Our Electric Pressure Washer is Making it Fun to Clean

If you've never owned an electric pressure washer, it may be a lot more useful than you imagine. I used to think a pressure washer was good for washing the deck, and that's it. Boy, was I wrong. Now that we have the Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer, we have been washing everything. By "we", I mean Mike. ;) Product was sent for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. Our … [Read more...]

VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display has Come to Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Post contains affiliate links. The VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display has arrived, and it's making full use of the newest HD technology. Whether you are binge watching Netflix or your husband is watching yet another game or the kids … [Read more...]

DYNATRAP Insect Trap to Reclaim Your Yard

The DYNATRAP Insect Trap is going to get me more relaxing yard time this year. I might be well into adulthood, but one winged creature buzzes by my ear and I might as well be five years old. I can't even control the sounds that come out of me when a flying insect gets too close. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. DYNATRAP Insect Trap to Reclaim Your Yard Our backyard is … [Read more...]

Easy Makeover with New Living Room Lights

This post was sponsored by OSRAM SYLVANIA as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary merchandise to facilitate my review. Tweaking your living room lights can give the room a quick and easy makeover. Our living room is a bit dark when the blinds aren't open. There are only the overhead lights and one lamp in that room. The candle holder above the mantle … [Read more...]

ENERGY STAR Dryers and Washers Save More Than Money

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  ENERGY STAR dryers and washers can save us money on both our water and energy bills. We all know that. Something we don't often think of is that these washers, dryers, and other Energy Star certified appliances help save our environment as well. That's an … [Read more...]

7 Creative Uses for Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are of course great to play tennis with, but did you know that you can use them for so much more? Take a look below at seven creative uses for tennis balls that are sure to make your life a little easier. Tennis balls are simple to find and easy to afford, so take a look at how you can put them to use in your own home. This post contains affiliate links. 7 Creative Uses for … [Read more...]

Kitchen Transformation Goals with the KitchenAid Collection at Best Buy

We are in desperate need of a kitchen transformation. For a household that loves technology, you would never know it by looking at our kitchen. Kitchen appliances have evolved right along with the rest of technology, and it's impressive what they can do now. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy gift card for this post. All opinions are my own. If you love to cook, chances are new … [Read more...]

Practical Pet Spring Cleaning Tips for Lovable Dirty Dogs

Spring cleaning is a bit more intense for people with pets. Even more so when your pets have extra nasty habits. I have partnered with Pet Supplies Plus of Chicago to bring you pet spring cleaning tips to help get your home and your pets ready for spring. As pet owners, I think we are blinded by love as to how foul our little creatures can be. I mean, really, I try not to think about some … [Read more...]

Small Lifestyle Changes for a Healthy Planet

All humans should agree that our planet needs to be top priority when it comes to life. Without its health, where does that leave us? I think everyday should be Earth day! Sadly, most of us have developed some bad habits that negatively impact the earth on a small scale. But with billions of us making the same mistakes, it makes for a huge problem. The good news is, we can all make small lifestyle … [Read more...]

Ideal Pet Products to Stock Up On for Pets of All Ages

While spring cleaning, I am looking to stock up on ideal pet products for our three dogs. Their pet closet has gotten out of control. Part of my cleaning routine is to remove everything from that area. I will choose what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss. After that, I want to add in products that we need on hand. No need to run out of items that we use frequently. With dogs of varying … [Read more...]

5 Reasons GhostBed is the Best Mattress to Buy

Finding the best mattress to buy can be overwhelming. It's been a while since we shopped for a mattress, but I can remember it being quite the challenge. Sure, you can go lay on all the beds in the store, but it's not the same as trying to fall asleep at night. We received a GhostBed for review, and this post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. This is not our first time … [Read more...]

Plastic Spoon Craft – Easy Upcycled Lotus Planter

For those of us who have a difficult time throwing away disposable silverware, here is a plastic spoon craft. My whole life my grandma washed plastic silverware. The whole point of using disposable things is to, you know, dispose of it, but my gram just couldn't stomach it. I have inherited this trait and feel the need to upcycle. This post contains affiliate links to help support this … [Read more...]

Fun Coffee Mugs to Keep Your Sci Fi Game Strong – Giveaway

One of my all time favorite things to do is cozy up for movie night with a warm cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. Part of what makes this a favorite is picking which of my fun coffee mugs to use. We are totally out of hooks in our kitchen so we decided to get rid of some.... NOT. We're adding more hooks of course. While shopping around I found so many cool ones I had to share some of them. … [Read more...]

How To Remove Stains On Clothes – Giveaway

Figuring out how to remove stains on clothes can be stressful especially if it's an important sports uniform or fancy outfit. I'm so excited to introduce this amazing new product that gets rid of the toughest stains and even the smells from my son's sports gear. This post has been sponsored by ESPRO Sports Cleaner but all thoughts shared here are based on my experience. How to Remove Stains … [Read more...]

How To Get Ready for Winter – 9 Tips

Believe it or not, winter is coming. It has to right? Sure, it's the end of December and it is 50 degrees here in Chicago, but c'mon, we all know the cold and snow are eventually going to come. So we've put together these tips for how to get ready for winter. We've got tips for your house, your car, and even you! This post has been sponsored by Snow Joe, but all thoughts and opinions shared here … [Read more...]

Stewie was the Kid’s First Pet #ShedHappens

Getting your first pet can be one of your best childhood memories. We all still remember the day Stewie arrived with Brian almost four years ago. We only ended up keeping Stewie because Brian wasn't good with kids, but we found him a purrfect furrever home. Stewie has been part of the family ever since. This post is sponsored by Swiffer® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am … [Read more...]

7 Eco Friendly Ways we are Keeping Our Office Greener

Now that we have our own office, we are trying to keep it as eco friendly as possible. We love our new office space, but definitely want to stay mindful when it comes to our carbon footprints. This post is sponsored by Dasani & The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are my own. 7 Eco Friendly Ways we are Keeping our Office Space Greener Composting - We put everything we can into the … [Read more...]

Whirlpool Every Day, Care – Helping Habitat for Humanity Help Others

The Whirlpool Every day, Care Project is all about making the world a better place one act of kindness at a time. Whirlpool is dedicated to making the world better with their partnership with Habitat for Humanity, and their Whirlpool Every day, Care Project is all about encouraging us to care every day, as well. Today’s post is sponsored by hhgregg, by my love for their new Whirlpool products are … [Read more...]

Holiday Ultimate Rewards into Summer Projects

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chase Ultimate Rewards. All opinions are 100% mine. I have discussed how we use our Chase Ultimate Rewards a few times now, but this time we have a different plan. Throughout the busy shopping and holiday season, I want to rack up as many rewards as possible to use toward home improvements in the New Year. Over the summer we managed to compile … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Someone Who is Always Cold

Do you know someone who is always cold? As a person who starts turning blue when temps drop below 60 degrees F, I thought I could offer some gift suggestions in this area. Affiliate links are included in this post to help me avoid freezing this winter. For Hands Rechargeable heated gloves aren't just for winter sport enthusiasts. I'm just sitting here in the office and wishing I had a pair … [Read more...]

Make Coca-Cola at Home with Keurig Kold

Keurig Kold is a new futuristic kitchen gadget that allows you to make Coca-Cola and other drinks at home. The Keurig® Kold™ drink maker sits on your countertop and makes drinks with the simple press of a button. No CO2 canisters to mess with, and it's perfectly chilled with not even an ice cube. This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own. Make Coca-Cola at Home with Keurig … [Read more...]

Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide

Crazy cat lady is said with love, and not meant to exclude crazy cat men. We love cats just as much as any cat owner, that's why we have put together a list of gift ideas perfect for the people in your life that are owned by cats. This post includes affiliate links to help us spoil our own pets. Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide Cat Subscription Boxes: Monthly subscription boxes for cats are a win … [Read more...]

These Paper Towels are Making Life Easier

Paper towels have never really been my go-to for tough messes unless it was a mess that would permanently stain a dish towel or ruin the washing machine. I just always thought a paper towel could never do the job like a 'real' towel... Until I attended the Viva® Vantage® live event and used these paper towels for myself. I received samples and compensation for my time, but all thoughts and … [Read more...]

Samsung Appliances to Add to my Dream Kitchen

Samsung appliances are all over my radar since we are thinking about renovating our kitchen soon. A kitchen rehab has been something we want to do for years now, but it's not the cheapest task in the world. We also talk about moving. No matter what we decide, Samsung appliances are on my mind. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card, but all opinions are my own. A few … [Read more...]

Arlo Wireless Security – Next Generation Safety

We recently moved our office space down to a large workshop we have in the back of the property. Because it's away from the house and all of our gadgets are in there, we knew we needed a wireless security system. We were given the opportunity to review the Arlo wireless security system using NETGEAR technology for free in exchange for our honest, unbiased opinion. High Tech Wireless … [Read more...]

Vacuuming is Easier with Eureka Brushroll Clean

Vacuuming. My old foe. I clean the carpet, and then I have to turn right back around and do it again. It's only natural. I have three dogs, after all. I have a hate/hate relationship with vacuuming, but it's far less painful with the Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal. I received a Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal for review purposes. All opinions are my own.  Vacuuming is Better … [Read more...]

Simple Lifehack on How to Fix a Drawstring

This simple lifehack will save you tons of time and frustration. Don't you just hate it when the drawstring comes out of your hoodies or sweatpants! I know we all must share this pet peeve. But I had no idea people didn't know this simple fix. All you need is a safety pin. Lifehack - How To Fix A Drawstring that Fell Out When I was little, my mom showed me this quick trick to fix a … [Read more...]

5 Wedding Registry Ideas for a Smart Home

Creating a wedding registry is surprisingly harder than one would think. At least it was for me. I always thought it would be a blast to run around stores with the scanner gun and just add to the list, but when it came time for me to do that, I froze. Did I really want fine China? (Nope) Would we ever use an ice cream maker? (Heck yes) The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy … [Read more...]

Smart Security for a She Shed – Man Cave for Ladies

Chances are you have seen some buzz about creating a She Shed. The men have their Man Caves or Garage Mahals, so now it's time for the women to have their special place to escape. Having a She Shed sounds like a dream, but it can be a reality with a little bit of planning. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and is using affiliate links. I feel like I keep … [Read more...]

5 Reasons I Love XFINITY X1 Cloud DVR

Post and giveaway sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. XFINITY X1 has a Cloud DVR system, and it's probably the best feature ever. Cloud DVR means that your recorded shows are stored in a cloud, making them accessible from any of your devices. There's so much that I could say about this that I decided to make a list. I can't even tell … [Read more...]

Portable Air Cleaner for Allergy Sufferers

I received product for my honest review of the Air Angel air cleaner. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. True confession: My office is the most disgusting room in the house. Well, the crawlspace is probably worse, but my office has to be a close second. Our plans to completely gut the room keep getting delayed because, well, I need my office. The room has the original carpet … [Read more...]

Favorite Tech Gadget and XFINITY Gigabit Pro

Post and giveaway sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. When thinking about my favorite tech gadget, it's impossible to say just one. Of course, my iPhone would be an obvious choice. To make things a little more interesting, I will say that my favorite gadget as of right now is my Kindle Paperwhite. I know a lot of hardcore readers will … [Read more...]

HP Instant Ink is Helping me Get Organized – Free Printables

HP Instant Ink is helping me on my ongoing quest for an organized office. I have always loved the idea of printables, but using up ink has held me back. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. Getting Organized The last time I made a serious effort to become more organized I ran out of ink. I was super pumped and then ran out of ink in the middle of printing out a blogging … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Make Doing Office Work More Fun

I've been doing office work for my family's businesses since I was about thirteen years old. That's 18 years of paperwork! Plus all the homework from school and college. In an effort to make the drudgery more fun, I have become totally addicted to fun and cute office supplies. I've used affiliate links where applicable to help fund this blog, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Get … [Read more...]

Tide Pods Make Laundry So Easy My Teen Son Is Doing It

I received this product for free to facilitate this post and received compensation for my time. But all thoughts and opinions shared here are my own. Laundry seems to pile up faster than anything in the house. With Taekwondo, horseback riding, basketball, and just being kids, between the four of us you'd think there were a dozen people here with the amount of laundry we do. I finally broke down … [Read more...]

The V6 Dyson Vacuum is Available at Best Buy Now #cordlesspower

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions are my own. I recently had the opportunity to review the new Dyson vacuum, the V6 Absolute. It's a cordless, compact vacuum, and it's surprisingly powerful for such a small machine. I've wanted a new Dyson vacuum forever, so I was really excited … [Read more...]

Getting Enough Sleep Saves Lives

If you read my last post about the Top 10 Sleep Distractions, then you know just how ridiculously exhausted I am. Sadly, I know I am not alone. However, I'm happy to report that since writing that post a month ago, I've made some simple changes and they have helped tremendously! This post is sponsored by Restonic and PTPA, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Getting Enough Sleep The … [Read more...]

Disaster Preparedness Food – Survivors Have to Eat

Disaster preparedness food is an important part of any disaster survival kit. Flashlights, fuel, a radio, and the like are all important, but you can't eat any of them. Emergency food allows you to eat while you wait out the storm or the hurricane or the zombie apocalypse. This post contains affiliate links; all opinions are my own. Disaster Preparedness Food - Make it Part of Your Kit When … [Read more...]

Roll Back Savings with Walmart’s Stock and Save Event

The product information found within this post and the Walmart gift cards have been provided by P&G, however all opinions expressed are my own.  Let me be super clear on this. The whole Roll Back thing Walmart does is awesome. Purely awesome. They already have super low prices on stuff, but when roll backs come around, it gets real. I'm a big fan of stocking up on a good roll back, so I'm … [Read more...]

3 Dogs + 1 Husband = Spring Cleaning with BISSELL

I have three adorable AND crazy dogs and one husband who always seems to be dirty. I do my best to make sure all four of my boys keep their dirt confined to the outside, but boys will be boys - especially mine. That's exactly why I do my Spring cleaning with BISSELL. It helps me get all that dirt out of the carpet and upholstery. Vacuuming just doesn't cut it in this house! Thank you BISSELL for … [Read more...]

The Power of Home Equity

This post is written and sponsored by U.S. Bank. Seems you’ve got a bit of a dilemma on your hands. That big project you’ve had in your head for what feels like forever is now actually coming together on paper and just waiting to be started. You have the time to do it and - best of all? - you want to do it. There’s just one problem. You need funds, because without them, your dream project stays … [Read more...]

DIY Scrub for Tub and Sink Cleaning

My mother-in-law gave me her DIY scrub for tub and sink cleaning, and I love it. With a simple four ingredients, you can create a refreshing scrub for the sink and the bathtub. I know sinks and tubs come in a variety of materials. I don't find this scrub to be that abrasive, but use your own judgement depending on what you have. Post contains affiliate links; all opinions are my own. DIY … [Read more...]

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