Bears for Humanity – Saving the World One Cuddly Stuffed Animal at a Time

Is there such a thing as too many stuffed animals? I don't think so. No cuddly creature goes unsnuggled on my watch. Growing up surrounded in stuffed friends, I was thrilled to hear about Bears for Humanity. This company is doing so much good and produces a fantastic product. I received product and compensation to facilitate this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Get FREE … [Read more...]

Harry Potter, TMNT, and Star Wars Model Kits – IncrediBuilds

Adding any sort of 3D element to creative play is always fun. But when you're able to personally customize your favorite officially licensed characters from all the best new--and old--movies? That's a whole new level of awesome. I'm so excited to introduce you to IncrediBuilds. They have Harry Potter, TMNT, and Star Wars Model Kits, just to name a few. I received product to facilitate this post … [Read more...]

Feed Children When You Buy This Adorable Gift

I have always loved stuffed toys. You can ask anyone I grew up with, and they can confirm. When I was little, I had loads of stuffed animals, dolls, and anything soft and squishy. My Gram taught me to care for them like family members. They were kept clean, warm, and truly nurtured. She still has most of them in "the vault" as I call it at her house. There's a closet full of my old toys, and many … [Read more...]

Star Wars Gifts – May the 4th Be With You

Did you know May 4th is Star Wars day? In honor of this magnificent calendar occurrence, we've put together this fun gift guide full of Star Wars gifts for the ultimate Star Wars fan in your life. Affiliate links are included to help support this blog. May the 4th Be With You With Cindo de Mayo being the next day, this is the perfect shirt to carry you over into the next party. Because let's … [Read more...]

New Monster High Dolls are an Awesome Holiday Gift

If you're looking for an awesome holiday gift for a little one around 6 to 10, then you need to check out the new Monster High dolls and other accessories. They're bigger and better than ever. With high quality clothes and details, these are some of our new favorite toys. This post has been sponsored by Lunchbox but all thoughts and opinions are our own. New Monster High Dolls I know we've all … [Read more...]

Must-Have Disney Inside Out Toys for All Ages #InsideOutEvent

Disney really never let's you down. They have the greatest story lines, the best art, and as usual the cutest toys. The Inside Out movie will be in theaters everywhere June 19th. Already the Inside Out toys are flying off shelves! And for good reason! They're awesome! I'm sharing my favorites here and have used affiliate links where applicable. I received several of these products for free at the … [Read more...]

Chicago Toy and Game Fair Fun Day Out #ChiTAGFair

We recently attended the annual Chicago Toy and Game Fair. As a Chicago blogger, I received a media pass and free tickets to the event. All opinions in this post are my own. I brought my best friend since preschool and her daughter, Mia, along for the fun. Chicago Toy and Game Fair The Chicago Toy and Game Fair takes place at Navy Pier. It's usually in November, which is the perfect time to … [Read more...]

Twist and Turn Toy from International Playthings

Do you have any little ones to buy for on your list? I have had so much fun putting together reviews for a selection of special gifts for kids from 0-2. We are finding so many fun toys and toddler gear for little dude, products we already have come to love or cannot wait to use as he gets old enough to figure them out. The Twist and Turn Activity House from International Playthings will be one of … [Read more...]

Green Toys Recycling Truck – Play Green

Finding baby products that are made of quality materials is not always easy. So many of the toys we have to choose from are brightly colored cheap plastic and made who knows where. I am so happy to have found high quality, USA Made Toys from Green Toys. We have a few toys from Green Toys already, and I was excited to receive a recycling truck for little dude in exchange for this review, all … [Read more...]

Entertaining Toys for Little Ones from KidKraft

Are you looking for the perfect toy for a little one on your list? Toys don’t have to just be plastic and noise – they can help children develop new skills. KidKraft has a selection of toys that help build skills while allowing kids to have fun learning. I received a product from KidKraft in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own. Triangle Bead Maze – Colorful, Educational Toys from … [Read more...]

Encourage Individuality with B. Toys

When it came to baby gear and toys, my husband and I made a pact to avoid anything with a cartoon character on it as long as we could. We don’t dislike cartoons, and we aren't anti-television, we just thought “why not avoid it?” – look for toys that are less “commercial” and more “individual.” I love B. Toys for this. Their about page explains just that, they inspire individuality. I received a … [Read more...]

Meet the Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls #FreakyFusion

Monster High has a new blend of ghoulishly gorgeous students. Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls are here. Get to know the Freaky Fusion crew, Clawvenus™, Cleolei™, Dracubecca™ and Lagoonafire™. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, all opinions are my own. The story behind these new ghouls starts with Frankie. While trying to learn more about her past and family scaritage, she accidentally … [Read more...]

Mega Bloks First Builders™ Fast Tracks™

Start your engines! My little guy is on the move, and loves just about anything else that is on the move too. We received a Mega Bloks First Builders™ Fast Tracks™ Raceway for review (and we have one available for a giveaway too!). Mega Bloks First Builders™ Fast Tracks™ Raceway My husband has been dreaming of matchbox cars, racing tracks and building blocks since we found out we were … [Read more...]

Time to Stock the Game and Toy Closet with Hasbro

Hasbro is here to help add new fun to your game and toy closet. I received an assortment of toys and games from Hasbro for review purposes. All opinions are my own. With cooler weather here, we are officially in hibernation mode. Free time will consist of indoor activities, like game night. Time to Stock the Game and Toy Closet with Hasbro The package that Hasbro sent us truly has something … [Read more...]

Join Me for the #ThomasSchool Twitter Party

Fall is in full swing and kids are headed back to school. That’s why we’re ready to chat about back to school ideas with Thomas & Friends™. Plus, we’ll tell you all about the Journey to Rewards program where you can earn rewards for all of your Thomas & Friends™ purchases at Walmart! This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox. So many supplies are needed to get everyone on the right … [Read more...]

Cultivate the Engineer in Your Little Girl #LookatGoldie

As parents, we, of course, want the best for our children. We give them all the opportunities we can possibly buy, plan, arrange, teach, share, etc. Their education is definitely in the top 3 most important--along with unconditional love and socialization. So, why not give them a toy that cultivates creativity, teamwork, and the skills of a future engineer! I am super excited to introduce you to … [Read more...]

Join Me For The #ThomasSummer Twitter Party

Summer is in full swing and it's the perfect time of the year for fun outdoor activities. Kids of all ages are looking for more fun things to do, that's why we’re ready to chat about ideas for activities you can do outdoors with Thomas & Friends. Plus, we'll tell you all about the Journey to Rewards program where you can earn rewards for all of your Thomas & Friends purchases at Walmart! … [Read more...]

Swap Your Kids’ Stuff Without the Hassle

This article was published for Kids' Consignment. All opinions expressed are solely my own. Is anyone else as plagued as I am with their children's outgrown items? From toys to clothes, I am obsessed with keeping everything in excellent condition--Gram taught us to NEVER break a thing and to keep everything immaculate with all original pieces. So, when these items no longer have a … [Read more...]

Educational Fun with PLAY-DOH

Even as an adult, I love PLAY-DOH. Tip: it is fun to play with to relive stress. When I was little, I was a professional at making snow men (it's three different sized ball shaped pieces stacked on top of each other, not too hard, you could try it out for yourself). Recently, Silver Dolphin Books took PLAY-DOH to a whole new level with educational books. After receiving a variety of their books … [Read more...]

Make a LEGO Minifigure Holiday Card

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LEGO for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Make a LEGO Minifigure holiday card in minutes on the LEGO website.  This is an adorable little card that you can download and share with your family and friends.  Create your own LEGO Minifigure Family.  You can add up to 13 family members, including pets.  Customize the skin tone, facial … [Read more...]

Safe Toys from Little Pnuts Special Deliveries

Little Pnuts offers special delivery boxes for children. The boxes feature the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic and natural made toys. I was so excited to receive one of their Special Delivery boxes in exchange for my review. Little Pnuts Special Delivery Boxes The creator of Little Pnuts boxes came up with the idea a couple years ago when she was struggling to find safe … [Read more...]

Educational Gifts from Lakeshore Learning

The holidays are coming and I am already working on my gift list. For kids, I usually try to find something that is not just taking up space in their room, but educational or encourages their creativity. Lakeshore Learning has a variety of great gift options that do both of those things – and make learning fun for the little ones on your list. I received a really cute Farmer’s Market set in … [Read more...]

I Zelfed Myself and Headed to South Walton

During the BlogHer conference week in Chicago we attended many fun events.  I am still getting around to posting them all!  One of the nights that I really wanted to mention was when I was Zelfed and then headed to South Walton. #ZelfYourself at Blowtique The Zelfs sponsored a trip to the salon to get a glamorous blow-out at Blowtique.  I had never had my hair styled like this and was quite … [Read more...]

Educational Toys at Home from Lakeshore Learning

As so many kids (and teachers) are preparing to head back to school (or maybe already there!), Lakeshore Learning is a great resource for classroom and educational materials. However, they have just launched a new line of educational toys for the home! I was happy to work with them on this review – and love so many of the new toys they have introduced for anyone to use at home with their … [Read more...]

Tranquil Turtle to Relax People of All Ages

I was instantly drawn to the Tranquil Turtle when we attended the Sweet Suite recently in Chicago.  I was sent one for review and couldn't have been happier to check it out.  All opinions are my own. Tranquil Turtle When we met the folks from Cloud b, they had several of their products on display.  Each one of them is absolutely adorable.  They all have cute little faces and are perfect for … [Read more...]

DC Comic Pet Toys from PetSmart

DC Comic pet toys are the latest batch of PetSmart items that we received for review.  These are adorable plush toys inspired by the superheroes that we all know and love.  As always, The Grump took off with as many as he could carry and hoarded them.  He even slept on top of them to guard them. DC Comic Pet Toys Each toy is soft and squishy, perfect for all dogs to play with.  My personal … [Read more...]

Bret Michaels Pet Collection at PetSmart

Bret Michaels continues to rock his pet line at PetSmart.  We received a batch of his new items for review and they are just as cool as the last items.  Our pets just love new toys and these neon-colored ones really were an instant hit! Bret Michaels Pet Collection at PetSmart PetSmart definitely has gotten to know our guys now.  They always include items in small and large for The Grump and … [Read more...]

Tommy Bahama Toys at PetSmart

PetSmart now has a new Tommy Bahama collection with summery-themed dog toys and accessories.  We were sent a bunch of them to check out.  All opinions are mostly The Grump's.  ;) Tommy Bahama Pet Line at PetSmart Our new Tommy Bahama items from PetSmart arrived in an enormous box.  Our dogs sensed what was inside an immediately got very excited.  I had to hurry and snap pics before the … [Read more...]

Ubooly is an Educational New Toy for iPod Touch

Ubooly is the coolest new toy for your iPod Touch, or iPhone.  When offered the chance to review this adorable creature and app, my eight-year-old daughter and I were thrilled.  We received Ubooly and credits to the Ubooly Lab to buy educational lessons that download straight to your i-device...  rather, Ubooly's brain! Just look at all the excitement when he arrived! Educational New … [Read more...]

Fun With 3D Jigsaw Puzzles from Wrebbit

I have an obsession with jigsaw puzzles that is almost to an unhealthy level.  Jigsaw puzzles bring out the best and worst of my OCD tendencies.  When offered the chance to review a 3D Jigsaw Puzzle from Wrebbit3D, I couldn't resist.  I received the Hobbiton™ 3D Jigsaw Puzzle.  My son actually picked this one out because he is a Lord Of The Rings fanatic. 3D Jigsaw Puzzles When I start a … [Read more...]

Make Bath Time Fun with Caillou

It can be easy to make bath time fun.  If you have little ones or have friends with little ones, more than likely you have heard of Caillou.  Caillou is a lovable 4 year old who faces real life, everyday experiences, just like your little ones do. Exploring, challenges, questions, and fun, Caillou is a great show for kids, and I can honestly say, I enjoy watching too! Make Bath Time Fun For Your … [Read more...]

Disney Dog Toys from PetSmart

You know we love our dog toys around here.  This time we got to try out the Disney collection of toys from PetSmart.  We were sent several toys from the collection and our boys were beyond excited! Disney Dog Toys from PetSmart This collection is all the types of toys that we know and love from PetSmart, but Disney themed.  Each one is colorful and features all of the well-known Disney … [Read more...]

Love Your Pet with Toys from PetSmart

Show your pets some love this Valentine's day with the adorable Luv-A-Pet collection from PetSmart.  These Valentine's Day themed toys will warm your little furry friend's hearts.  Purchases will also help homeless pets in the US and Canada, since PetSmart will donate 10% of all sales to PetSmart Charities.  What a great way to give back while making everyone happy! Love Your Pet with Toys from … [Read more...]

WubbaNub Baby Pacifier and Toy Review

While waiting for a placement (for the adoption of our baby - if you have been keeping up, you are probably tired of hearing about it - if you haven't been keeping up, my husband and I are adopting!) we are trying to find fun ways we can connect with our child once we meet him/her. We will have pictures of friends and family in a book, and special things we bring with us when we pick up a child. … [Read more...]

Zoobies Make the Perfect Gift

Zoobies are such a cute gift idea for kids.  They offer something perfect for all ages.  The cute creatures double as pillow and blanket, books, even duffel bags.  And now, they've come up with a new award winner to be released next year... Product received for review. Post contains affiliate links. Glow-in-the-Dark Zoobies! These Zoobies Glow Worms™ were recently named as a 2012 Toy Insider … [Read more...]

Quick Storage for Makeup and Toys with Lay-n-Go

Makeup can be an unorganized mess.  I do my makeup while sitting on my floor in front of my mirrored closet doors.  All of my supplies are all over the place and it's horrible.  Sure, I pick it up and make it look nice when I clean, but it doesn't take long to go right back how it was! Product received for review. Post contains affiliate links. Actually, that picture is not even that bad.  … [Read more...]

Scrabble Catch Phrase Game

Here's a fun game for the holidays - Scrabble Catch Phrase!  If you have ever played the original Catch Phrase, this is a new refreshed version.  It's perfect for larger groups, so holiday gatherings would be a great time to play it. Product received for review. Post contains affiliate links. Fun For Family Game Night! My friends and I play Catch Phrase all the time.  It always ends up with … [Read more...]

Tiny Race Car Controlled by your Smartphone

What is better than a tiny race car?  A tiny race car controlled by your phone.  I am sure most of you can tell by now that I love gadgets.  Any new electronic device that comes out I cannot wait to get my hands on it.  I am also a sucker for driving games.  So, when I heard about the new CarBot by Desk Pets, of course I wanted to play with it! Product received for review. Post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

Zoobies Blanket Pets Review

Pets might not make a great gift, but blanket pets do!  As I start the search for gifts for my nieces and nephews - I struggle to find things that are unique enough that I know they do not already have a certain toy. My littlest niece who is just a little over 1 year is a cuddler, so I thought a Blanket Pet would be a great idea as a gift for her. Product received for review. Post contains … [Read more...]

Mega Bloks Lil’ Princess 3-Story Enchanted Castle

Every princess needs a castle.  As a parent, a caregiver, and an educator I know that imagination is such an important part of a child's learning and development but with all of today's technology, video games, and computers, sometimes imaginative play gets put on the back burner. More often than not, in today's world, children are playing high-tech games and toys that think for them while losing … [Read more...]

Perplexus Puzzle Game is Fun for All

I love putting entertaining things, like a puzzle or simple game, on my coffee table.  So often we don't even turn on the TV because whatever I have set out distracts from needing that mindless entertainment.  It's great that the kids aren't always begging to turn on some mind-numbing show because they're focused on something interesting and complex. Product received for review. Post contains … [Read more...]

Bret Michaels Pets Rock Pet Toy Collection

Bret Michaels has created his own rockin' pet collection, Pets Rock, available exclusively at PetSmart.  From pet beds, collars, leashes and toys, to adorable outfits, there's everything you need to have the fiercest pet! Product received for review. Post contains affiliate links. Bret Michaels Pets Rock Pet Toy Collection I absolutely adore everything in this collection.  We received four items … [Read more...]

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