Proper Food Portion Sizes – Help in Disguise

Determining proper food portion sizes is extremely difficult without a bit of guidance. It's hard to eyeball your food to decide how big of a piece to eat, especially when you are hungry. Thankfully, there are tools out there to help us serve ourselves proper food portion sizes. I received portion plates from Slimware for review, and this post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my … [Read more...]

Kitchen Transformation Goals with the KitchenAid Collection at Best Buy

We are in desperate need of a kitchen transformation. For a household that loves technology, you would never know it by looking at our kitchen. Kitchen appliances have evolved right along with the rest of technology, and it's impressive what they can do now. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy gift card for this post. All opinions are my own. If you love to cook, chances are new … [Read more...]

Make Coca-Cola at Home with Keurig Kold

Keurig Kold is a new futuristic kitchen gadget that allows you to make Coca-Cola and other drinks at home. The Keurig® Kold™ drink maker sits on your countertop and makes drinks with the simple press of a button. No CO2 canisters to mess with, and it's perfectly chilled with not even an ice cube. This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own. Make Coca-Cola at Home with Keurig … [Read more...]

Samsung Appliances to Add to my Dream Kitchen

Samsung appliances are all over my radar since we are thinking about renovating our kitchen soon. A kitchen rehab has been something we want to do for years now, but it's not the cheapest task in the world. We also talk about moving. No matter what we decide, Samsung appliances are on my mind. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card, but all opinions are my own. A few … [Read more...]

Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer System – Great Juicing Tool

Using the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer System is helping us stay on track with juicing. I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer Network campaign for the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer System. I am receiving a fee for posting, however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer System team and do not earn a commission or percentage … [Read more...]

Prep for the Holidays with Appliances from Best Buy

The holidays are coming up fast. Is your kitchen ready for it? Holiday baking, cooking, and preparation of all kinds can put your appliances to the test. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card, but all opinions are my own. Prep for the Holidays with Appliances from Best Buy We don't host any holidays at our house, but I do like to bake treats and make appetizers for … [Read more...]

Cake Batter Fruit Dip in my New Tupperware Serving Center Set

Tupperware has a few new products out to make your life easier in the kitchen. I received three items in exchange for my honest review. My favorite has to be the Tupperware Serving Center Set. It's great for so many things, like anything that goes with dip. I made my favorite cake batter fruit dip for the last game day. It's always a hit and a great way to sneak some fruit into the … [Read more...]

NewAir WCD-100W Water Dispenser Review

We've kept a water dispenser in the house for as long as I can remember. I consider a water dispenser a non-negotiable appliance. With my kidney stones and frequent UTI issues, I need to drink water all day, everyday.  Using the dispenser makes this a much more pleasant task. Also, a water dispenser is much more convenient than constantly filling up a pitcher and changing filters. We were sent the … [Read more...]

Summer Food Safety Tips

My baby boy is growing up REALLY fast, I know people say that, but it becomes so real when you are living it. Soon, we will be on to solid foods, and I am so nervous about making the right choices for him. I was excited to partner with Fresh Baby to share with you some Summer Food Safety tips. I received products for review in exchange for my honest opinion – and if you keep reading their might be … [Read more...]

Affordable Countertop Refinishing with Encore Countertop Kit

This summer I have been itching to work on some projects around the house. With a baby – that makes things a little harder to get done, but we have still managed to make a few updates in our kitchen that have made a big difference. I was so pleased to work with Encore countertops again to lighten our countertop color. I received a product in exchange for my honest review. Encore Concrete … [Read more...]

DIY Kitchen Updates with Delta Faucet

In our rather small kitchen, it has been hard to create a personality. We do not have the time (or money) to rip out the whole thing and start over, so we find smaller things that can make a big difference. We have done some plumbing before, so I decided it would be an easy project to install a new faucet – something with a lot of personality was just the trick! I received a faucet from Delta … [Read more...]

How to Drink Coffee Black with iCoffee

My coffee typically consists of nine parts sweetened creamer to one part coffee.  However, after being introduced to the iCoffee machine, for free—don't worry all thoughts and opinions are my own, I can proudly report that I am now drinking my coffee black! How to Drink Coffee Black I tried weaning myself for weeks.  I got down to just using almond milk, but I wasn't really enjoying my coffee … [Read more...]

KitchenAid Valentine’s Day

I have teamed up with a group of awesome bloggers to bring you a KitchenAid Valentine's Day Giveaway. To show our appreciation to our fans, we pitched in to offer this prize to a lucky winner. What a way to whip up an endless amount of Valentine's Day treats with a new mixer. This sweet machine will warm the heart of anyone who loves to bake. Check out some of the creative goodies that my … [Read more...]

Healthy Dinner Recipes from Gorton’s

If you are looking for healthy dinner recipes, Gorton's offers tons of them!  I am thrilled to bring you this post sponsored by Gorton's.  I received coupons for free product, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Healthy Dinner Recipes About once a year I have time to make a truly awesome meal—like from scratch, multiple courses, and all fancy and stuff.  When I received a few recipe … [Read more...]

Recipe Round Up and KitchenAid Mixer

I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you an exciting holiday giveaway.  A shiny new KitchenAid Mixer will go to one of our fabulous fans. Recipe Round Up We thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite recipes that we make.  Please visit each one below! Crock Pot Monkey Bread from Tammilee Tips Easy Pizza Roll Ups from Sweep Tight Baklava from About … [Read more...]

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System Review

FoodSaver sent me their vacuum sealing system 2200 series for review.  All opinions are my own.  The FoodSaver system can keep food fresh for up to 5 times longer.  It's very easy to use and this model does not take up too much counter space. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System I had the pleasure of meeting the folks from FoodSaver this year at BlogHer.  They demonstrated this innovative kitchen … [Read more...]

Versatile Grilling with Gourmet Grillware

Even with fall here, we love to grill for a variety of reasons. In the summer, of course, it helps keep the house cool, it adds more flavor, and it is fun to experiment with what you can grill (just about anything, really!). With our excitement for grilling, I was happy to receive a Grillware Pizza Tray from Wilton Armetale’s Gourmet Grillware Collection for free in exchange for my opinion of the … [Read more...]

PanSaver Sweepstakes

Enter to win a $100 PanSaver Liner Gift Set from SWEEPSTAKES: PanSaver Sweepstakes WHO CAN ENTER: US only SWEEPSTAKES EXPIRES: 10/15/2013 PRIZE(S): PanSaver is giving away $5,000 worth of prizes! Win a – PanSaver Liner Gift Set: Each prize package includes $100 worth of PanSaver Slow Cooker Liners, PanSaver Slow Cooker Sure Fit Band Liners, and Electric … [Read more...]

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker Sweepstakes

Subscribe to the NikkisFreebieJeebies newsletter to be eligible. SWEEPSTAKES: Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker Sweepstakes WHO CAN ENTER: US only SWEEPSTAKES EXPIRES: 05/31/2013 PRIZE(S): Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker CLICK TO ENTER THIS SWEEPSTAKES! … [Read more...]

All Natural Juice from Your Kitchen

As a nutrition science major, I can confidently say natural is the way to go when it comes to diet.  If you cannot pronounce something on the ingredient list of your food you should not be eating it.  Some of the chemicals in our foods are just mind-boggling. But, I'm not going to go on and on about freaky chemicals.  We have all been told enough about how hazardous they are to our health...  … [Read more...]

DIY Countertop Refinishing System Review

So - it has been awhile since I have done ANYTHING DIY in our home - we had a few fix immediately situations, and then mostly just sat on the couch and admired my work... ha! But the countertop situation had to be addressed. I was so excited to get the chance to review the Encore Countertop Refinishing System - new trendy concrete countertops - YES PLEASE! Post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

Clean Dishes Better with Cascade Complete Pacs

Clean dishes are important, especially when entertaining guests.  No host wants to present their guests with cloudy, filmy dinnerware.  That's why it's important to choose an efficient dishwasher detergent, like Cascade Complete Pacs. Sponsored post. Sparkling Clean Dishes One of my plans for the New Year is to keep a cleaner house and manage my time more efficiently.  I want to stay on top … [Read more...]

Update Your Kitchen with Sears Deals

Sears offers deals that just can't be passed up!  Upgrading kitchen appliances can be the most expensive part of renovation.  By using these promotional deals, everything can be accomplished within your budget. With the New Year just a couple weeks away, I can't think of a better way to start fresh!  With all the time spent in the kitchen, we should really make sure it is as nice as possible.  … [Read more...]

Alexia Foods Review

I am going to admit (because we are friends) - despite all the cookbook reviews I have provided for you - a lot of our foods comes from the freezer. I KNOW it is often filled with things that I don't want to think about, but I do it anyway, because it is quick. Solution: All Natural Alexia, they have a line of frozen foods that are all natural (duh, it's in the name) and quick to cook up. Product … [Read more...]

Cooking with Crock Pot Seasonings

Crock Pot Seasonings has a great line of seasonings to make life even simpler than a meal in a Crock Pot - now you do not even have to think about what to make, you get a packet of seasonings, you follow the recipe on the back, and TA DA! Dinner. Easy Crock Pot Cooking I was sent a brand new Crock Pot to try out the seasonings from them, I was sent BBQ Pulled Pork, Hearty Beef Stew, and Savory … [Read more...]

Girls Night with Bormioli’s Murano Rocco Glasses

Picture your last girls night - fun, friends, food, and maybe a mismatched set of glasses for your drinks? Ok, maybe you have beautiful matching glassware, OR if you are anything like me - you have a beautiful mix of freebie plastic cups about the size of a highball glass from local restaurants (I have eight of them - that is a set, right?!) Product received for review. Post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

Electric Coffee Grinder Review

Watch out coffee shops!  Now that I can grind my own coffee beans, I have no desire to have coffee "out."  Woohoo!  What a savings! Product received for review. Post contains affiliate links. Coffee Beans There is nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee beans.  The flavor is also unbeatable.  I used to have an all-in-one coffee maker with a built-in grinder.  The humidity from brewing … [Read more...]

The School Lunch Ritual is Already Here

School Lunch In our house, making school lunch is a daily routine in the morning.  I have battled baggies, paper, foil and plastic wrap all before coffee and it has always ended badly.  This is not just obnoxious, it's expensive, wasteful and terrible for the planet.  And, at that hour, I want everything to be as close to thoughtless as possible--my brain isn't actually functional until early … [Read more...]

Delta Pilar Faucet with Touch20 Technology Review

Delta has allowed us to easily update our kitchen.  As we make progress on our home projects, it is SO fun to be able to do some projects I am really excited about. Adding the new faucet to the kitchen was one that I was excited about, REALLY excited about. Delta was so kind as to let me review one of their Touch20® faucets - I chose one from the Pilar collection. It has simple lines and of course … [Read more...]

Precise Portions Dinnerware Portion Control Dishes Review

Portion Control Dishes My mom is just ridiculous when it comes to portion control.  She has none.  It's the most severe case of portion distortion I've ever seen...  which is why I am so bad too.  :/  She will seriously consume more than anyone should in a given day at one time.  Lucky she has a decent metabolism so she isn't as heavy as she deserves to be, but her health is still being … [Read more...]

Summer Fun Done Right at Target

Summer Fun Summer fun is the theme as soon as the kids walk off that school pavement on that magical last day.  With a little help from Target, our summer has gotten off to a great start. We didn't really start the summer with specific plans.  We just knew that we were going to take advantage of each and every opportunity for inexpensive fun.  (Our budget is pretty tight this year so big trips … [Read more...]

Blendtec Designer Series Blender with Wildside Jar Review

Owning a proper blender, like the Blendtec is something everyone should make a top kitchen priority.  Life is so busy, we all have a million excuses for not eating right.  But a good blender can make preparing healthy meals so much easier. Product was received for review. Affiliate links are included in this post. Blendtec Designer Series Blender With the Blendtec Designer Series blender, … [Read more...]

Yum Yum Portion Control Dishes Review

Portion control has been a struggle for me since I was a little kid.  I was never really taught anything regarding this because my mom has the same problem.  If there is bacon or potato chips around, she's going to eat the whole pound/bag in one sitting. Product was received for review purposes. Post contains affiliate links. Luckily, I am not overweight.  But, a few years ago, I was told I … [Read more...]

Sili Gourmet Sili Steamer Basket Review

Eat more veggies with the Sili Gourmet Sili Steamer Basket from William Bounds!  Okay, so maybe this won't make you actually eat more veggies, but it sure makes it easier to prepare them.  I love kitchen gadgets that speed up the dinner prep time.  I am no pro in the kitchen, so any shortcuts are very welcome. Product was received for review purposes. Sili Gourmet Sili Steamer Basket I try to … [Read more...]

Clean Drinking Water – Review – ZeroWater Pitcher

Do you have clean drinking water? Clean drinking water has not really been a huge concern for me because I am lucky enough to have the infamous "Chicago water."  I've visited places and lived where this water was not available and I was shocked, having taken this water for granted my whole life.  But, even with our great water, I know it's not that clean.  For years, I've been using a pitcher … [Read more...]

Ziploc Perfect Portions Review

Ziploc Perfect Portions Review We use Ziploc bags all the time, so I was definitely excited to try out the new products that they have to offer. Product was received for review purposes. The new Ziploc Perfect Portions bags are just, well, perfect!  I do quite a bit of shopping at Costco.  When it comes to buying meat in bulk, it needs to be separated into portions and frozen.  In the past … [Read more...]

FunBites Review

FunBites Review FunBites is a hot, new kitchen tool designed to help moms create fun, bite-sized foods for their kids.  Instantly cut a variety of foods into tiny cubes or shapes that will make mealtime fun for even the pickiest little eater! ~FunBites have been featured on, CBS Morning News and in REAL SIMPLE magazine as an item to simplify your life!~ Sure, we can all … [Read more...]

Super Useful Kitchen Gadgets… and Duds to Avoid

Super Useful Kitchen Gadgets… and Duds to Avoid Setting up a new home or just getting up to date in the kitchen? The world is full of supposedly must-have gizmos and kitchen gadgets: here is my list of top five must haves and top five don’t bothers which may just help you out… You need these in your life: A set of properly sharp knives. Invest well, you will use them everyday and they … [Read more...]

Midwest Dairy Council

Midwest Dairy Council The Midwest Dairy Council wants to remind us how important family togetherness is!  Not just around the holidays, but all year!  They have some great tips on how to make the most out of family time. Family Togetherness For Midwestern dairy farm moms, mealtime provides a cherished opportunity to create family memories. They have a couple tips on how to maximize family … [Read more...]

Cuisinart Espresso Machine from Hayneedle

Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable Espresso Maker Until recently, espresso was kind of foreign to me.  I knew I had it in mixed coffees from specialty shops before, but I had never tried it on it's own.  I certainly never knew what it was like to make it either...  I had never really even looked at espresso machines. Product was received for review purposes and this post may contain affiliate … [Read more...]

Whip Rite Whip Cream Dispenser

SFG 1 Pint Red Whipped Cream Dispenser and Box of 24 Ultra-Purewhip Cream Chargers With my turn coming up to host "Coffee Break Mondays," I was under a lot of pressure to be able to brew a gourmet cup of joe!  What better ingredient, than homemade whip cream?  It's not an original idea, but a classic treat! Product was received for review purposes and this post may contain affiliate … [Read more...]

Miyako Ceramics Review

  Miyako Cermaics Glossy Paring knife, peeler and 6" Glossy Ceramic Chef's Knife I'm notorious for having really dull knives.  I absolutely hate sharpening them.  But, I hate working with them even more.  There's nothing worse than smooshing a perfectly good tomato just because you are working with a dull blade. Product was received for review purposes and this post may contain affiliate … [Read more...]

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