Take Better Vacation Pictures – 7 Helpful Tips

The summer season means it is time to start taking those vacations and spending weekends away with family and friends. Taking photographs with your smartphone is the perfect way to document your adventures and make sure your memories will last a lifetime. But how can you be sure you are taking the best pictures possible? When you keep a few tips and tricks in mind, you can take amazing photos that … [Read more...]

Game Changing Phone Case for Business and More

I think the best phone case for business has arrived. I don't think I have ever been so excited about an iPhone case, but OtterBox has done it. Not just business people, I think everyone who does more than talk and text will appreciate the new OtterBox uniVERSE Case System. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card, and this post contains affiliate links. Game Changing Phone … [Read more...]

Best Smartphone Camera Lenses for any Photographer

Whether you find yourself trying to capture your kids or are a paid professional photographer, these are the best smartphone camera lenses. They are super easy to use, affordable, and crazy good quality. I received these lenses to facilitate this post, but all thoughts and opinions shared are based solely on my experience. Affiliate links have been included to help support this blog and our … [Read more...]

How Gorilla Glass Helps A Blogger Work Out Routine

Working out isn't something that comes easy to everyone. I'd be lying if I said I loved it. Sure, I love the way it makes me feel afterwards, but all the prep, planning, sweating, burning... once you fall out of habit, it's tough to get back into it. To get myself back into a healthy routine, I'm combining my passion for photography into my work outs. Thanks to Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4, I'm not … [Read more...]

Store and Share Precious Memories

This is a Fashionista Event, and a promotional item was provided to me. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. I think most of us take a crazy amount of photos these days. I know I have a ton on various devices, loaded with precious memories that I plan to organize one day. Although my intentions are good, the photos usually sit for way too long. Sure, I … [Read more...]

Cameras at Best Buy #CamerasatBestBuy

Photography is a growing interest of mine thanks to blogging. Best Buy has an amazing selection of the latest models of cameras and camcorders. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  Before the blog, I had little interest in photography. Sure, I liked to take pictures, but the actual art of … [Read more...]

Celebrate Photo Memories with Canvas Factory

As we enter the holiday season, I am sure you will take many pictures to commemorate the celebrating. As you spend time with family and friends, consider using your amazing shots to create a canvas and make a lasting memory to hang at home. I was contacted by Canvas Factory about a review just as we were getting proofs back from our most recent family shoot; I was excited to have a beautiful way … [Read more...]

Quotes About Positive Thinking and Getting Ready for Summer

I wanted to share a couple quotes about positive thinking because I think we could all use frequent reminders. This is a Fashionista Events opportunity. For too long I have been in such a funk.  Since our house was broken into, I have spurts when I am filled with negativity, paranoia, and even hate.  It has taken a toll on me both mentally and physically.  Hate is like a poison and it actually … [Read more...]

DIY Photobook with Shutterfly Free App

If you've ever made a photobook with Shutterfly then you know it's super fun, quick and easy.  If you haven't, now is your chance!  I received this wonderful opportunity to make one for myself and then give you the same chance!  While I received this free of charge, all opinions are my own.  This DIY photobook only takes moments to make! DIY Photobook using Free App from Shutterfly What you … [Read more...]

A Mama’s Heart through DSLR

Welcome to "A Mama's Heart through DSLR", an informational/giveaway event hosted by Mama on a Green Mission that will feed your photography passion! The initial reasoning behind this event was for Mother's Day and giving one lucky mama who loves photographing her children through DSLR a great prize package full of accessories for her DSLR, but in all honesty this has become a fabulous DSLR event … [Read more...]

Love Quotes for Couples and Loved Ones

Quotes about love can warm your heart.  They can also open your eyes and give you a reality check.  Love is not always a fairytale.  It takes work, patience, and understanding in any loving relationship.  This goes for lovers, friends and family members.  So, to celebrate Valentine's Day, I thought I would share some quotes that I like with you. Love Quotes The first picture … [Read more...]

Gallery Blocks Professional Photo Prints

Many of you have beautiful photos of children, special events, or friends in your cameras that need to make it to your walls! A professional photo printing company, Nations Photo Lab, has created some great ways to do this - and unique options for photo projects. They have photo calendars, prints, and canvases which many or most of you may have already seen - but their gallery blocks, cube decor … [Read more...]

Bumblejax Acrylic Photo Mounts Review

Do you have a photo you have taken along the way that is AMAZING but sitting on your memory card or computer? Or... do you have an empty wall you need to fill with something unique? I found BumbleJax - a digital printing company that makes Acrylic, Bamboo, Aluminum and Gatorfoam mounts with your photos. No frames and matting to match colors and styles, just your amazing photo. I like the idea … [Read more...]

Fun and Games with the Action Shot Camera

My eleven-year-old son, Adam, is quite a talented artist in the drawing arena.  He has decided to broaden his skills and asked for a camera. Product received for review. Post contains affiliate links. Action Shot Camera The Action Shot Camera is perfect for active kids.  It is inexpensive, has a ton of accessories available (most sold separately,) and is durable enough to withstand rowdy … [Read more...]

iPole Mini for Photography Review

For me, photography is a hobby that I love.  But, sometimes snapping photos of unique, pretty, artistic scenery just gets old.  Occasionally I want to be in the picture!  And, I don't want to have that awkward arm in the frame from taking pics of myself—isn't that kind of up there with photographing yourself making a duck face in a mirror on the "d-bag" scale? Product received for … [Read more...]

It’s All Part of Being a Mom – Happy Mother’s Day

All Part of Being a Mom My kids are now ten and seven-years-old.  In the last decade of being a mom I've been through some scary, great and odd times.  I found a few pictures of the kids in action to share in the spirit of Mother's Day. Every mom's worst nightmare:  that blood-curdling scream you just know isn't fake and your baby is hurt.  I was unloading groceries from the car and in those few … [Read more...]

Jill-e Designs Everywear Gadget Bag Review

As a photographer I am forever trying to find the easiest and safest ways to carry my equipment with me on outings and photo shoots. I have carried around a not so attractive camera bag for years to keep my camera gear safe, and although it has served it's purpose well, it has not always been the most practical, professional looking, and definitely not the most fashionable. There have … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge – Black

Week 10 of the Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge is here and our color is BLACK. My sister, Shelley, has been doing these posts every week, but she is not feeling well, so I thought I would do this last one.  Shelley is by far a better photographer than I am, but I am trying! Since the color this week is black, I thought I would share a few of my pictures from the black sand … [Read more...]

Our Trip to the Little Red Schoolhouse

I have been bugging Mike to take me to the Little Red Schoolhouse for a while now.  I hadn't been there in such a long time that I was just dying to go.  My Grandmother used to take me there all the time when I was a child. Our Trip to the Little Red Schoolhouse The Little Red Schoolhouse nature center is only about 15 minutes from our house.  It is such a nice place to go for walks or take … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge – WHITE

Week 9 of the Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge is here and our color is WHITE. Color, Click, Capture Photography We've had such strange weather here in Chicago.  Last week it was in the 80's and now we're down to the 40's.  But the trees and plants got the message that spring has sprung!  All the sweet little flowers have popped and look gorgeous. This is a Crab Apple Tree blossom … [Read more...]

Beautiful Backyards Pin from A to Z Letter B

Just Married with Coupons and Sweep Tight have joined a bunch of our blogging friends to put together a fun Pinterest hop - Pin from A to Z.  We were each assigned a letter from A to Z.  We were then to head on over to Pinterest to find our favorite pins that start with our letter. Beautiful Backyards - Pin from A to Z {Letter B} I was assigned the letter B and decided to focus on all of the … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge – Brown

This week for the Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge, our color is brown.  This has been the most difficult week for me so far.  First, because of my emotional condition--this break up has completely kicked my butt.  So, that makes going through my pictures an excruciating task.  So, I went back to some really old ones since I haven't had the drive to actually take any new ones. Color, … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge – PINK

I cannot believe how fast time flies by.  Not just with this photography challenge--it's already week 7--but while hunting for cute pink pics, I've watched my daughter, Chesney, grow up right before my eyes. Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge - Pink When I was pregnant with Ches we didn't find out if she was a boy or girl.  I wanted a girl so bad I couldn't stand it.  My mom also shared … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography – PURPLE

Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge ~ Purple After the shock of realizing 6 weeks has already flown by since we started this Photography challenge, I started looking through all my pics for some good purples. Last weekend, my daughter Chesney performed in her first Winter Showcase for gymnastics.  She received purple Calla Lilies and was even wearing a purple leotard.  She did a … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography – BLUE

Color, Click, Capture Photography - BLUE Okay, so after last week's explosion of GREEN,  I will limit this week's Color, Click, Capture Photography challenge to just a couple pics.  :) This is a picture of some really neat transparent jelly fish.  I was so mesmerized by the way they drift and flow through the water; I could watch them for hours.  But, don't worry, this is behind glass... I … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography – GREEN

Week four for the Color, Click, Capture Photography challenge is here and the color is green.  Green happens to be my favorite color so I am having a terrible time trying to pick just one (or even a few) picture(s)...  Just look at this screenshot of my desktop: Color, Click, Capture Photography - GREEN It's ridiculous.  I know. Let's see if I can pick just the best: Moss.  Love it!  It's … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography – Yellow

Color, Click, Capture Photography Week three for the Color, Click, Capture Photography contest is here!  And, the color is YELLOW. Last fall, I was leaving my house, no doubt in some panicked rush, when I stopped dead in my tracks.  I saw this yellow thing out of the corner of my eye... This awesome yellow moth was just chilling on the outside of my garage door.  I, of course, being the … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography – Orange

Color, Click, Capture Photography With the second week for the Color, Click, Capture Photography challenge already here, I found myself having a really hard time picking just one photo to post.  This week's color is orange.   The fruit, the sun, flowers, fall leaves, tropical fish, coral and bad spray tans all come to mind when I think of this color.  But, for my picture, I chose some really cool … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography – RED

Color, Click Capture Photography This is the first week of the Color, Click, Capture photography challenge hosted by East9thStreet, A Helicopter Mom, Nap Time Is My Time and Sunshine and Sippy Cups. I am so excited about this fun and creative event.  I love taking pictures and savoring memories.  This is a great way to show off some of my favorite photos!  A big thanks to all the hosts for … [Read more...]

Christmas Cards, Seriously

As a young mom I tried to do my best to make every holiday memorable for the whole family.  Sending personalized Christmas cards is a great way to go about it... Unless, you have my luck. After about an hour in the cold and 78 pics, this was what I ended up going with.  Yeah, I opted for sincere emotion...  Oddly, the fam loved it.  I received several calls with chuckles and laughter.  … [Read more...]

Holy Mushrooms

I love going for walks and exploring...  Lucky for me, I don't have to go far.  I live in the woods!  Look at some of these mushrooms found right in my backyard. … [Read more...]

I’ve Got CRABS

When I was leaving for my two week trip to Hawaii, all my daughter asked of me was "Can you please bring me home some shells?" When I came home empty handed, I had some explaining to do. Well, all I could find were chunks of lava--while beautiful, I'm not risking the wrath of Pele by taking any home--and lots of coral.  The only shells I could find were inhabited.  And, I know she wouldn't want … [Read more...]

Hot Tub Fail

Note to self:  Leaving just your noggin above water causes Bobble Head syndrome.  :( … [Read more...]

Artistic Letters Alphabet Photos

Artistic Letters Alphabet Photos Alphabet Photography is a wonderful, fun, and creative way to turn words, names, and favorite phrases into beautiful works of art. Alphabet Photography is the creation of owner, photographer, and designer  Jodi Gerber, who in 2008 started taking photos of objects that she thought looked like letters and numbers in order to make Christmas prezzies for friends and … [Read more...]

Spooky Trees along the Illinois River

Mike went fishing on the Illinois River this past weekend and here are some pics he took of the trees.  I thought they looked spooky.  Almost like they are capable of creeping around on those roots!  Perfect time of the year for creepy trees!  :) I think these trees look really cool, but I hope they will be alright!!! … [Read more...]

Tribute to the Katydid

Call it weird, nerdy, qwerky or geeky; but I think bugs are freaking cool!  Anyone who has ever been impressed by machinery, vehicles or robotics should stop and inspect the insect!  Transformers, aliens and all intricate creatures... Meet the Katydid... For a week straight, every time I got in my car, one of these guys was hanging on for the ride! … [Read more...]

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