7 Clearer Skin Tips #CleanandClearWM Giveaway

7 Clearer Skin Tips #CleanandClearWM Giveaway

Clearer skin can boost confidence in any situation. This can be particularly important for teenagers heading back to school. With clearer skin, kids can focus on what is important instead of worrying about acne or embarrassing skin situations. As an adult with acne, I can still sympathize with zitty teens. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own. I have been battling … [Read more...]

I HAD Facial Hair and Acne #SilknProducts #MC #Sponsored

Facial hair on this lady no more! #SilknProducts #sponsored #MC

Yeah, I'm a girl. And I had facial hair. I have come to accept that the human body is pretty much just repulsive so I don't mind sharing since we all have to deal with our own grotesque issues. I received the Silk'n Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal Device to facilitate my review and I have used affiliate links where applicable. But all thoughts and opinions are my own. #MC … [Read more...]

90 Second Anti-Aging with Alurent #Alurent90SecondBeauty


Alurent Anti-Aging + Instant Erasure Serum promises results within 90 seconds. That's a pretty bold claim so I was very excited to test it out. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. 90 Second Anti-Aging with Alurent I am pretty sure that I have been complaining about fine lines for years now. Well, now that I am 36, there's no denying them. I definitely notice wrinkles, … [Read more...]

Sun Safety for the Entire Family

Sun Safety for the Entire Family

Summer is in full swing (mostly) and we are spending more and more time outside. I have never been one to turn golden brown in the summer – I am usually a nice bright shade of red after an afternoon in the sun. I was excited to partner with Coppertone to share with you some tips on sun safety this summer. I received Coppertone products in exchange for my review. Sun Safety for the Entire … [Read more...]

Summer Sun Protection Routine with NEUTROGENA Giveaway

Shelley Floppy Hat

Sun protection is a huge part of my summer skin care routine. Thanks to my partnership with Lunchbox, I am sharing some ways to perfect your routine and to save you some money with NEUTROGENA®. All opinions are my own. So, our skin has been cooped up all winter and all it wants is to soak up those sun rays. That's fine, but do it safely. I am a true believer that sunshine is good for you, but … [Read more...]

How to Get Legs Ready for Summer with Whish Body

How to Get Legs Ready for Summer with Whish Body

Warmer weather is here and legs are coming out. I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Whish Body. I received a promotional item and Whish Body samples to facilitate my review. Exposing my skin after the nasty winter that we had is extra challenging this year. Here's how I got my legs ready for their summer debut. How to Get Legs Ready for … [Read more...]

NEUTROGENA® Skin Care Solutions

NEUTROGENA® Skin Care Solutions

This NEUTROGENA® Skin Care Solutions post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. Each of us have unique skin care needs. From dry skin to acne breakouts and everything in between, NEUTROGENA® has a product to help. Pretty sure my skin has been oily from the day that I was born. Even in my mid-30's I still suffer from acne breakouts. I will say that with this super harsh winter, I … [Read more...]

Hydrolyzed Collagen Products from NeoCell

neocell beauty products

Hydrolyzed Collagen products from NeoCell were sent to me for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.  Most of us are trying to fight the aging process and on the hunt for products to help us do so.  As seen on the Dr. Oz show recently, hydrolyzed collagen is an effective way to help promote skin elasticity and fight the signs of aging. Hydrolyzed Collagen Products from NeoCell NeoCell sent … [Read more...]

Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment

A few more uses for diaper rash ointment

Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Ointment is not just for babies!  I'm thrilled to bring you this post sponsored by Dr. Smith's.  I received compensation for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Diaper Rash Ointment . . . Not just for babies! I have found great success using Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Ointment for: An Overnight Facial Cracked heels/calluses Chapped … [Read more...]

Join me at the #WalgreensBeauty Twitter Party

#WalgreensBeauty Twitter Party #shop

It's a new year and a perfect opportunity to explore new trends to update your look.  Walgreens is the ultimate beauty destination to find everything you need from head to toe.  Enhance your natural beauty with a swoop of the new L'Oreal Butterfly Mascara, or go all out with haircare, skincare, and oral whitening products.  Walgreens knows how to be beautiful and has great savings on beauty and … [Read more...]

12 Days of Mía Holiday Giveaway

12 Days of Mia Giveaway

This post is brought to you by Mia Mariu.  All opinions are my own.  The holiday season brings many opportunities to get dressed up and let our inner fashionista side shine through.  Taking care of your skin is a huge part of that.  In the cold winter months it's important to use high quality makeup and skin care to protect your skin.  Thankfully, Mia Mariu is here with an awesome giveaway! 12 … [Read more...]

Dove Clear Tone Deodorant Has Given Me Smoother Underarms

dove cleartone

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Dove. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Dove Clear Tone Deodorant Has Given Me Smoother Underarms A few weeks ago I mentioned that it may be nice to have "prettier armpits".  This may sound ridiculous, but the abuse that us ladies do to our … [Read more...]

Need Brands by Tia and Tamera


This giveaway is brought to you by Need Brands.  All opinions are my own.  We all remember those adorable twin girls Tia and Tamera.  Well now they are all grown up and having babies of their own.  Having products that are natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty free is something they are passionate about.  They have developed the Need brand for today's modern mother.  Effective and environmentally … [Read more...]

Bath Path Mineral Sea Salt Soak

bath path

The Secret of Transforming Your Bath Tub into a Warming Spa Mineral Sea Salt Soak from Bath Path has been specially formulated for maximum skin care benefits, combining naturally therapeutic ingredients for a soothing, indulgent bathing experience. These beneficial bath salts soothe away stress and bring a sense of peace and relaxation. Helps improve skin's texture and leaves you feeling spa … [Read more...]

Diaper Rash Ointment, Dogs and Celebrities


Thanks to Dr. Smith's and their new Diaper Rash Ointment product launch I was able to meet celebrities, Bill and Giuliana Rancic!  I got to try the product and received compensation for my honest review.  All thoughts are my own. New Diaper Rash Ointment I don't have anyone in diapers anymore, except for a few dogs (more on that later,) but a lot of my friends are now having babies so I love … [Read more...]

Aloette Red Wine Peel Exfoliant

aloette red wine peel

ALOETTE Red Wine Peel Exfoliant was provided to me at no cost.  All opinions are my own.  Wine night has taken on a new meaning in this house.  It now consists of me applying it to my face! Aloette Red Wine Peel Exfoliant It's no secret that wine contains several anti-oxidant properties.  In moderation, drinking it has many health benefits.  Turns out, it's also a great exfoliant and … [Read more...]

Dove Clear Tone Deodorant for Prettier Armpits

Dove Clear Tone Deodorant for Prettier Armpits

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Dove. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.  All opinions are my own. Dove Clear Tone Deodorant for Prettier Armpits Have you ever seen a person with completely smooth underarms?  I never understand how one achieves this look.  With all the abuse … [Read more...]

Treat Eczema with Aveeno Active Naturals

Aveeno eczema therapy

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for AVEENO. I received product samples to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating. Aveeno Active Naturals Eczema Therapy Care Kit October is Eczema Awareness Month and Aveeno has a therapy care kit to soothe those who experience this uncomfortable condition.  Every year around this season Mike … [Read more...]

Keep Your Tan Through Winter with Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata

I gave up on having nice bronzed skin a long time ago. After more than a few sleepless nights suffering with lobster-red skin, I learned that my skin does not tan naturally – if I want a nice bronze glow, it's going to have to come from a bottle. I have tried a variety of products from a variety of drugstores, and usually my skin turns out darker, but streakier (is that even a word?). That's why I … [Read more...]

Filtered Shower Water for Beautiful Hair and Skin #T3Source

Before and After Shower Head

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for T3. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating. My hair may not be dyed, but it is light blonde and dries out really quickly.  Having Chicago water is really hard on my hair and skin.  I am constantly using all kinds of product to try and replenish moisture to my hair and skin due … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Puffy Bags Under Eyes

How to reduce bags under eyes

Bags under eyes is something a lot of us women battle.  For me, it's in the genes.  Several women in my family have bags, but there are still steps to take to minimize them.  I received products from Frownies to help me out.  All opinions are my own. A Few Factors That Cause Bags Under Eyes Genetics are only one of several factors that cause the appearance of dark circles and under-eye … [Read more...]

Coppertone Sunscreen is Perfect for Boating

Coppertone Sunscreen

Coppertone sunscreen has been our savior this year with our new boat.  It's so easy to get fried while boating.  Applying and reapplying sunscreen is necessary throughout the entire day.  I was thrilled to receive a bunch of bottles for review. Coppertone Sunscreen Coppertone has a wide variety of sunscreens and really something for everyone.  Even before receiving these products, we had been … [Read more...]

Join Me for a HOT Twitter Party #Cool2LookHot #cbias

hot legs

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  I am being compensated to host this Twitter party as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® #cbias #SocialFabric This summer it's cool to have hot legs.  Your #1 fashion accessory is your skin, so it's important to keep it looking its best.  Hot Legs has a whole lineup of products to help you to put your … [Read more...]

Skin Essence Organics Sweepstakes

skin essence

SWEEPSTAKES: Skin Essence Organics Sweepstakes WHO CAN ENTER: US and Canada SWEEPSTAKES EXPIRES: 08/17/2013 PRIZE(S): Enter to win the Skin Essence Organics Giveaways from Whole Mom and Skin Essence. CLICK TO ENTER THIS SWEEPSTAKES! … [Read more...]

Add AquaVie to Your Skin Care Routine

skincare white clay for face

Do you have a skin care routine?  I try to, but without the right products my skin can easily become over-dry and irritated.  When I had the chance to review the AquaVie Cleansing system, I was a little skeptical but very excited.  I received the total Cleansing System which includes Gentle Cleansing Lotion, Gentle Cleansing Milk and the Gentle Exfoliating Scrub.  Plus, they threw in a ton of … [Read more...]

Get Fuller Lips with EnvyDerm Lip Plumper

Get Fuller Lips with EnvyDerm Lip Plumper

I have always wished for fuller lips.  Not to the extent of getting injections or anything too drastic, but I was more than happy to review the new lip plumping gloss from EnvyDerm.  I had reviewed their Volume Mascara and Intense Liquid Eyeliner previously, so was eager to try out their new product. Fuller Lips with EnvyDerm Lip Plumper I love to wear lip gloss and I have been trying to be … [Read more...]

Adam Reviews Clearasil Face Products for Tween Acne

Clearasil face wipes

Adam, also known as Boop, is only eleven years old but is already starting to get zits on his face!  Ahhh.... so it begins... Clearasil Face Products When offered the opportunity to review Clearasil's new line of face wash products for acne, we were totally thrilled.  We received the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily Gel Wash and the Clearasil Ultra On-The-Go Rapid Action Wipes. The Boop … [Read more...]

Clear Skin with Riiviva Microderm

Clear Skin with Riiviva Microderm

I have shared my plight with adult acne skin with you before, I will try just about anything to try to get it to go away (although at this point I think I might just have to accept and move on!). I recently had the chance to try a Riiviva Microderm at home set, that can help with acne scarring and fine lines – and I am pleased to say it already has my skin feeling super soft! Riiviva Microderm at … [Read more...]

Prevent Dry Skin with Alo-Verix

Prevent Dry Skin with Alo-Verix

My house has been super dry this winter, and when I remember, I do try to moisturize my skin, but mostly just hands, feet, maybe arms. I don’t really think about the drying damage to my face. Alo-Verix from Bio-Scriptives is a deep moisturizing cream that you can use every day, but it will help solve the problem of dryness and aging that comes from dryness. Prevent Dry Skin with … [Read more...]

$500 Apple Store Gift Card Sweepstakes

mia sweepstakes

Mia Mariu wants to give you a $500 gift card to the Apple Store so you can purchase the newly released, most high-in-demand electronic products in the world! Get to know Mía Mariú on Facebook for your chance to win one of 21 prizes all month long, including the Grand Prize of a $500 Apple Store gift card! They are giving away twenty (20) prizes before the contest even ends based upon your … [Read more...]

Repiderm Acne Treatment Review


Arg! Adult acne will probably plaque me for a long time without constant treatment. Having had acne since about 13, I have been through many products that have not been great (or made it worse) - and only found a mix of a few will keep it under control (yes, I know pharmaceutical products might make a difference, but I don't like the idea of taking lots of pills). Recently I got the chance to try … [Read more...]

Natural Skin Care with Moody Sisters

skin care

Skin care is even more important this time of year.  It is finally getting colder here - which means... chapped lips and dry skin. I know, it is all so pretty, right? I recently had the chance to review some great products from Moody Sisters. They have an amazing skin care line that is free of chemicals and preservatives, organic and some products are vegan. Not only are these products organic - … [Read more...]

Natural Beauty Product Gift Basket Sweepstakes


SWEEPSTAKES: Natural Beauty Product Gift Basket Everyone who registers with CommonKindness to clip coupons will be entered into a random drawing to win this gift basket, valued at over $90. WHO CAN ENTER: US only SWEEPSTAKES EXPIRES: 12/22/2012 PRIZE(S): The gift basket features amazing products from quality brands found on CommonKindess.com, including: Kiss My Face, Yes To Carrots, … [Read more...]

Fall Beauty with Mia Mariu

fall makeup

Fall is here and it's time to not only update my wardrobe, but also my makeup.  I had been interested in trying Mia Mariu for a while now, so I jumped at the chance for a review. Fall Makeup When the seasons change I like to take that as an opportunity to make a lot of changes myself.  I like to thoroughly go through my closets and drawers and get rid of stuff that I know I will never use.  … [Read more...]

Acne Skin Care Treatments at Home with Tria

tria blue light

Acne-prone skin has haunted me for most of my adult life.  That is why I am beyond excited to tell you that I am participating in the Tria blogger review program!  This means that I am reviewing the Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light from Tria Beauty. Skin Treatments at Home Dermatologists have been using blue light treatments to treat acne for years.  The blue light is a non-UV light therapy … [Read more...]

Face Treatments at Home with Nutra Sonic

face treatments at home

Pamper your face daily with the Nutra Sonic Cleansing System.  Skip the expensive spa treatments and use this system to revitalize your face daily in your very own bathroom.  For about the price of one or two spa treatments, you can own this system that will give you professional results. The Nutra Sonic Cleansing System from Nutra Luxe MD is an affordable at-home system that will truly work … [Read more...]

Pur Minerals Eye Shadow Trios

eye shadow trios from pur minerals

New Eye Shadow Trios are coming out from Pur Minerals!  They have launched a newly formulated line of Eye Shadow Trios with amazing new shades and firming ingredients.  There are 10 different color combinations to choose from, sure to match everyone's outfits, moods and emotions! Being the huge Pur Minerals fan that I am, I am always anxious to try out their new products.  Of course I … [Read more...]

Prepare for Back to School Germs with Wet Ones

Kill germs on your face and hands

Germs only freak me out when I think about them for too long.  It's not like I dwell on the topic, but back to school season has me a little more worried about them spreading throughout my house, and face?  Yes, I touch my face A LOT.  It's a terrible habit and if I really focus on NOT doing it, I realize just how much I do do it without thinking.  Especially when constructing blog posts... Darn … [Read more...]

Free 27 wishes Gift with $35 Purchase Coupon Code

free gift

COUPON CODE: mywish Receive a free 27 wishes gift with $35 purchase at philosophy CODE CAN BE USED AT: philosophy CODE EXPIRES: 08/24/2012 DISCOUNT AMOUNT: Free Gift with Purchase CLICK TO USE THIS CODE! --> … [Read more...]

15% off First order at Beautorium Coupon Code

beautorium coupon code

COUPON CODE: First15 15% off your first order at Beautorium when you spend $50 or more. CODE CAN BE USED AT: Beautorium CODE EXPIRES: 12/31/2012 DISCOUNT AMOUNT: 15% off CLICK TO USE THIS CODE! --> … [Read more...]

Pur Minerals L.K. Bennett Event in Chicago

pur minerals event

Shelley and I recently attended the Pur Minerals L.K. Bennett Event in Chicago.  Having worked on reviews with Pur Minerals a few times, they were generous enough to invite us to this fabulous event.  The night was all about fashion and Spring beauty. Pur Minerals L.K. Bennett Event Check out my 2.7 seconds of fame!  I am in this video... look around :09 and you will see me getting my makeup … [Read more...]

Beyond Coastal Sun Care Review

beyond coastal prize

Beyond Coastal Sun Care Beyond Coastal Sun Care is committed to offering the cleanest, healthiest and most effective sun protection products.  They strive to be a company who creates safe products for our families, while keeping them affordable. We all know how important sun care is.  There are constantly reports about the dangers of the sun.  But, what a lot of us probably do not pay … [Read more...]

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