Great White Shepherd, a Grumpkin, and a FrankenZombie

Great White Hilo

We have our Halloween pet costumes all ready to go. PetSmart sent us a variety of Halloween goodies including pet costumes and toys. All opinions are our own. Pet costumes for Halloween are just so fun. We love to dress our guys up, and if it were up to me, they would be in some sort of costume all year round. Great White Shepherd, a Grumpkin, and a FrankenZombie PetSmart surprised us with … [Read more...]

Halloween Pet Costumes and Toys

halloween pet costumes

Halloween is coming and that means pet costumes galore!  Of course, my favorite thing to do is dress up The Grump.  He might not love it, but he humors me and is usually a good sport.  Our friends at PetSmart sent us a bunch of goodies for review.  All opinions are my own. Halloween Pet Costumes and Toys from PetSmart Last year we had a blast opening the door to the trick-or-treaters.  The … [Read more...]

Costumes for Dogs at PetSmart

dogs costumes

Are your dogs ready for Halloween?  Ours are!  Well, at least The Grump is.  He now has his Spider costume and a Dragon.  Both great costumes available at PetSmart. Costumes for Dogs We originally received the Yoda costume for review, but it was way too big.  Sizing up The Grump is quite difficult.  Although he is tiny, he's really long.  Since Yoda was only available online, I had to choose … [Read more...] Costume Review

Cute Costumes

With Halloween only a couple of weeks away, everyone I know is busy deciding what costume to wear and where they will actually buy it.  I love Halloween, it's one of my favorite times of the year! I have so much fun dressing up and seeing all the creative costumes out there....but the one thing I do not like about this time of year is costume shopping.  The huge costume stores that pop up … [Read more...]

Dog Costumes from PetSmart

spider grump

Dog costumes are hilarious.  I had actually never even thought of dressing up a dog until we got The Grump.  He's already such a funny little character, I would like to dress him up daily. Dog Costumes from PetSmart PetSmart has large collection of dog costumes.  While browsing their selection I found several costumes that I could see our dog wearing.  My first choice was Yoda (review coming … [Read more...]

Review ~ Halloween Express


Halloween Express Twister Costume, Shrunken Head in Flask, Whoopie Cushion Costume     This site was so easy to use!  All their costumes are good quality and are very reasonably priced!  The kids had so much fun picking out their costumes!  We were all laughing together at how funny some of them are!  Adam's Whoopie Cushion costume is sadly perfect for him!  LOL  He's notorious for clearing a … [Read more...]

Review ~ Sexy Pirate Costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes


Womens Playboy Sexy Pirate Costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes   Buying adult costumes can be quite tricky.  A lot of times they are overpriced and poorly made.  You can spend over a hundred dollars on something that you will wear once and is complete crap.  This is the first time I have gotten to review a costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. I was able to choose from an … [Read more...]

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