped at the chance. This is our way to show our appreciation to our readers by giving away a prize package consisting of our favorite things! Each blogger is self-sponsoring their own prize package. This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. My Favorite Things … [Read more...]

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men – Manly Gifts

Christmas gift ideas for men can be difficult to think of at times. I know a few men in my life that don't have many hobbies outside of work, so it's hard to think of a creative gift idea for them. Recently we received a few products for review to help give us some ideas. Although some items shown were received for free and/or we are affiliates of the company, all opinions are our … [Read more...]

Expand Your Family Tree with Ancestry DNA

Ancestry is something I got into a few years back thanks to my Grandfather. He enlisted me to find out more about his family tree. I headed straight to since I had already heard good things about them. Fast forward to a few months ago, and I had the opportunity to work with them. I received an Ancestry DNA test at no cost. All opinions are my own. Expand Your Family Tree with … [Read more...]

Gifts for Fitness Fanatic Grads at Best Buy #GreatestGrad

Do you have a fitness fanatic graduate in the family? If so, we have some great gift suggestions for you. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. It's graduation season and that means parties and gifts. Choosing a gift can be quite simple if you know the graduate's future plans. For us, we have … [Read more...]

Great Gifts for a Memory Maker Dad at Best Buy #GreatestDad

Best Buy has great gifts for every dad out there. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card. I would consider my father-in-law a memory maker. He is the one you will find behind the camera during family parties. He is the one that will email everyone with photo collages, or even mail copies of videos that he captured from awesome events. Knowing this about him … [Read more...]

Support Local Florists this Mother’s Day

Support Local Florists this Mother's Day I am a brand ambassador for Bloompop and I was compensated for writing this post with my own opinions. Support your local florists when shopping for gifts this Mother's day. Flowers are a popular choice for mom on her day. Bloompop is making it easy to take this opportunity to shop locally. Each participating local florist has a storefront on … [Read more...]

5 Affordable and Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #momsgifts

Mother's Day is fast approaching so I thought I would share some affordable and practical gift ideas. I don't know about you, but for the past several years we tend to give more practical gifts. No one makes money like they used to so the days of frivolous gift-giving are long gone. Some of these products I have received for free and/or I am an affiliate with the company. I assure you that I … [Read more...]

DaVinci Beads from Coppin’s Gifts

Charm bead bracelets have quickly grown in popularity. It is fun to find charms that fit the various parts of your life, family members, and hobbies. I partnered with Coppin’s Gifts and received a beautiful DaVinci Bead bracelet in exchange for my review. DaVinci Beads With DaVinci beads I was able to put together a bracelet that suited my style and had meaning to me. I chose three birthstone … [Read more...]

Vanilla Gift Cards Make a Perfect Gift for Anyone

As I head into a season of birthdays in our family, I am often struggling to find something that fits everyone’s personal style or gift list. I was excited to learn about Vanilla Gift Cards, a new way to gift money to friends and family. I received Vanilla Gift MasterCard, a gift card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted in exchange for my review. Vanilla Gift Cards Make a Perfect … [Read more...]

Lepow Moonstone Portable Charger Review

I think all of us have been in that helpless situation where our precious devices are dying and we are without a charger.  It can feel like my own lifeline is being slowly cut.  So, I am beyond thrilled to bring you this review and giveaway for the Lepow Moonstone Portable Charger.  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest feedback.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Lepow … [Read more...]

Teach Kids How To Grow Lunch

I am desperately trying to find new ways to get my kids excited about eating healthier.  They are relatively pretty good eaters, but since I am a future Registered Dietitian (RD) there is always room for improvement!  This spring, I am planning to teach them how to grow their own lunch! It will make veggies more fun and educate them about entire process. How To Grow a Garden Made EASY This … [Read more...]

Join Me at the #TrendTea Twitter Party

Image Credit:  bellatheblog Valentine's Day is just around the corner and there are so many ways that Bigelow Tea can help make it sweeter.  Bigelow has a tea for everyone, including a duet of scrumptious flavors that would make for the perfect gift.  Find out how you can incorporate Bigelow Tea from Target into your Valentine's plans to warm the hearts of your loved ones. Join myself, … [Read more...]

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